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Chapter 230: Suicidal Fighting Style

Chapter 230: Suicidal Fighting Style

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Dungeons in <<REBIRTH were the pinnacle creations of the game designers. These game designers tried to make dungeons as hard as possible not only with powerful bosses but situations where a player's intellect would be challenged. Dungeons were not just a test of raw power but problem solving as well.

The Fantasy Serpent in the Hurricane cave was the best example of a test of a player's intellect.

While the Serpent could not boast insane attributes like other bosses, it had an considerably over powered skill, [Metamorphosis]. As long as it was about to be attacked, it would transform into its aggressor and use his own strength against him. Killing the aggressor and protecting itself.

Then it would trick the players into answering it's riddles.

These riddle's were seals on the Fantasy Serpent's powers... everytime the player solved a riddle, a portion of the Fantasy Serpent's powers would be unlocked.

There were a total of ten questions, and ten layers of seals. Everytime one seal was unlocked, the Fantasy Serpent's powers would double... once all ten layers had been unlocked, the Fantasy Serpent would gain the ability to take the initiative to attack.

If this happened, the players would have to just give up on clearing the dungeon, because the Fantasy Serpent would be as powerful as a god beast once it's powers were fully unlocked.

In reality, it was very easy to deal with the Fantasy Serpent. As long as a player did not continue answering it's questions for 1 minute, it's strength would diminish again...

Once the players had answered five questions, the Fantasy Serpent would leave, at the same time casting a debuff of -10 Spirit against the players...

But players who met this boss would naturally just answer it's questions, hoping to avoid the fight with this boss. But then they would just fall for the game designer's trap...

After falling for this trap, Fearless had answered seven questions in a row, increasing it Fantasy Serpent's attributes by seven times.. But even if they knew what the boss was doing, they had already unleashed most of it's powers...

"Those with high attack should stay back. All the tanks are to come forward now! I don't believe we can't grind this bastard down!" Fearless stubbornly shouted.

Because these tanks had high defenses and low damage, the Fantasy Serpent wouldn't do much damage to them even if it used [Metamorphosis].

Heaven's Bird charged forward, smashing his shield onto the Fantasy Serpent's head.

The Fantasy Serpent quickly imitated Heaven's Bird's appearance, using the same attack against him.


This number that floated above his head had greatly frightened everyone, especially Heaven's Bird. This Fantasy Serpent had nearly beaten him to death!

The Priests quickly healed Heaven's Bird as he retreated. Fearless creased his brows and spoke: "He increased your damage by seven fold... f*ck! This isn't good..."

Even a Guardian couldn't withstand the attack from this hateful serpent, how could anyone else deal with it?"

"I'll give it a try!" Wang Yu suddenly walked forward.

"You?" Forget it... you'll just be killed..." Fearless told Wang Yu.

Everyone here knew that each of Wang Yu's blows had the ability to claim the lives of his opponents. There probably wasn't anyone here with high damage than him. If he really tried to fight the Fantasy Serpent, he would be dead in a single exchange!

"Don't worry about it. Let me give it a shot, I have a feeling that I can dodge his attacks!" Wang Yu indifferently said.

"Dodge his attacks?"

"That's right!" Wang Yu nodded.

If a player used the Assisted mode, the game would telegraph the attack on the players behalf. But because it was the system that would time and target the attack for the player, it was easy for the Fantasy Serpent, a high level AI, to take advantage of this and counter the player's attack.

But if a player used the Independent mode, then everything would be up to them. The timing and lag time between the player's movement and attack would be unpredictable. A martial arts expert like Wang Yu would likely be able to overpower the Fantasy Serpent.

"Then give it a try. If you die I can just use [Resurrect] on you..." Fearless sighed.

The players from the Sanguine Alliance angrily glared at Fearless. If he had the [Resurrect] skill, then why didn't he use it on Sanguine Stormbringer.

Wang Yu was all smiles as he walked towards the Fantasy Serpent. The Serpent seemed to be in a very good mood as it happily asked: "Are you here to answer a riddle as well?"

Without a pausing at all, Wang Yu immediately threw a punch towards it.


The Fantasy Serpent transformed into Wang Yu, throwing a punch in return.

Wang Yu casually turned his body, evading the Fantasy Serpent's attack... the Fantasy Serpent even imitated his dodging action.

"Huh? You can really dodge it..."

"What's the use of dodging it's attack if you can't damage it..." The players from the Sanguine Alliance sighed.

Fearless was absolutely livid. What was the point of fighting this beast if all it did was imitate the player? Would they really have to give up because of him?

Right at this moment Wang Yu suddenly stopped moving, removing all his equipments till he was in his innerwear.

"What are you doing Iron Bull? Will doing this make you attack faster?" Everyone asked.

But just as everyone was grumbling, Wang Yu had already thrown another punch.

"What is he doing? The boss hasn't even lost any health at all." The other's frantically asked Fearless.

"I'm not too sure either... will taking off his equipments really give him an advantage in this fight? Taking off his top is one thing, but why did he take off his pants as well?" Fearless nervously watched on as Wang Yu fought the Fantasy Serpent.

But the scene that was unfolding before their eyes had the players utterly confused.

Just as he had avoided the attack from the Fantasy Serpent, Wang Yu raised his fist again, but this time, his target was his own head...

That's right, Wang Yu was attacking himself...

But what had shocked them even more was that the Fantasy Serpent had copied this action as well.



A crimson red number appeared above the Fantasy Serpent's head as it promptly fell to the ground.

"My god! Did that really work?" Everyone gasped.

Even Fearless could not believe his eyes, shaking his head as he spoke to Wang Yu: "What the f*ck Old Bull, I really don't understand you at all... I can't believe that you managed to trick an Independent mode boss to its own death. You really are something else."

"He he he. I noticed that he was copying every action that I was talking just now during our fight. So I thought that if he really was copying all my actions, then I might as well take advantage of that too..." Wang Yu chuckled.

"So you punched yourself?"


"Aren't you afraid that you'll beat yourself to death?" Fearless curiously asked.

Because the game designers did knew that there were still some technical bugs in <<REBIRTH, they had allowed players to commit suicide if they were trapped somewhere by a bug in the system…...

"That's why I took off my equipments..." Wang Yu sheepishly replied.