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Chapter 234: Total Collapse

Chapter 234: Total Collapse

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In rebirth, even if a player couldn't do damage to his enemy, he could at least apply some additional effects on it with his skills.

For example, if Wang Yu used [Flying Knee] on an enemy, he would deal damage and stun the enemy. Even if the enemy had high defenses, he could at least stun it.

But because Angela was completely immune to all damage and effects that did not come from a sharp weapon. Which meant that not only could Wang Yu no deal damage to her, he could support the fight in anyway.

But what made everyone even more vexed was the fact that the shields of the Guardians were considered blunt force weapons as well...

If the Guardians couldn't fight Angela either, this meant that their entire front line was useless...

Everyone present was violently scratching their heads to come up with a solution. With the exception of Wang Yu.

A gaming noob like Wang Yu did not understand the special status that Angela had.

"I say, what do you think all these stone pillars in this palace are for?" Wang Yu asked as he started knocking the pillar beside him.

"F*ck! Don't just touch it!!!" Fearless hurriedly pulled Wang Yu away.

During the beta testing period, Fearless had actually completed the Hurricane Cavern dungeon before. He knew that these pillars were actually seals that were embedded on Angela's body. They would immediately enter her attack range if they were to touch it.

As he had expected, Angela got up from her throne, angrily glaring at the players.

"You dogs of the church! Were you the ones that killed my kinsmen?" Even though Angela's voice wasn't very loud, it was heard clearly by everyone present, adding a negative status effect on all of them.

<System Notification: You have been affected by [Serpent's Whisper], your movement speed had decreased by 10% for 10 minutes.

This boss really was frightening... to think that it even had a passive control skill like this.

"I have -200 merit points with the church of light, what does this have to do with me..." Wang Yu unhappily grumbled as he pointed his middle finger at Sanguine Warflag.

Historically, Punisher's were tasked with carrying out the punishments for the church… it seemed that the words the Angela said were targetted at him.

Sanguine Warflag felt extremely wronged by Wang Yu's words, turning to look at Fearless...

Priest's were considered to be part of the church... and a Bishop could be considered a high level member of the church...

"What the f*ck are you looking at?" Fearless shouted.

During the time that they were arguing with each other, Angela had already made her way past the stone pillars, charging towards the players.

Angela's target was Wang Yu. This was only to be expected since he was standing at the very front and he had been the one to touch the stone pillar in the first place.

Angela's weapon was a longbow. In one swift motion, she quickly drew her bow and shot three arrows towards Wang Yu.

Wang Yu easily dodged her arrows as he charged towards Angela, punching her squarely on her abdomen.


But strangely enough, Wang Yu felt as though his fist he landed on a pillow, it was completely ineffective.

"Huh?" Wang Yu curiously mumbled as he created some distance between them.

"Does Iron Bull never read the boss' attributes?" Everyone asked.

"Do you think a gaming noob like him would understand what her special statue is..." Fearless shook his head as he sighed.

"Gaming noob..." The players from the Sanguine Alliance gasped as they felt a cold sweat run down their backs. Who would dare to believe that the brightest star of Twilight City was actually a gaming noob.

Seeing that his attack did not work, Wang Yu decisively attacked again. Angela merely grinned in the face of Wang Yu's attacks, attempting to kiss him...

As much as Wang Yu tried to avoid this, Angela was simply too strong, firmly grabbing him as she kissed him on the face...

"F*ck!" Everyone shouted, envy written all over their faces.

"Shouldn't the tanks be sent out to deal with her?" Heaven's Bird, the lecher, asked.

Suddenly, a red colored heart appeared above Wang Yu's head. Everyone knew that he had been charmed.

"Pa..." A soft cound resounded through the halls as Wang Yu's health fell below half...

"Quickly help him!" Fearless commanded.

The three Warriors immediately used [Charge] in an attempt to knock Angela back. Faced with their assault, Angela calmly kept her bow as she realised a cloud of poisonous mist, trapping them inside.

The poisonous mist of Angela's would rapidly corrode the player, completely killing them without a care for their defenses or health. Everyone could tell that there was no way that the Priest's could save them.

After five seconds, all the Warriors had turned into a ray of white light...

The four Assassins quickly activated their [Stealth].

If a player's [Stealth] did not work, it only meant that the monster that they were facing was significantly higher levelled than them.

As an Independent Gold grade boss, there was no way that Angela would fall for such a low level skill like [Stealth]. Her gazed had locked onto the four Assassin's...


Angela's eyes shone with a brilliant white light, turning the four Assassin's to stone with [Death's Gaze], killing them instantly.

Wang Yu did not let them die in vain. He took advantage of his opportunity to flee from Angela, hiding behind Sanguine Warflag.

"What the f*ck!" Sanguine Warflag exclaimed.

Half their team of fourteen man had just died...

Every single one of the players with sharp weapons had died... the only person alive that could hurt Angela was Sanguine Warflag himself/

This made Sanguine Warflag depressed.

This was a Gold grade boss... even though Crusader's had high single target damage, he wasn't stupid enough to believe that he could kill this boss by himself.

After killing the four Assassin's, Angela immediately made her way for the players in the back lines, killing two Priests and the two Magicians with her poison.

Without anyway to resist her poison, these four players soon exploded into a ray of white light.

"Dogs of the church! I will kill you all!!! Ha ha ha!" Angela maniacally laughed as she headed straight towards Wang Yu, Fearless and Sanguine Warflag.

"F*ck, why was there no reaction when I attacked her? Is there some error with the system?" Wang Yu asked.

"She's immune to your fists... and your pole!" Fearless explained.


"Because the system said so..."

With this simply answer, Fearless had managed to stop Wang Yu's incessantly annoying questions, blaming everything on the system.

"Then what should we do?"

"We can take advantage of when the boss attacks Sanguine Warflag to leave this dungeon!" Fearless replied.

"Er... but we already took their money... that isn't very nice." Wang Yu mumbled.

"It's fine as long as we survive, I don't think Sanguine Warflag will say anything either..."

"I, I can't do something like that ..." Wang Yu sternly replied.