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Chapter 240: Spring-rain Pavillion

Chapter 240: Spring-rain Pavillion

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Ironcliff Fortress, Wang Yu had heard Ming Du mention this place before.

It was located within Thunderstorm City.

Thunderstorm City was located between the faction of light and the faction of darkness, it was a strategic location between the two factions.

Ironcliff Fortress had a rather peculiar background story, amongst all the cities in <<REBIRTH. Legend had it that Ironcliff Fortress had been established by the dwarves and it warmly welcomed elves and gnomes alike. It was a place where all three races were accepted.

Because all three races worked in harmony there, the crafting and technology in the fortress was unparalleled throughout the lands.

The impenetrable metals that the dwarves could forge were used to reinforce the walls of the fortress, making it truly impregnable.

The technology of the gnomes were used to manufacture flying magic warships.

The elves intergrated these new found technology with their traditional weapons. Creating weapons that were powered by magic crystals

According to the lore, the forces of darkness had tried to conquer Ironcliff fortress twice, only to have their army completed decimated both times.

But a change had occurred in Ironcliff Fortress after they had defeated the forces of darkness in the second war, causing this impregnable fortress to become the greatest laughing stock in <<REBIRTH.

No matter how sturdy the exterior of a fortress was, there was always the possibility that it would crumble from the inside.

Because of their racial differences, an internal war had erupted between these three races. At the end of the war, the gnomes were forced to leave, the elves were massacred and the dwarves became the masters of Ironcliff Fortress.

The war had left the fortress in shambles, a mere shadow of its past. When the darkness descended this time, Ironcliff Fortress had allied itself with the faction of light, this becoming one of the subsidiary lands to Thunderstorm City.

"Mind Du, are you still in Thunderstorm City?" Wang Yu sent a message to the guild chat.


Such a short reply was very uncharacteristic of Ming Du, causing Wang Yu to feel a little worried.

"Are you being hunted down Old Li?" Spring Halo asked.

"Yup!" Ming Du replied once again.

"So what happened this time..." Spring Halo calmly asked.


"Old Bull, are you going to Thunderstorm City as well?" Spring Halo asked Wang Yu.

"Yup, I am!"

"Why are you going there?" Spring Halo continued asking.

"Brother Spring are you really free right now?" Wang Yu questioned.

"Yes I am... In fact, I'm going to the airship towards Thunderstorm City right now!" Spring Halo replied

"What's up with Thunderstorm City?" Wang Yu thought: "Why are there so many quests there?"

"F*ck! Spring Dog, Old Bull, what are you guys doing! Please tell me our quests won't coincide!" Ming Du suddenly said.

"I'm going to Ironcliff Fortress to look for the Cultivator's diary!" Spring Halo replied.

"I'm going to Ironcliff Fortress to look for Simba's Pen-Ruler!" Wang Yu replied.

"What the f*ck! I'm supposed to look for Ryan's Training Manual in Ironcliff Fortress!" Ming Du exclaimed.

"Well from the looks of it, it doesn't seem like our quests will pit us against each other..." Wang Yu scratched his head as he replied.

"I wonder..." Spring Halo suddenly replied: "The Pen-Ruler and the Diary might had some relevance to each other..."

"That's too much of a logical leap don't you think?" Wang Yu asked.

"Well you know how devious these game designers are..."

"Forget it. Anyway. The difficulty in this Ironcliff Fortress is really too high, these quests aren't possible to complete for a solo player. Why don't you guys come over first so we can help each other complete our quests. If the quests are really those two-way quests, then we'll just have to fight it out!" Ming Du replied.

"You want to fight it out?" Wang Yu asked.

"How about rolling a dice?"

"Why not we just have a one on one fight?" Wang Yu insisted.

"Ha ha, we're all brothers after all, no sense fighting each other..." Ming Du was really starting to regret his choice of words.

"Don't worry about it! We're all friends after all. Even if I kill you guys we'll still remain friends right?" Wang Yu laughed.

"Go f*ck yourself!" Ming Du and Spring Halo replied simultaneously.

After choosing a rendevous point, Wang Yu left the blacksmith and boarded an airship towards Thunderstorm City as well.

After 50 minutes, he had finally arrived.

Thunderstorm City was a grand city with towering walls made of pure white stones, it's appearance was both imposing and awe-inspiring.

The reason that this city was named Thunderstorm City was because of the dense black clouds surrounding this region. This city seemed to be the eye of the storm.

The Magician amongst the seven heroes was actually born in this city. Hence this city was publicly acknowledged as a city for Magicians after the previous great war.

Thunderstorm City was built on a mountain, hence its architecture was built to fit the terrain. The roads were all narrow and winding, unlike the broad roads of Twilight City.

After following the coordinates that Ming Du had sent him, Wang Yu finally met up with Ming Du and Spring Halo at an Inn.

Wang Yu walked into the Inn, only to see Ming Du and Spring Halo were already sharing some drinks at a table, with a devious grin on their faces... it seemed that these two men had made some sort of deal already.

"Hey! Brother Spring! Old Li!"

Wang Yu shouted from the entrance as he waved at them.

"Old Bull! Have a seat!" The two shouted as they waved back.

But just as he was walking over, a Magician and a Pugilist from another table suddenly walked towards their table.

The Magician stopped before their table, sizing up Spring Halo and Ming Du as he stared at the emblems on their chests.

"Quan Zhen Sect?" The Magician indifferently asked.

"That's right! You want out autographs?" Ming Du chuckled.

"Incomparable Li Zhi Chang?" The Magician smiled.

Wang Yu noticed Ming Du and Spring Halo's body had suddenly tensed up.

"Who are you?" Spring Halo glared at the Magician and asked.

Li Zhi Chang was the in game name that Ming Du had used when the Quan Zhen Sect was first established a long time ago. How could anyone even match this old name to the current players from the Quan Zhen Sect... anyone that knew them for that long was probably an enemy already...

"Ha ha, you must be Spring Halo... you really do deserve your reputation." The Magician coldly laughed: "My name is Hidden Lurker. Even if you haven't heard this name before, surely you remember the name Spring-rain Pavillion right?"