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Chapter 231: Pet

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In the game, most Pugilists would choose add their dexterity attribute, prioritising it over strength. Thus as a whole, the physical attacks of most Pugilists were not much higher than players like Guardians.

The only reason that Wang Yu's damage was so high was first and foremost due to his martial arts, and also because of his equipments.

Even though the Martial Artist job gave Wang Yu more attribute points than other players, he still had to add his intelligence. That's why, Wang Yu's attributes could be considered pretty average once he removed his equipments.

A level 20 Pugilist would have roughly around 900 health, yet Wang Yu still dealt 800 damage to himself even after he had removed all his equipments... this was the reason what the Fantasy Serpent had killed itself in a single blow.

This pitiful boss probably never imagined that it would die such a tragic death.

"So you can actually fight this way... you really have broadened our horizons..." The players from the Sanguine Alliance sighed.

After they had saved their progress, the players start to loot the boss' corpse.

This time the one looting the boss was Sanguine Warflag, afterall Fearless' performance this time around was atrocious. But Sanguine Warflag's luck was in the gutters. He had consecutively pulled two lousy Silver tier equipments and even got a Bronze tier equipment on the third try...

This scene had really dampened everyone's spirits. They had killed a Silver grade boss only to get a Bronze tier item...

Everyone present started to criticise Sanguine Warflag's luck.

"I still have one chance, I don't believe that my luck is that bad..." Sanguine Warflag whined as he was being scolded. Truthfully, he was deathly afraid that he would loot another Silver tier item from the boss.

"Go ahead, this might be the last time in your life that anyone will let you loot a boss." Everyone groaned.

Sanguine Warflag closed his eyes as he reached out again. This time he didn't get any equipments, but a white colored spherical object instead.

"Huh? What is this?" Everyone asked.

"I don't know, there isn't any description..." Sanguine Warflag was nearly in tears. At least the Silver tier equipments he looted had some rare skills. But what the hell was this thing...

"Let me have a look." Fearless lazily stretched out his hand as he asked.

"Ok." Sanguine Warflag obediently handed the object over.

"I feel that... this object is really round..." Fearless suddenly mumbled after observing the sphere for quite some time.

"F*ck off!" Everyone shouted.

"Just think about it you guys. What kind of animal is a snake? Let's not forget that this spherical object came from it's body. Could it be the Fantasy Serpent's egg?" Fearless slowly explained.

"Pet egg?" Everyone exclaimed: "<<REBIRTH has a pet system?"

"Well the website didn't say anything about that..." Fearless shook his head: "But it didn't say that there wasn't a pet system either..."

"Then how do we hatch it?" Don't tell me that we'll have to incubate it in our pants..." Wang Yu laughed.

"Well according to the lore, we might need to form a blood pact with it..." Sanguine Warflag replied.

"Hey hey hey, this is a pretty child friendly game. I don't think would mention something as gruesome as a blood pact." Fearless interupted.

"If we're talking about incubation, we'll need some form of heat... a cold blooded animal like a snake would probably need to be incubated at 30 degrees or so..." Fearless stared at the sphere as he spoke.

"Ha ha ha, then just put it in your pants!" Wang Yu quipped.

"Shut the f*ck up!" Fearless angrily shouted as he raised the egg above his torch...


After some time had passed, the sphere suddenly exploded, revealing a small wheat colored snake.

<Fantasy Serpent (LV1) (Rare)

HP: 50

MP: 200


[Fantasy Array](Active): Uses it's immense magical powers tol traps enemies, within a 5 level range of this pet, in an illusion. This skills costs 40MP per second.

Owner: Fearless

"What the f*ck! It really is a pet!" Sanguine Warflag cried out in regret. This pet was almost within his grasps, yet it was still taken by someone else… the very first pet in the entire game...

Fearless was rather surpised when he looked at his pet's attributes. Even though it's attributes were complete garbage, the [Fantasy Array] skill was a very strong crowd control skill... it's potential was limitless.

But this made everyone else worried...

This tiny, adorable little snake...

If this news were to spread that Fearless was the first person in the entire game to acquire a pet, he would definitely be flamed on the forums for being a hacker.

"Daddy..." The little snake suddenly whined.

"Daddy? What the f*ck... what kind of sick joke is this?"

But the snake ignored Fearless' complaints and continuously cried out for its 'daddy'.

Everyone was laughing so hard that tears started rolling down their cheeks.

"What the f*ck are you assholes laughing at! I'll kill whoever is laughing at me!" Fearless warned.

"Who's laughing? I'm not laughing!" Everyone waved their hands in a posture of surrender. But the laughter of their faces had betrayed their true thoughts.

"I'm willing to bet that this creature only knows that one phrase..." Fearless gnashed his teeth and muttered.

"Mm mm." Everyone grunted, afraid that they would burst into laughter again.

"Oh well..." Fearless sighed as he stuffed the Fantasy Serpent into his inventory. He silently swore that he would never take this creature out of his bag ever again.

"Don't you dare tell anyone else from the Quan Zhen Sect! You understand me?" Fearless warned Wang Yu.

"I know, I know..." Wang Yu nodded.

A bunch of hooligans like those in the Quan Zhen Sect would driven Fearless insane with their mockery if they ever found out about this pet of his.

"Ok, let's continue then!" Fearless grumpily instructed.


Knowing how devious Fearless was, no one dared to mention this pet again, for fear that they might offend him.