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Chapter 238: Angela’s Curse

Chapter 238: Angela’s Curse

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Viper Valley was the area that the Hurricane Cavern dungeon was located in, it was a hunting ground that was filled with snake type monsters. These monsters were hard to deal with for the simple fact that there wasn't much high grade antidotes available in the market. The Sanguine Alliance would have to spend a vast amount of gold to complete this headquarters defense quest.

But the number of monsters that a guild would face during their headquarters defense quest scaled according to the number of players that they brought along for the quest. Furthermore, they could only have a maximum of two other guilds to help them in this quest. Even if they added all the people that were allied to them, they would only have one thousand five hundred players.

This title deed presented quite a big problem for Sanguine Warflag.

"I already told you, you might not get the exact title deed that you want..." Fearless sighed.

"Ah..."Sanguine Warflag's would had instantly plummeted and was feeling very depressed: "Why am I so unlucky..."

"Well that's your own problem, but you better pay us the complete amount you owe us, understand?" Fearless asked.

"Yes, I will pay you the full amount..." Sanguine Warflag muttered as his expression darkened even more.

"That's great!" Fearless grinned: "Since you've been so generous, why don't I teach you a method that will help you reduce the number of casualties to the minimum?"

"What's the method?" Sanguine Warflag's face lighted up in anticipation.

"Put this title deed in the auction and use the money to buy another one!"

"Well since it's a trade, then I might as well wait for some other guild to get a title deed of their own before trading it with them!" Sanguine Warflag said.

"Er... Do you think that anyone would actually want the title deed to Viper Valley?" Fearless asked.

"Of course not!" Sanguine Warflag replied in an as-a-matter-of-fact way, scoffing at Fearless: "I'll definitely conquer this place!"

"Well you can't be that certain. Do you think an idiot like you can actually succeed?" Fearless mocked.

"Hey..." Sanguine Warflag growled as his expression darkened even more.

Meanwhile, Wang Yu had completely ignored the argument between the two and had already looted the next item.

The second item was a simple green colored box, it's attributes were very simple

<Angela's Curse (Special) (This can only be used by the player who killed Angela.

"Huh? What's the meaning of this..." Fearless muttered as he looked at the item description.

This was the first time in all his years of gaming that Fearless had seen such a unique item.

"Mine! Ha ha ha!" Wang Yu guffawed as he opened the box.


Just as the box opened, a green colored liquid sprung out, landing on Wang Yu's face.

"What the f*ck!"

Wang Yu immediately brandished his Universe Sword, knocking the green liquid off his face.

The liquid vaporized into a tiny poison mist when it touched the floor, corroding a five metre hole in the ground.

"What the f*ck, that was too devious. How dare she try to kill me even after she died!" Wang Yu angrily cursed.

Fortunately his reaction was fast, otherwise he would definitely have been poisoned to death.

"Angela's Curse... it was definitely not something good. Speaking of which, why do you always get these sorts of weird things?" Fearless quipped.

"How should I know!" Wang Yu retorted, reaching out to loot Angela's corpse once more.

What kind of Gold grade boss was this? The title deed that she dropped was less than desirable and the second item that came from her corpse had almost killed Wang Yu...

Fortunately the last item was a Gold tier equipment.

<Poisonous Fang (Dagger) (Gold)

Physical Attack: 62-72

Magic Attack: 27-35

+17 Dexterity

+9 Strength


[Tempered in Poison](Passive): Player's attacks have a 20% chance to weaken the enemy, causing their speed and attack damage to drop by 30%.

[Serpent's Bite](Passive): Player has a 20% chance to cause their opponent to bleed, losing 20 health per second.

[Fatal Strike](Active): Ignites the player's life force to deal 120% of the player's life in physical damage to your opponent. Cooldown 1800 seconds.

Wang Yu was very pleased with skills on this dagger. But because Wang Yu and Sanguine Warflag had already acquired something from this boss, this dagger naturally went to Fearless.

"Since I was tricked just now, how can you guys say that everyone got something out of this boss..." Wang Yu dejectedly asked.

"F*ck off, you already took Angela's Curse... it's not like a Pugilist can use a dagger, what do you even want it for?"

"I could have killed Angela much faster if I had a dagger just now!" Wang Yu grumbled.

"Don't you already have your own weapon?" Fearless asked as he pointed at Wang Yu's universe sword, before gasping in shock: "Huh? What happened to your sword? It looks different!"

"Looks different?" Wang Yu quickly looked down, only to see that his precious sword had been corroded and decay. It looked as though it had aged a thousand years and even its attributes had changed.

<The Cursed Universe Sword

Physical Attack: 1-1

Magic Attack: 1-1


"What the f*ck happened to my sword!" Wang Yu cried out.

This was Wang Yu's favorite weapon in the game! Yet it had been destroyed the first time he had used it, how could he not be sad?

"I think it must have changed because of Angela's Curse... I guess you could consider this as a treasure too and just hang it up somewhere..." Fearless tried to consol Wang Yu.

"F*ck! If I had known that it would corrode my weapon, I would have just died instead!" Wang Yu sighed.

He could always respawn, but this weapon was one of a kind.

"Don't be too sad, this weapon just looks like it's rusted abit, it's not like it's completely destroyed. Why don't you try repairing it somewhere?" Fearless asked.

"Where should I go?"

"To the blacksmith…" Fearless replied.

"Alright! I'll go there once we're back in Twilight City!" Wang Yu nodded.

Even after the dungeon was cleared and he had gotten his hands on a title deed, Sanguine Warflag's expression was still very grave. But he still had to honour his promise to Fearless and pay him accordingly.

"If you have any difficulties in the future, you can still come and look for us! I'll definitely do my best to help you guys" Wang Yu smiled as he took the bag of gold off Sanguine Warflag's hands.

Despite their previous conflicts with the Sanguine Alliance, Wang Yu did have a genuinely good impression of Sanguine Warflag.

"Really?" Sanguine Warflag gasped.

"For the right price of course!" Fearless interjected.

"Oh..." Sanguine Warflag sighed.