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Chapter 241: Nian Liuyun

Chapter 241: Nian Liuyun

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"Spring-rain Pavillion?" Spring Halo and Ming Du muttered as relief filled their faces. No wonder this person recognised them!

"You guys know him?" Wang Yu curiously asked.

"Yeah, this little kid over here had a pretty decent guild in the past, but we caused them to disband..." Ming Du indifferently said, as though he was explaining some insignificant matter.

"You guys really are crazy... such a pitiful fellow..." Wang Yu sighed as he gave Hidden Lurker an apologetic look.

"Pitiful? Ha ha ha!" Ming Du gave an icy laugh.

A gaming noob like Wang Yu had naturally never heard of the name Spring-rain Pavillion, but anyone who had been playing games for the past few years would recognise this name.

Spring-rain Pavilion was the number 1 gamer in the entire world, leading of a guild of over one hundred thousand players, Termination Manor. He was known to be the god of the gaming world.

This was all during the era of mouse and keyboard games, where games had barely over a few million players. Exactly what sort of concept was it to have a guild of over a hundred thousand players?

Even the largest guild in <<REBIRTH, Peerless Heavens, had only around fifty thousand players. It was a far-cry from the glory of the Termination Manor.

Spring-rain Pavillion's fame came not only from being the guild leader of the Termination Manor, but also from his personal skill. He alone stood at the pinnacle of the gaming world for a full five years, crushing anyone that opposed him.

Even though Termination Manor had disbanded due to internal conflicts and external reasons, no one could ever replace Spring-rain Pavillion as the top gamer in the hearts of his adoring fans.

Spring Halo shot a condescending look over at Hidden Lurker as he laughed: "Ha ha ha, I was wondering who it was, but it turned out to be a trash like you! Where have you been hiding all these years?"

"Hmph! I've always continued gaming. I just prefer to remain lowkey unlike you madmen. Don't think for even a second that I'm afraid of you guys! If you guys weren't afraid of my vengeance, you wouldn't have changed your names either!" Hidden Lurker shouted.

"You really haven't changed at all even after so many years. The only reason we changed our names was because Old Ling left. This is something that we didn't want to bring up!" Spring Halo coldly chuckled: "But my hands are getting rather itchy ever since I saw you. Have you created a new guild for yourself yet?"

Even though Termination Manor had disbanded, the glory of name Spring-rain Pavillion still existed. Starting a guild really wouldn't be a problem for him at all.

"United Alliance! That's my new guild. Don't you worry, I won't finish you assholes off today. But you better go back and wash your necks, because the day I hang you in front of the entire nation is coming very soon!" A maniacal expression appeared on Hidden Lurker's face as he spoke.

"Didn't you say the same thing all those years ago? Ha ha ha..." Ming Du laughed: "United Alliance? Are you still bitter about what happened so many years ago?"

"Hey! Watch your words!" The Pugilist beside Hidden Lurker sternly warned.

But why would someone as arrogant as Ming Du even bother listening to this random Pugilist? Ming Du raised his hand as a bolt of lighting descended from the sky.


After the lightning had cleared, Ming Du was surprised to see that the Pugilist had not turned into a ray of white light, but was instead grinning at him.

"Huh?" Spring Halo and Ming Du were perplexed by this scene.

Even though Ming Du was a devious villain, he was still an expert. That single bolt of lightning of his was more than enough to kill most of the tanks in this game. But this Pugilist had somehow survived.

"Does his have some equipment that makes him immune to magic?" Spring Halo asked.

"No, he dodge your attack!" Wang Yu stated.

"Dodge it?" Ming Du gasped. The only person that he knew that could dodge a Magician's attack head on was Wang Yu. Unless this guy was also...

"Not bad, this man's an expert!" Wang Yu laughed as he drank a mouthful of water. Right at this moment, the Pugilist darted forward, raising his fist towards Ming Du and using [Crushing Blow].

Ming Du reacted instantly, hiding behind Wang Yu. But this Pugilist remained unfazed as he formed a claw with his right hand and continued using [Crushing Blow] with his right fist, planning to kill both Wang Yu and Ming Du at the same time.

"Ha ha, Charging Dragon Desolate Tiger..."

Wang Yu faintly smiled when he saw this Pugilist's martial arts. He calmly placed the glass on the table, tackling the Pugilist as he was about to hit Ming Du. The Pugilist rapidly retracted his arms to defend himself, using the force of Wang Yu's attack to retreat backwards.

If anyone else had seen this scene, they would have thought that this Pugilist had accidentally bumped into Wang Yu and stumbled backwards.

"Liuyun, are you alright?" Hidden Lurker asked.

Nian Liuyun was the number two ranked Pugilist on the leaderboards. He even had many dedicated fans that were constantly updating the forums about his exploits. Some people even believed that his strength surpassed the number one ranked Pugilist, Wang Yu...

But because these two players lived in different districts, no one knew who was the stronger player.

But since they had just traded blows, it was obvious who was stronger. Even though neither party seemed to be at a disadvantage in their earlier exchange, Spring Halo felt as though Wang Yu was still holding back.

"Iron Mountain Smash? Who are you!" Nian Liuyun pointed at Wang Yu.

"Iron Mountain Smash? Wasn't that the level 20 Pugilist skill [Iron Body]?" Hidden Lurker asked.

An outsider like Hidden Lurker naturally did not understand. Even though Wang Yu had used the skill [Iron Body], he had used the martial arts move Iron Mountain Smash, a move from Baji Quan, in their earlier exchange.