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Chapter 251: The Pugilist That Surpasses The Legends

Chapter 251: The Pugilist That Surpasses The Legends

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"They're here already??" when the three of them saw the system notification they immediately set their sights on the Gnome Leader.

They had originally thought that the United Alliance would still be able to hold Berserk Heavenlaw off for quite some time. However, it seemed that the United Alliance was still lacking compared to Berserk Heavenlaw.

Since this was the only boss left out of the three, there was no way that they would willingly give it up without a fight.

Wang Yu already had trouble dealing with ordinary dexterity type bosses. With the Gnome Leader's added ability to fly as well, there was almost no way that he would have been able to help in this battle!

Although the Gnome Leader only had around 100 000 health at this moment, it's evasive capabilities were far too high. Ming Du and Spring Halo could barely even keep up with his movements with their eyes!

On top of the Gnome Leader's unreasonable movement speed, it had aerial superiority as well. Each and every one of it's attacks had a range of over 10 meters. Barring any accidents or collisions, there was no way for any of Ming Du or Spring Halo's spells to even hit it!

Fortunately, the space within the conference room wasn't that large. Otherwise, if the Gnome Leader decided to escape, there was nothing any of them could have done to stop it.

While the three of them had been killing the other two bosses they noticed that the Gnome Leader would occasionally use diving attacks. After some observation, they realised that there was a condition for him to do so.

To summon his Mecha Warriors, the Gnome Leader would need to dive towards the ground to use his skill. The only time he would dive again was when all six of the Mecha Warriors he summoned had been slain.

Hence, the three of them continuously dodged the Gnome Leader's aerial attacks and focused on killing his summons to lure him down. Although the Mecha Warriors had high health and resistances, they were still easily dispatched by a combination of Ming Du and Spring Halo's AOE spells.

Just as they had killed two of the Mecha Warriors, the conference room door was flung open and a group of Berserk Heavenlaw players rushed in.

The leader of this group of players was the second in command of Berserk Heavenlaw, Berserk Thunder Emperor. From his name alone, it was easy to deduce that he was a close and trusted friend of Berserk Thundergod. This meant that he likely had access to the best resources and equipment that the guild provided and his strength wouldn't be much lower than Berserk Thundergod's.

When Berserk Thunder Emperor entered the conference room, he was frightened to the point where his soul nearly left his body.

"Ignore that Pugilist, quickly stop that Shaman and Magician!" Berserk Thunder Emperor screeched. Upon hearing his command, the Berserk Heavenlaw players immediately formed up and charged towards Wang Yu and the others.

Since Wang Yu posed almost no threat to the boss, Berserk Thunder Emperor had decided that it was more important to kill the two players who could actually kill the boss.

When Spring Halo saw the Berserk Heavenlaw players rushing over, he immediately summoned his six demons and formed a wall to block their path.

At the same time, Ming Du cast [Hell Inferno] in front of the demons and forced the Berserk Heavenlaw players to retreat.

"They can use AOE and summoning spells! Don't blindly charge forward!"

When Berserk Thunder Emperor realised what Ming Du and Spring Halo were capable of he quickly calmed down and re-assessed the situation.

The enemies that they were currently facing had an expert who could use crowd control and summoning spells while the other was able to use high level AOE spells…

SInce the conference room of Ironcliff Fortress had an elevated platform, Wang Yu and the rest were currently on the high ground. If the Berserk heavenlaw players tried to blindly rush at them, they would be at a disadvantage.

It wasn't as though this team of Berserk Heavenlaw players didn't have any Magicians of their own. All the players who had come back to defend were the elites of the guild. If they couldn't even come out unscathed from a forty to three battle then their pride would have been shattered.

"We'll draw their attacks, while the Thieves sneak up and assassinate them!" Berserk Thunder Emperor decided.

As a cloth armoured job, Magicians and Priests usually only had around 800hp at this level. Even if they added some points into Vitality, their health would only be 1600 at the most.

With their high burst damage, Thieves were the natural enemies of all squishy jobs. A string of critical hits would have been able to deal around 15000 damage already. If they sent out six Thieves, there was no need to fear that they wouldn't be able to kill these invaders!

"Yes sir!" When they received his instructions the Thieves immediately activated [Stealth] and made their way forward.

"Hm? Six Guardians, twenty Magicians, four Priests, four Shamans… wasn't there twenty of them just now?"

With a quick glance, Spring Halo noticed that some of the Berserk Heavenlaw players had suddenly vanished.

"They're here!" Wang Yu shouted as he suddenly dashed in front of Ming Du and swept out with his pole.

While the Berserk Heavenlaw players were wondering what Wang Yu was trying to do, the six Thieves that were sent out suddenly reappeared!

"It's an anti-stealth expert!" one of the Berserk Heavenlaw players cried out.

Even after being revealed, the Thieves didn't show any signs of fear. Since they had the advantage in numbers, they quickly fanned out and surrounded Wang Yu.

"NO!!!! Get back before that Dark Shaman CCs you!" Berserk Thunder Emperor hurriedly sent.

Right now, the six Thieves were all standing within Spring Halo's range. As long as he cast [Distortion], they would immediately be trapped. Afterwards, all Ming Du needed to do was cast an AOE spell and they were as good as dead.

However, it was as though Spring Halo and Ming Du didn't even notice the six and continued to focus on the Mecha Warriors.

Seeing that the two of them didn't seem to care about Wang Yu, Berserk Thunder Emperor silently chuckled: "It seems like these two don't have any battle sense..."

Before Berserk Thunder Emperor had even finished laughing to himself, the next thing he saw made him eat his own words.

In the face of the six Thieves, Wang Yu didn't even try to dodge. He sharply thrust out both his hands and grabbed two of them by the throats. With a swing of his arms combined with [Savage Maul], Wang Yu threw the two Thieves towards the remaining four.

Without pausing, Wang Yu leapt forward and activated [Thunder God's Stomp].


In less than 5 seconds, all six of the Thieves had been easily annihilated.

"F**k! It's Nian Liuyun!!!"

When they saw what Wang Yu had done, all the Berserk Heavenlaw players immediately broke out in cold sweat…

The Berserk Heavenlaw players had seen Ming Du try to invade them a few times while transformed into Ryan. Hence, they knew that the three players they were fighting were all disguised as NPCs. They had been racking their brains trying to think which three experts would have been mad enough to challenge their guild alone.

After they say Wang Yu so easily kill off their comrades, they immediately assumed that he was the top expert in Thunderstorm City.

Nian Liuyun's reputation in Thunderstorm city was so great it wouldn't have been a surprise even if he solo-ed twelve players at once.

Most of the Berserk Heavenlaw had thought that such a rumour was spread just to intimidate them. However after today, they had finally realised how monstrous the top expert of Thunderstorm City truly was.

While they were still frozen in shock, Wang Yu seized the opportunity and charged towards the team.

"Thundergod come back! It's Nian Liuyun! We can't hold him off much longer!!!!" Berserk Thunder Emperor frantically sent in the guild chat.