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Chapter 228: Enemy In The Air

Chapter 228: Enemy In The Air

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"Don't tell me that we've been walking on the spot..." Fearless mumbled.

"How's that possible?" Sanguine Warflag asked: "This cave only has a single path, how is it even possible that we've been walking in circles?

"How can you be so certain? Have you never heard of the ghost wall?" Fearless rubbed his chin and asked: "If only Brother Spring were here..."

As a Dark Shaman, Spring Halo often interacted with spirits and demons. This would be immensely useful in such a situation.

Dark lines appeared on the faces of the players from the Sanguine Alliance, ghost wall... wasn't that abit too far fetched?

"Speaking of which, are there really ghosts in this world?" Sanguine Darkness hesitantly asked.

"Maybe not in the real world. But how can you be so sure that they don't exist in this game? Idiot!" Fearless rhetorically spoke.

"Er..." Sanguine Darkness blushed with embarrassment, regretting that he ever opened his mouth.

"If it really is the ghost wall then what should we do about it?" Sanguine Warflag asked Fearless.

It looked like Fearless had unofficially become the leader of this party.

"Walk with our hand against the wall!" Fearless said.

There were always all sorts of mazes in online games. If a player couldn't find out the secret to solving the maze, the most primitive method was to walk with one hand against the wall.

Because no matter how complicated a maze was, you could solve it by holding one hand against the wall and walking… the only drawback was that this was a very time consuming method.

This so called ghost wall was simply a type of maze that they had to get through. The best way to deal with this maze was not to decipher your surroundings with your eyes but to use the wall to guide you.

Everyone raised their left hands against the wall and cautiously walked forward. Within the next 3 minutes or so, they finally encountered a monster.

<Flying Serpent (LV35) (Elite)

HP: 50000

MP: 20000

Skills: [Flight], [Diving Assault], [Venomous Assault]

This monster was flying at the highest point of the cavern. It surveyed the players before finally diving down and spraying poison at the players.

Because of how dim their surroundings were and the small size of the Serpent, the players were completely unable to avoid it's attack.

Wang Yu on the other hand had fared much better than the rest. By feeling the change in the airflow, he was able to predict the direction of the Serpent's attack, allowing him to cleanly avoid it's attack.

Everyone else on the other hand was soaked in poison from head to toe.

Even though the Sanguine Alliance had prepared many antidotes for this dungeon, they still had to expend at least three bottles to cure themselves of this high level poison…...

By the time they had cured themselves of the poison, the Serpent came flying down for a second time... poisoning everyone again.

Because of how expensive antidotes were and how seldom players used it, these players had only brought around eight to ten bottles of antidote to clear this dungeon. But they had expended it all within two rounds of this Serpent's attacks.

Their antidote's were all used up and the monster was still alive... everyone started to panic. Only Wang Yu and Fearless were attentively looking at the monster in the air.

"Boss Fearless, could you give me a few bottles of antidote..." Sanguine Warflag sent a message to Fearless.

"10 silver for a bottle!" Fearless replied.

"F*ck!!! You're charging me for it!!!" Sanguine Warflag unhappily replied.

"What's the issue? Didn't I have to pay for it when I bought it from the store?"

"But I paid for it!" Sanguine Warflag protested.

"I know that. But we never agreed that I would have to give you the items you bought for me for free right?" Fearless smiled.

"F*ck!!!" Sanguine Warflag beside himself in rage.

"Don't be that way. Didn't you look for those people from the Studio to buy medicines? Why don't you pretend that I'm on of those guys..." Fearless chuckled.

"But you're charging too much!" Sanguine Warflag complained.

Antidotes were sold for 5 silver a bottle in stores. Yet Fearless was actually selling it for twice the price.

"It's called doing business! I have to sell it to you above cost price so I can make a profit!" Fearless explained.

"You beast! Fine! I'll give you 5 gold for all the antidotes that you have!" Sanguine Warflag decisively said when he saw the Flying Serpent coming down for another round of attacks.

They quickly exchanged the gold and the antidotes.

The hearts of the players from the Sanguine Alliance quickly calmed down when they saw that Sanguine Warflag had gotten his hands on more Antidotes.

"F*ck, what are you gonna do for about yourself if you sold all the antidotes to me?" Sanguine Warflag suddenly asked.

But before he got an answer, the Flying Serpent had started to attack again.

Just as the players from the Sanguine Alliance were mocking Fearless for his stupidity, he pulled out a torch from his inventory...

The Flying Serpent stopped in its tracks, not daring to get any closer to Fearless.

"F*CK YOU!!!" Sanguine Warflag shouted as tears streamed down his face. He had been tricked by Fearless once again!

"If you knew that it was afraid of fire, why didn't you act sooner..." Wang Yu asked.

"I just figured it out..." Fearless explained as he pointed at the torch on the wall: "I only realised it when I saw the Serpent avoiding the torch on the wall."

"If you knew its weakness then why did you still sell those antidotes to me..." Sanguine Warflag asked.

"Well it's not like I forced you to buy it from me. You were so insistent on it so I decided to sell it to you..." Fearless laughed.

"Fuck!" Sanguine Warflag shouted, swallowing a mouthful of blood.

"Torches, you want some?" Fearless asked as he pulled out another torch.

"Yes..." Sanguine Warflag replied. As angry as he was, he had to admit that none of his guild members had brought a torch of their own.

"10 silver for one..."

Sanguine Warflag sighed as he took out enough gold to buy thirteen torches.

Wang Yu took a torch from Fearless as well.

After they had all be issued a torch, the Flying Serpent no longer dared to come close to the players.

"Since it's so scared, we might as well bypass this monster!" Sanguine Warflag happily said.

"Do you not understand how the aggro system works in dungeons?" Fearless stared at Sanguine Warflag: "Do you think you can fight the boss with one hand and hold a torch in the other?"

"Stormbringer! Shoot it down!" Sanguine Warflag shouted to Sanguine Stormbringer.

"Boss, can you be more realistic... let's not talk about how small this monster is, but just think about it this way. I'm the only Archer in this party, how long do you think it'll take me to kill this elite monster?" Sanguine Stormbringer calmly explained.

"Then what the f*ck should we do? We can't just stare at it till it dies right? If I knew about this monster I would have brought more Archers along!" Sanguine Warflag sighed.

Archer's were a type of job that dealt continuous damage to monsters with their arrows. But because they were fighting monsters with high damage and weak defenses, this team consisted mainly of players with high burst damage... the only reason they brought an Archer along was to lure monsters to them.