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Chapter 235: Backbiting Blade

Chapter 235: Backbiting Blade

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As a martial artist, Wang Yu had a strong sense of duty and honour. This was something that Wang Yu would never compromise on regardless of how long he was with the others from the Quan Zhen Sect.

Ever since he had entered the Quan Zhen Sect, Spring Halo had always been the one holding the enemies off for the guild, but Wang Yu had always waited and ensured that Spring Halo himself had logged off before Wang Yu was willing to leave...

This time was no different. No matter how you put it, he was in the same team as Sanguine Warflag, not forgetting that Sanguine Warflag had paid them for their services as well. There was no way Wang Yu could let him down.

"Are you stupid?" Fearless asked.

"You don't understand… you should leave first, I'll hold her off!" Wang Yu indifferently replied.

"F*ck!" Fearless shouted in exasperation: "Forget it, I'll stay with you!"


"Because I'm dumb!" Fearless gloomily replied.

Seeing that Angela was about to attack Sanguine Warflag, Wang Yu quickly sprung into action.

"Don't move, this boss finished..." Just as Sanguine Warflag was about to protest, Wang Yu put himself in between the boss and Sanguine Warflag while brandishing a sword.

"Huh?" Fearless stared at the sword in Wang Yu's hands as he mumbled: "This sword looks really familiar..."

"It's the same one that Boson has, I forged it!" Wang Yu replied as he pointed at the sword, Christopher's Fury.

"No bad..." Fearless enviously replied.

"Old Sanguine, run!" Wang Yu shouted.

"Where to?" Sanguine Warflag hurriedly asked, seeing how close he was to the boss...

"Anywhere is fine…"

Sanguine Warflag lowered his head and used [Charge], fleeing from the boss.

At the same time, a poisonous mist had formed where Sanguine Warflag was originally standing.

Angela hissed as she bared her fangs at Wang Yu. This puny human had caused her to miss her target! Wang Yu ignored her hisses as he heroically ran towards her.

Angela quickly prepared to kiss Wang Yu again.

But Wang Yu had already anticipated this, abruptly stopping as he darted to the side while slashing his sword at her face...



Angela's cried out in a gruesome voice, her eyes starting to glow with a dull grey light...

Wang Yu twisted his body, narrowly evading [Death's Gaze] as jumped behind her, brutally swing his sword once more.


As boss that did not have much strength, Angela was knocked half a metre back by Wang Yu's attacks...

Because all of Angela's attacks were frontal attacks, Wang Yu had specifically decided to use this style of fighting to deal with her, a type of martial arts known as 'Backbiting Blade'.

The crux of this martial arts lay in keeping one step ahead of your opponents, thereby ensuring that you would always be behind them to launch your attack.

Being in the game and having learnt the Yang family's Seven Star Steps had greatly enhanced Wang Yu's movement's allowing him to easily control the pace of the battle.

Angela was a boss Intelligence type boss, thus her movements were not particularly fast. Everytime Angela was about to attack Wang Yu, he would simply appear behind her, viciously swinging his sword at her. Despite her best efforts, there was nothing she could do other than painfully crying out.

Sanguine Warflag's jaw dropped in amazement as he watched Wang Yu fight as his respect for Wang Yu continuously grew...

"Old Bull... I knew you were a genius!" Fearless cheered from the sidelines. Even he did not expect that Wang Yu could turn the tides of this battle so easily.

Watching Wang Yu fight Angela so effortlessly reminded him of the time that he first met Wang Yu in the beginner village.

This crazy man had taken of the Silver Wolf King all by himself with nothing but his fists...

"Should we help him?" Sanguine Warflag suddenly asked. It did not feel right for him to be watching from the sidelines as Wang Yu was fighting to the death against a boss, all by himself.

"What the f*ck can you do? Just leave this place and hide. There's absolutely no way that either of us can contribute to this fight." Fearless replied.

As the battle between Wang Yu and Angela raged on, she continuously used [Bone Corroding Poison] and [Death's Gaze], desperately trying to kill him.

[Bone Corroding Poison] was an AOE skill and [Death's Gaze] was effective for 120 degrees around her.

It was only because of his martial arts that Wang Yu was able to avoid each and every one of her skills. A clumsy Knight like Sanguine Warflag would be dead in a second in he tried to interfere.

Even Wang Yu didn't dare to underestimate Angela's skills. He knew that a single hit would spell certain doom for him.

When she took a deep breath, she was going to use her poison. And if her eyes started glowing, she was about to use [Death's Gaze]...

Wang Yu had noticed the subtle, preparatory actions that Angela would take before she attacked, allowing him to counter everyone of her skills at any point in time, violently slashing her every time.

Sanguine Warflag, who was hiding behind a pillar with Fearless, felt his mind go numb as he watched on... he had never seen someone that fought so viciously against a female, even if it was a boss.

"But this boss is supposed to be highly intelligent..." Sanguine Warflag sighed.

"Intelligent? If her AI really were that great she would already have used her poison behind herself..." Fearless grumbled.

"Be quiet! This bosses have a capacity to learn..." Sanguine Warflag hurriedly covered Fearless' mouth.

But just as he had finished talking, Sanguine Warflag noticed that Angela had shot a sly grin in Fearless' direction before casting her poison behind herself…...