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Chapter 244: Sorry My Hand Slipped

Chapter 244: Sorry My Hand Slipped

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The design of Thunderstorm City, which was built around an entire mountain, was based on Potala Palace in the real world. Even the city was divided into different levels using the high of the mountain as a reference.

Even the hunting grounds around this area was categorised using the height of the mountains.

The hunting ground at the very top of the mountain had level 70 monsters while the monsters at the base of the mountain were around level 10.

At this current point in time, most players were around level 15 to level 20. The most popular hunting ground was the level 20 one near the foot of the mountain.

The monsters around Thunderstorm City were all rather slow beasts. But because they lived in this electricity rich environment all year round, they would drop a Thunder Nucleus upon death.

These Thunder Nucleus could be used to forge weapons for Magicians. This was especially useful to the players of Thunderstorm City, of which 80% were Magicians.

Because Ming Du had seen the United Alliance's emblem before, it wasn't hard for him to identify a bunch of them at the level 20 hunting ground for Magic Yak's.

There was one Warrior, five Magicians and a Priest. A common sight in Thunderstorm City.

But Ming Du did not immediately attack them when he met the party, instead he simply minded his own business and began killing some Magic Yaks. These monsters had 3000 health and relatively high magic resistance. A normal Lightning Wizard would take five or six attacks to kill it, but Ming Du could do so with just two!

"F*ck, that Lightning Wizard killed a Magic Yak with two attacks!"

Ming Du's absurdly high magic damage had shocked the players from the United Alliance.

Because of the Thunder Nucleus that could be farmed around Thunderstorm City, the number of people here that chose to become Lightning Wizards was significantly higher than any other city, roughly 50%! But amongst the thousands of Lightning Wizards in the city, the player could probably only name one that had such high magic damage...

"Don't tell me that he's Wild Thunderheart?" The party speculated.

As the number one expert amongst the Lightning Wizards in Thunderstorm City, Wild Thunderheart had the habit of training alone. That was why these players had mistaken Ming Du for him.

Ming Du's damage was insane, his aiming was accurate and his mechanics were outstanding. He had completely wiped out all the monsters in the hunting ground in a blink of an eye. After which, he started walking to the party of players from the United Alliance.

A player's hunting ground was something that they were very touchy about, stealing the monsters in their killing ground was no different from insulting their families.

The players from the United Alliance seethed with Fury when they saw how Ming Du had brazenly killed all the monsters in their hunting ground.

"Hey you, what's the meaning of this?"

"What the f*ck are you even wasting your breath for? He's trying to steal our hunting ground! F*ck his mother!"

"How could an expert be so despicable?"

The players angrily shouted as Ming Du approached them.

"What should we do Old Demon?" Everyone frantically turned to the party leader, Mercy Hand, as Ming Du got closer and closer.

Mercy Hand's previous game ID was Mercy Demon, but this hand already been taken. Anyway, Mercy Hand was the number one Warrior in the United Alliance, as well as one of the top players in the guild.

"What should we do, let me think..." Mercy Hand spat on the ground as he mumbled: "This man isn't simple, we should just leave. No sense in offending him."

"Huh?" Everyone gasped.

Not only was Wild Thunderheart an expert, he even had the backing of the number one guild in Thunderstorm City. There was no reason to start a conflict so early on in the game over a mere hunting ground.

As disgruntled as they were, the players quickly kept their weapons and relocated several dozen metres away.

Even though several dozen metres wasn't alot of space, it was still sufficient for a single person to train. Mercy Hand even though that he had dealt with the situation very well.

Who would have thought that the Lightning Wizard would actually follow them!

"F*ck! What is this asshole doing?"

The players from the United Alliance angrily shouted. They had even moved away so as to not disrupt this experts training, yet he had actually followed them?

"Old demon, do we have to bear with this too?" Everyone asked.

"Just ignore him! We're all here to train. I don't believe that he's so unreasonable as to attack us!" Mercy Hand commanded.

The players from the United Alliance could only silently bear a grudge against Ming Du because of Mercy Hand's command. They silently continued training as Ming Du continued to approach them.

Ming Du was all smiles as he approached the group. But he did not continue killing any monsters, only silently watching them train.

"What the f*ck, is there something wrong with his brain... what's the point of watching us train?"

But just when they had almost killed a Magic Yak, Ming Du suddenly took action.

"Lightning!" Ming Du cried out as a bolt of lightning descended from the sky, killing the Magic Yak...

When hunting as a party in <<REBIRTH, the experience from killing the monsters would be evenly split between all the players that had fought it. The only exception was the player who dealt the killing blow, he would gain 50% of the total experience.

In otherwords, Ming Du had just stolen 50% of the experience from these players.


The players from the United Alliance were absolutely livid, the glared at Ming Du as they readied their weapons, preparing to attack at the drop of a hat.

But Ming Du simply ignored their angry glares as he surveyed his surroundings, looking at the scenery around him.

"You must be the expert Wild Thunderheart am I right?" Mercy Hand very courteously asked Ming Du.

"Ha ha!" Ming Du chuckled, not uttering a single word. But to Mercy Hand to this silence as a confirmation of his identity.

"Us players from the United Alliance have never offended Berserk Heavenlaw before. You actions aren't very appropriate are they?" Mercy Hand asked.

"Ha ha, my hand slipped..." Ming Du grinned.

"Hand slipped..." Mercy Hand mumbled, who was this idiot even trying to trick?

"I'm serious!" Ming Du indifferently added.

"Okay, but please don't do it again!" Mercy Hand stated as he led his party to continue training. But just when the next Magic Yak had a sliver of health left, a bolt of lightning descended from the sky.

"I'm sorry... my hand slipped again..." Ming Du chuckled with an indifferent expression on his face.