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Chapter 227: I Have Priority

Chapter 227: I Have Priority

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A large golden number floated above the Viper General's head.

"ROAR!!!" The Viper General bellowed in rage, sweeping out with it's lance once more.

Wang Yu leapt off the Viper General's back, completely evading it's attacks before slashing down on the red area with both his swords.



Wang Yu's damage increase due to his successive attacks on the Viper General's weak point. The Viper General frantically waved it's lance around in an attempt to protect itself.

Wang Yu did not dare to take these blows head on due to the immense strength that the boss had. He quickly switched back to his pole deflecting it's blows as he drew its attention onto himself. At this moment, four Assassins from the Sanguine Alliance took the opportunity to strike at the boss' weak point.

Assassin's already dealt bonus damage when they attacked from the back, but the damage from the combined attack from four Assassins was simply extraordinary.

But the Viper General was too busy dealing with Wang Yu to turn his attention elsewhere. Within a matter of minutes the Viper General finally collapsed under the onslaught of the four Assassins.

<System Notification: You have completed the quest 'Mad Viper's Rampage'.

Once they had all saved their progress, the players walked over to the boss' corpse, preparing to loot it.

But the players from the Sanguine Alliance did not dare to touch the boss, simply staring at Wang Yu and Fearless.

According to the agreement between Sanguine Warflag and Fearless, Fearless and Wang Yu would have priority in choosing the equipments, but they never mentioned who would loot the boss. But given how sensible the players from the Sanguine Alliance were, they quietly agreed to let Wang Yu and Fearless do it.

They could not help it, after all, these two had made the greatest contribution in killin this boss.

Clearing a dungeon was 30% luck and 70% coordination. It was because of Fearless' precise commands and instructions that they had been able to progress through the dungeon so smoothly thus far. His level of tactics and positioning was not something any ordinary player could achieve.

If it weren't for Fearless' contemptible personality, Sanguine Warflag would really suspect if Fearless was some sort of general in real life.

The players present had no rights to question Wang Yu's strength. After all, they had all personally witnessed how he had perfectly solo-ed the boss. There probably wasn't another person in the game that could replicate Wang Yu's miraculous battle with the boss.

The players from the Sanguine Alliance were originally unhappy that they were suppressed by the Quan Zhen Sect in Twilight City. But after watching the performance of these two people, they really had nothing but praises for them. Sanguine Warflag was right, losing to these people really wasn't a shameful matter at all.

Seeing how respectful everyone was, Fearless did not stand on the occasion, happily walking forward to loot the boss.

<Hurrican Serpent Lance (Lance) (Silver)

Physical Attack: 24-72

Magic Attack: 14-56

+7 Vitality

+11 Strength

-2 Dexterity


[Sweeping Blow](Active): Sweeps out and deals damage equal to three times the player's strength to all enemies in a six metre radius. Cost 50 MP. Cooldown 80 seconds.

[Snake Bite](Passive): Grants the player a 30% chance to ignore the enemy's defenses.

Job Requirement: Punisher

Level Requirement: 20

A Punisher was what a Crusader would become after they had completed their level 20 job advancement quest. This job had the highest attack range amongst close combat players in the game. It even had many strong skills like [Sudden Assault] and other skills that could raise the attack of their party members. It had very strong single target damage.

But it's biggest flaw was it's ridiculously slow attack speed. Even though it's attacks were strong but it could easily be countered by a Warrior's [Tornado Slash] or an Assassin's burst damage. The Punisher really didn't have much going on for it other than it's [Charge] and [Sudden Assault] skills. Otherwise it's contribution to the team was it's halos.

But this [Sweeping Blow] skill from the lance would be able to make up for the Punisher's lack of area damage.

Since there was a Knight in the party and the Quan Zhen Sect themselves did not have a decent Knight. Fearless very reluctantly gave it to Sanguine Warflag.

Afterwards, Fearless got a skill book.

[Triple Strike]: Rare skill. The player used his immense strength to attack thrice in succession. Job requirement: Punisher, Weapon Master.

Not only did this skill have high damage, it also allowed the user to attack thrice.

"Ah... why didn't he loot the skill book first..." Sanguine Warflag sighed. Since he already got the weapon, he longer had the rights to ask for this skill book.

As though he knew what Sanguine Warflag was thinking, Fearless turned around and coldy spoke to him: "Only you can use the Hurricane Serpent Lance. If I had looted the skill book first you would have ended up with both items wouldn't you?"

"Leader Fearless how can you say such a thing!"

"F*ck, I didn't think about it that way..." Sanguine Warflag softly muttered.

The last item was a special accessory, it was a nose ring...

This system really like playing jokes on people, to think that it would have accessories like this…..

But the attributes on this nose right were rather decent.

<Nether Serpent's Contract (Nose Ring) (Silver)

Physical Defense: 12-12

Magic Resistance: 12-12


[Nether Serpent State](Active):Double's the user's attacks and defenses for 30 seconds. Cooldown 120 seconds.

[Nether Serpent's Cry](Passive): Increases the hatred of monsters towards the user by +10.

Job Requirement: None

Level Requirement: 1

Doubling defenses and pulling aggro, this was an accessory made for tanks!

Since it had no job restrictions, everyone started to greedily eye this accessory.

Without any hesitation, Fearless kept it in his inventory.

"What is the meaning of this!" Everyone shouted.

"Ask your boss. Before we came in, he agreed that Iron Bull and I would have priority to choose any equipments found here." Fearless calmly explained.

Everyone from the Sanguine Alliance turned to look at Sanguine Warflag.

"That is the truth..."

Everyone silently cursed when they heard Sanguine Warflag's words. He really gave too much power over to Fearless this time...

As depressed as they were, they still had to carry on clearing this dungeon.

When they had challenged this dungeon yesterday, the Sanguine Alliance had only made it up to Viper General Jack before they were wiped out. Thus they did not know what would come next.

Because Hurricane Cavern was just a serpent's lair, the scenery did not change much regardless of how far they went.

After walking for another 5 minutes or so, Fearless suddenly stopped walking. He suspiciously surveyed his surroundings as he asked: "Did you guys realise that we haven't encountered any monsters for quite some time?"

Fearless' words had aroused everyone's suspicions.

No matter how large an area in a dungeon was, it shouldn't be too big... 5 minutes was sufficient to traverse half the distance of a map for a low level dungeon like Hurricane Cavern. But why didn't they encounter any monsters yet?