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Chapter 243: Substitution

Chapter 243: Substitution

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Berserk Heavenlaw and Imperial Root were similar in the sense that they were both newly established guilds. But while Imperial Root used money to entice professional gamers to join their ranks, Berserk Heavenlaw was a guild that had rose to power due to their own strengths.

As the city that one of the seven heroes was born in, Thunderstorm City was no small city. In fact, the number of players that they had was at least three times greater than Twilight City.

The fact that Berserk Heavenlaw was able to become the largest guild in such a large city and even claim the illustrious Ironcliff Fortress as their guild headquarters was a testament to their strength.

Currently, the Berserk Heavenlaw guild had over forty players that were above level 20 and they dominated over 80% of the leaderboards.

The quality and quantity of the players in the berserk Heavenlaw guild was extremely high. Even if they could enter Ironcliff Fortress, there was probably no way that they could complete their quests.

"I think we have to come up with a plan!" Wang Yu suddenly announced.

Even though the number of players that Berserk Heavenlaw had was much smaller than the number of players that the Pure Lands guild had, it was much harder to fight their way into a fortress than it was to escape from their enemies.

During the time that the Quan Zhen Sect was being hunted down, they had the liberty to choose when they wanted to run and when they wanted to fight. But if they were the one attacking, they did not have such a luxury of choice.

They had to assault over a thousand players with just the three of them... even Wang Yu wasn't so blind to believe that he could perform such a feat.

"A plan, yes..." Ming Du rubbed his chin and mumbled: "Wait what the f*ck? No plan can possibly help us overcome the difference between the three of us and an entire guild!"

"Hmmm... why don't we find someone to help us attack them!" Spring Halo suddenly asked.

"Find someone? Do you have a lot of friends?" Ming Du scoffed.

How many friends could these fiends from the Quan Zhen Sect possibly even have? Even if you added up all the people in their friends list, it wouldn't even be a hundred players.

"No many, but aren't there other guilds in Thunderstorm City?" Spring Halo grinned.

"You want to sow discord amongst people again?" Wang Yu sighed.

These people from the Quan Zhen Sect really were evil. They never hesitated to instigate fights between other players for their own benefits. They really were bound to be struck by karma someday.

But what made Wang Yu even more vexed was the fact that this plan of theirs would probably work! It wasn't that the players were stupid, but that they would like their pride cloud their better judgement. Once the battle started, neither side would admit defeat.

"What are you saying? This is called a stratagem!" Spring Halo unhappily retorted.

"Then what about the time we did that to the Pure Lands guid?"

"That was called substitution, but why are you even bringing up the past?"

"Fine, have it your way then..." Wang Yu sighed: "Speaking of which, how did you guys even plan on doing that this time?"

"Well first, we have to find a larger guild..." Spring Halo replied.

"I'm not too familiar with Thunderstorm City. But I can log off and do some research on the forums." Ming Du volunteered.

"No need to go through so much trouble." Spring Halo grinned: "I think we can use Hidden Lurker's United Alliance..."

"Che, using that little dog to help us? All the top level players probably ditched him the moment Termination Manor crumbled, how good could the players by his side still be?" Ming Du unhappily replied.

"Why do you have to put it that way..." Spring Halo replied: "Even though he's a piece of shit, I must admit that he does have an eye for talent. The United Alliance probably isn't much worse off than Berserk Heavenlaw."

"The numbers aren't important, do you think that the berserk Heavenlaw even puts them in their eyes? It might be fun to watch two tigers fight each other, but a dog fighting a tiger will die in seconds." Ming Du replied.

"Do you think that Berserk Heavenlaw can stand the idea the Hidden Lurker has Nian Liuyun in his guild? Don't forget that the top two players on the leaderboard in this district comes from the United Alliance..." Spring Halo reasoned.


Spring Halo's words had struck a cord in Wang Yu and Ming Du.

The topic of experts was a really touchy subject. No matter how many strong equipments a guild had, it was the players that made the difference between victory or defeat.

Even though these two guilds didn't have much conflict between each other, this didn't mean that there were any underlying tensions.

"Well, so what should we do then? How are we going to sow discord… I mean use our stratagem?" Wang Yu asked.

"We already know who the number one expert in the United Alliance is, but who is the number one expert from Berserk Heavenlaw?" Spring Halo asked Ming Du.

"It's Wild Thunderheart, a Lightning Wizard..." Ming Du replied.

"Since that's the case then shall we..." Spring Halo surveyed his surroundings, ensuring that no one way eavesdropping on them before explaining his plan.

"Will they really fall for such a trap?" Wang Yu questioned after listening to the plan.

"As long as you follow my plan, it'll definitely work!" Spring Halo confidently promised.

"But there are so many Pugilist and Lightning Wizards around. Why would anyone believe that we are Wild Thunderheart and Nian Liuyun?" Wang Yu really wasn't convinced by Spring Halo's plan, how could anyone be that stupid?

"That may be true, but how many god like Pugilists are there here? And how many Lightning Wizards can instantly kill their opponents? There are only one of each, they definitely won't 'mistake' you guys!" Spring Halo explained.

"Then how do we start a war between them?" Ming Du asked.

"When the time comes, lure them into the city and follow my instructions. It'll definitely work." Spring Halo chuckled.