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Chapter 250: Taking Advantage Of The NPCs

Chapter 250: Taking Advantage Of The NPCs

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The three bosses all had average attributes and their levels were based on the highest level player in the party. From this alone, it was obvious that the hardest part of the quest wasn't dealing with the bosses.

However this did make a lot of sense. If Spring Halo hadn't incited Berserk Heavenlaw and the United Alliance into starting a guild war, the three of them would have been facing another five hundred players at the very least!

When Ming Du heard the three leader's questions, his usual vulgar smiled surfaced as he grinned: "I can definitely help you, but what's in it for me?"

"Heh as expected of Ming Du! He's still trying to gain small advantages in this situation..." Wang Yu sighed.

Hearing Ming Du's words, the Elf Leader fell silent for awhile before looking up and resolutely replying: "Great Lord Ryan, you left behind a manual when you first aided us in repelling the dark forces. I've spent countless years researching and improving on the spells inside. If you help me annihilate these two scumbags I would be more than willing to return it to you!"

When Wang Yu and Spring Halo heard the Elf Leader's reply, they immediately turned towards their respective NPCs with a wild and ravenous look in their eyes.

Since the both of them were honoured leaders in their respective races, this was the first time that were ever at the receiving end of such a look. Although they maintained their dignified expressions, the both of them were drenched in sweat.

"I have a letter that details the ways of cultivating!"

"I'm willing to part with a weapon from the god of war!"

From their replies, one could easily tell how much they wanted to get rid of the other two leaders. Each and every one of the treasures they offered would have been worth at least several hundred gold coins!

Suddenly, Spring Halo said something that shocked even Ming Du. "I'm afraid that you might be tricking me. Can you hand over the item to me first?"

Wang Yu had already thought that Ming Du's demands were slightly overboard already yet now Spring Halo had taken it a step further! He was trying to get the treasures without even completing the quest first!

"This is against the rules..." The Gnome Leader hesitantly spoke.

"My relationship with this two is quite good as well..." Spring Halo pointed at Wang Yu and Ming Du and whispered.

As a high grade AI, the Gnome leader immediately picked up the threat in Spring Halo's words. While muttering under his breath, the Gnome Leader took out a gnarled sheet of paper and respectfully handed it to Spring Halo.

"F**k that worked???" Wang Yu and Ming Du gasped when they saw Spring Halo keeping the letter. The two of them immediately ran towards their NPCs and repeated what Spring Halo said word for word.

<Simba's Pen-Ruler: Quest item. Currently cannot be used to kill the Elf Leader. Unlock conditions: Kill the Gnome Leader.

Reading the item description only solidified Wang Yu's theory. Even if they killed all three of the NPCs, the three of them would still be able to complete their quests.

"Since we got what we came here for let's just finish them off now!" Spring Halo chortled.

"Sure!" Wang Yu casually replied as he charged towards the Elf Leader. At the same time, Spring Halo summoned his demons and shot cloud after cloud of poison.


However, the Elf Leader raised his hands and a halo of lightning shot out from his body, instantly reducing Ming Du's demons to half health! Without even pausing, the Elf Leader took out a rifle and aimed at Spring Halo's head.

"Holy f**k! His magic damage is insane!" Spring Halo cried out. Before his skill had evolved into Orphans of War, the ghosts that he summoned had the same amount of health as him. The demons that he summoned right now all had much more health than Spring Halo did. If the Elf Leader's AOE spell could already do so much damage, then his single target one would definitely be able to one shot any one of them…

Thinking of this, Spring Halo hurriedly widened the distance between the two of them.

At this time, Wang Yu had just arrived in front of the Elf Leader and viciously gripped the Elf Leader's throat while sending a kick to his legs.

The Elf Leader was still just a level 21 intelligence based boss after all so he was naturally weak in close combat. In a single exchange, Wang Yu had been able to knock him onto the ground and rain a barrage of attacks on him.

When they saw that Wang Yu had the situation under control, Spring Halo and Ming Du turned their attentions to the Dwarven King.

The Dwarven King was a strength based boss with short range and high health. Even if Wang Yu was the one facing him, he would still need to dodge the Dwarven King's attacks. However, under the combined attacks of Spring Halo and Ming Du, the Dwarven King wasn't able to retaliate at all.

However, right as these two bosses were about to die, the Gnome Leader who had been watching at the side the entire time suddenly pulled out his weapon and entered the fray as well. The three of them were clearly in cahoots the entire time!

With a loud shout, the Gnome Leader suddenly pulled out a hoverboard and began firing at Wang Yu and the others from the air.

Since the Gnome Leader was a dexterity type boss, his damage wasn't as high as the other two. However, because of his speed, he was much harder to deal with.

Riding on the hoverboard, the Gnome Leader constantly re positioned himself while attacking to support the other two leaders.

Occasionally, the Gnome leader would toss little black balls onto the ground that would turn into metallic soldiers.

Each of these soldiers had roughly ten thousand health not to mention high physical defense. Although their attack speed was slow, every attack had a chance to stun their targets.

"Kill the Elf Leader first!" Spring Halo commanded as he cast [Distortion] and locked the Mecha Warriors in place.

Casting spells in both his hands, the combination of Ming Du and Wang Yu made short work of the Elf Leader.

"Old Li, have you failed your quest?" Spring Halo asked as they watched the Elf Leader dissipate.

"Nope!" Ming Du happily replied.

"That's great then! We'll aim for the Dwarven king next!" Wang Yu commanded as he transformed his gloves into a pole and vaulted towards the Dwarven King. Chaining [Thunder God's Stomp] and [Eagle Stomp] together, Wang Yu flew over the group of Mecha Warriors and landed in front of the Dwarven King.

With an angry roar the Dwarven King swung his hammer at Wang Yu. However Wang Yu had already anticipated this and thrust his pole towards the Dwarven King's chest and retreated. The moment Wang yu got out of the Dwarven King's attack range, Spring Halo immediately cast [Distortion] and locked him into place. Ming Du seized this opportunity and fired off lightning bolt after lightning bolt at the Dwarven King's head. Within a few rounds, the Dwarven King fell to the ground and dissipated.

Suddenly, the three of them received a notification.

<System Notification: Enemies have entered the dungeon. Current count: 40.