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Chapter 245: A Guild Leader’s Woes

Chapter 245: A Guild Leader’s Woes

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"I'll f*ck your mother!" A Lightning Wizard shouted as he shot a bolt of lightning at Ming Du.

Ming Du chuckled as he drank a bottle of medium grade recovery medicine, thinking to himself: "Just you wait!"

"My hand slipped as well! What are you going to do about it?" The player shouted when he noticed that Ming Du was glaring at him.

"Very good!" Ming Du roared as a bolt of lightning descended from the sky, instantly killing the player.

The other players from the United Alliance immediately took action, but Ming Du casually took a step back, evading all their spells.

This was the greatest weakness of a Lightning Wizard, that their spells needed to be aimed properly. Without being exceptionally calculative like Ming Du, PK was virtually impossible for a Lightning Wizard.

After dodging their attacks, Ming Du used the level 15 buff [Thunder Enhancement] to increase his attack while quickly throwing out his two new level 20 skills, [Thunder Charge] and [Magic Missile]. These two skills instantly killed Mercy Hand.

"What the f*ck!" Everyone shouted. The death of Mercy Hand had thrown them into disarray.

As members of the same guild, they knew exactly how much health and magic resistance Mercy Hand had. It wasn't an exaggeration to say that a player needed monstrous magic attack to be able to kill him with just two skills.

With the Nebulous Sphere in his hands, Ming Du's casting speed was much higher than others and the cooldowns on his skills were much lower as well. His [Lightning Blast] had come off cooldown before any of the other players present.


The four Magician's promptly raised their staffs to attack Ming Du.

But since [Fireball] was the basic skill that Magician's started with, not many of them would really bother to train it since it's attack was so low. But since it was a tragetted skill, there was no point in trying to avoid it. Ming Du simply casted [Lightning Blast] and [Fireball] at his opponents.

Two rays of light flashed as two more Magicians died.

The cooldown on [Lightning Blast] had already ended for the remaining two. But Ming Du's [Lightning Charge] and [Magic Missile] had already killed them while they were still chanting their spell.

Two more rays of light, only the Priest was left.

A measly little Priest simply had no way of resisting Ming Du.

Once he had settled matters with the Priest, Ming Du sent a message to Wang Yu and Spring Halo: "Ok I'm done, you guys can act now!"

Wang Yu and Spring Hao immediately put their glasses down as they left the Inn.

After Wang Yu had left, Spring Halo had left as well, going towards the city lords residence.

"What the f*ck! Wild Thunderheart!!! I'll f*cking kill your family!" The players that had been killed by Ming Du angrily roared in the respawn point.

Wild Thunderheart was famous throughout Thunderstorm City, much like how the Quan Zhen Sect was famous Twilight City. In fact, his reputation wasn't very good, he was known for senselessly killing other players. Hence the players in the respawn point weren't afraid of letting others know that they had a grudge against him.

It was only when the other players saw the United Alliance emblem on their chests did they realise what was going on.

After all, despite how powerful he was, Wild Thunderheart was not the number one expert in Thunderstorm City. It was Nian Liuyun from the United Alliance.

"I think the United Alliance might try to wipe out Berserk Heavenlaw..."

"Are you sure? These two guilds never had an conflicts before..."

"I'm serious, I saw some players from the United Alliance at the respawn point just now, seems like they were killed by Wild Thunderheart."

"Woah, things are going to get interesting..."

It was much easier for news to spread in the game than compared to real life.

This news had already travelled to Hidden Lurker's ears by the time Wang Yu had walked out of the Inn.

"What's the matter? Is this piece of news true?" Hidden Lurker asked.

"It's true. We met Wild Thunderheart when we were training and he took advantage of his superior equipments to kill all of us!" Mercy Hand explained. There was no way that he would admit that his skills were any worse than his opponent's.

"What the f*ck, how there they create trouble for us! There's no way I'll silently take this insult!" Hidden Lurker declared.

But at this point, Hidden Lurker didn't dare to make a mountain out of a molehill for such a matter. But he definitely needed to teach them a lesson.

"Liuyun, you should go look for Wild Thunderheart to talk! Let him understand that he can't just mess with us without any consequences!"

Even though Nian Liuyun was right beside him, Hidden Lurker had still sent this message in the guild chat. This was to create the impression that he, as the guild leader, was very concerned about the welfare of his members. Such tactics would serve to increase their loyalty to him.

"Just go and scare him, no need to take his life... we're still in the early stage of the game, I don't want to start a fight that is detrimental to us." Hidden Lurker personally told Nian Liuyun after messaging the guild chat,

"I know what to do!" Nian Liuyun nodded.

He simply wanted someone to challenge Wild Thunderheart to a solo fight to scare him off. Nian Liuyun shatter his ego without starting any major fights.

After all, Hidden Lurker was rather afraid of traitors in his guild.

In a situation where he had over a thousand people in his guild, it was impossible to ensure that there were no spies from other guilds.

Berserk Heavenlaw had already been wary of the United Alliance, thus they had already planted their own spies there.

Hidden Lurker's words had allowed Nian Liuyun to understand the difficulties that he was facing. By this time the leader of Berserk Heavenlaw, Berserk Thundergod had already received news of this information.

"Hidden Lurker isn't stupid, there's no way that Nian Liuyun will actually do anything against us. Ai… this Thunderheart, I already told him to stop being so overbearing. He even incurred the wrath of Nian Liuyun, I better warn him to be careful later on." Berserk Thundergod sighed.

"Thunderheart, where are you?" Berserk Thundergod sent a message.


Berserk Thundergod wasn't surprised by this answer at all, after all Wild Thunderheart was a training maniac.

"I heard you kill some people?"

"There are always those f*ckers disrupting my training! Why? Did I cause some trouble for you?" Wild Thunderheart indifferently asked.

Looks like this idiot really did kill some people.

"No not really..." Berserk Thundergod hurriedly replied: "But the people you killed were from the United Alliance and it seems like Nian Liuyun is coming to find you... you better go hide yourself..."