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Chapter 233: Snake Queen Angela

Chapter 233: Snake Queen Angela

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No matter how unwilling he was, Sanguine Asura was still an expert after all. He quickly ran up to the pack if Hidden Serpent's, slashing the one closest to his party before turning around and leaving.

Because of how the aggro system in the dungeons worked, Sanguine Asura had managed to lure them all towards the players. The Hidden Serpent's immediately used their skill [Conceal].

"The target had disappeared... now what?" Sanguine Warflag panicked.

If their target had disappeared, there was no way that they could detect them at all! If you couldn't see your enemies then how were you supposed to surround them?"

"I have a plan!" Fearless laughed.

Since Fearless had already arranged them in such a formation, he naturally had some confidence in dealing with the Hidden Serpent's [Conceal].

Very soon, Sanguine Asura had returned to the party. Fearless nonchalantly took out a small bag from his inventory, throwing it in front of the two Guardians and creating a huge cloud of white dust, revealing all the Serpents.

"This… what is this?" Everyone from the Sanguine Alliance gasped.

"It's a limestone powder manufactured by the Quan Zhen Sect, it can counter [Stealth] and other similar skills!" Fearless explained.

"Counter [Stealth]? So that's what this thing is..."

The players present were all experts, naturally they had seen this item on sale in the auction before,

But the only impression that they had of it was that it was expensive. Why would anyone ever sell this bag of dust for 50 silver? The item that they once thought only an idiot would ever buy turned out to be this useful!

At this moment, the Hidden Serpents had already passed by the four Assassin's, darting towards Wang Yu and Sanguine Warflag.

"Close up!" Fearless casually instructed.

Sanguine Wall and Heaven's Bird rapidly turned around, making their way towards the other players while Wang Yun and Sanguine Warflag walked towards the two Guardians.

The close ranged players were corralling the monsters, the Magician's and Priest's were hiding behind. Once everyone was in place, the four Assassin's quickly took action.

"[Tornado Slash]!" Fearless instructed.

Sanguine Asura reacted quickly, charging into the midst of the monsters and using his skill.

How big could the encirclement of ten players possibly be? The monsters simply couldn't escape from this area, being forced to bear the brunt of Sanguine Asura's attack.

The three Priest's were busy healing Sanguine Asura, bathing him with ray after ray of holy light. Once he had aggro-ed them enough, he quickly left, allowing the Magicians and the Assassin's to continue their assault. This way, the monsters wouldn't suddenly change targets.

Under the combined efforts of all the players, the battle was over in a few rounds.

But this battle only served to increase the fear that Sanguine Warflag had towards Fearless.

If Sanguine Warflag were to deal with this situation by himself, he would have gotten the tanks in the party to draw the aggro of these monsters.

But if the tanks were the ones to draw the aggro, it would be very easy for one of the long ranged players to accidentally draw the aggro away. The safety of the other players would definitely be compromised and the burden on the Priest's would be several times larger.

Even five Priest's wouldn't to be able to shoulder that kind of burden.

But Fearless had chosen Sanguine Asura to pull the aggro of the monsters, luring them towards the others. Then he instructed Sanguine Asura to use [Tornado Slash], damaging them and ensuring that their aggro was firmly locked onto him.

A Priest might not be able to save two players by himself, but three Priests could definitely ensure that one player would survive...

Sanguine Warflag sighed as he glanced over to Fearless. If this man put his heart and soul into expanding the Quan Zhen Sect into a large guild, the number one position in the country would definitely be his…..

Fearless had already given the next set of instructions while Sanguine Warflag was still deep in thought.

Suddenly, Hurricane Cavern started to violently shake.

"Hong... hong..."

It was as though an earthquake had struck the cavern. Pieces of rocks started falling from the ceiling as the ground shook uncontrollably...

The originally narrow pathway had suddenly expanded into a large hall!

Pillars of rocks descended from the ceiling as it held the walls up.

The brightness of the cavern had suddenly increased...

The originally gloomy looking cavern had suddenly transformed into a grand palace, though the dense amount of pillars in the hall made it look like a forest.

At the furthest end of the palace stood a stone throne. And on the throne sat a creature with the upper body of a human and a lower body of a snake. This game really had some strange looking creatures...

<System Notification: You have started the quest 'The Cursed Snake'. Kill Snake Queen Angela 0/1. Completion rate 40%.

"So this is the legendary Snake Queen..." Everyone sucked in a cold breath of air.

<Snake Queen Angela (LV35) (Gold) (Elite)

HP: 400000

MP: 300000

Skills: [Bone Eroding Mist], [Nightmare's Kiss], [Death Gaze], [Protection of the Stone Forest].

Status: Magic Scale Plate, creature is immune to magic, creature is immune to all damage and effects from non-sharp weapons...

"This boss is rather overpowered..." Fearless grumbled as he looked at Angela's attributes.

Whether Angela's skills were powerful nor not remained to be seen, but her status was just disgusting.

It was understandable if she was immune to magic since they only had two Magicians in the team. But they were done for since she was immune to all sharp weapons.

There were only two types of weapons in this game, sharp weapons and blunt force weapons.

Warblades and the like were considered sharp weapons, while the Pugilist's fist weapons were considered blunt force weapons.

But this party's main source of damage came from a Pugilist like Wang Yu...

Even though they could use other types of weapons, Pugilist's mainly used fist weapons... even Wang Yu only ever used his polel and fist weapons.

Didn't this mean that Wang Yu was completely useless for this fight?

What the f*ck... why did this boss have to be immune to all damage that wasn't from a sharp weapon…...