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Chapter 252: Intense Battle

Chapter 252: Intense Battle

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"Nian Liuyun!"

When Berserk Thundergod heard the news of Nian Liuyun's sudden appearance he immediately felt faint. The main reason that the United Alliance even stood a chance against Berserk Heavenlaw was because of the existence of Nian Liuyun…

"Is this news reliable?" Berserk Thundergod asked.

"He insta-killed six Thieves what do you think?" Berserk Thunder Emperor retorted.

In Thunderstorm City, there wasn't a single Pugilist that surpassed Nian Liuyun after all.

"F**k me it's really him! Just do your best to hold him off for now, I'll bring you reinforcements soon!" Berserk Thundergod urgently replied.

"Then you better come soon. We can't hold on for much longer! His helpers are damn strong as well, they both have AOE spells!"

"How are the seals?"

"They've already destroyed two… All that's left now is the Gnome Leader… Although he can fly away, he's not going to last very long either… The Dark Shaman's skills aren't something to scoff at..." Berserk Thunder Emperor begged.

"Urk! Everyone forget about this war! Just go back and defend the seals!" Berserk Thundergod ordered in the guild chat.

Although it was a disgrace for them to just escape like this, protecting their guild headquarters was much more important than their face!

Fortunately for him, the Berserk Heavenlaw players were extremely united. The moment they received his orders, they all started retreating.

When the United Alliance players saw Berserk Heavenlaw retreating they immediately gave chace when they suddenly received a message from Hidden Lurker that said: "Don't waste your efforts! As long as they know who's the strongest it's more than enough already!"

Although the United Alliance players felt indignant that the war had ended so abruptly, they didn't want to defy Hidden Lurker either.

Furthermore, it was still only the early stages of the game. Most players would generally try to avoid conflicts, especially large scale guild wars like this. What's more it wasn't as though the United Alliance was one-sidedly dominating Berserk Heavenlaw so there was a chance that this was some sort of trap.

The only one who had some inkling of the truth of the matter was Hidden Lurker. From the beginning of this whole charade, Hidden Lurker hadn't believed that Wild Thunderheart would have attacked United Alliance players unprovoked…

Meanwhile, inside Ironcliff Fortress, Wang Yu had already appeared right in front of the Berserk Heavenlaw players while they had still yet to recover from their initial shock.

With a wave of their staffs, the Berserk Heavenlaw Dark Shamans all cast [Distortion] underneath Wang Yu while the Knights activated [Charge].

When Wang Yu saw the four circles appear on the ground, he immediately knew that the Dark Shamans were about to cast [Distortion]. He immediately kicked off the ground and leapt onto the head of the first Knight. When the other Knights saw this, they hurriedly cancelled [Charge] and used [Shield Bash] instead.

While in mid-air, Wang Yu shot [Rippling Wave] at the shields of the Knights and used the recoil to launch himself another one meter up. At this time, the various ranged spells and attacks of the other DPS had already been fired towards Wang Yu.

Wang Yu then used [Eagle Stomp] to forcibly land on the ground while swapping the Martial Artist's Regret to the pole form. Right before he landed, Wang Yu thrust the pole onto the ground and vaulted himself into the middle of all the magicians!

"Holy shit! Noooo!"

When Berserk Thunder Emperor saw what Wang Yu had done, even he didn't know how to react…

Was this monster hacking???

When Wang Yu appeared in front of them, the Magicians immediately tired to retreat. However, since Wang Yu was their opponent, they didn't even have the chance to do so.

Without a shred of mercy, Wang Yu displayed the full might of his pole arts right from the start. It was as though the Magicians were facing a dragon rather than a pole. Within seconds, not a single one of them remained...

After being killed by Wang Yu, the Magicians all silently thought to themselves: "I never heard anything about Nian Liuyun being able to use a pole..."

Right at this moment, Ming Du and Spring Halo had also just finished killing the remaining mecha warriors. The Gnome Leader who was in the air suddenly let out a shout and he dove towards the ground.


Just as the Gnome Leader entered their attack range, he was immediately hit in the face by Ming Du's [Spear Of Lightning].

Ming Du's [Spear Of Lightning] had a knock back effect as well so it also knocked the Gnome Leader and his hoverboard out of the air. Before he even reached the ground, Spring Halo had already cast [Distortion] in preparation for his landing.


When the hoverboard hit Spring Halo's [Distortion], it instantly exploded, leaving the Gnome Leader completely exposed.

"God damn! What kind of demonic predictions are those???"

When he saw this scene, Berserk Thunder Emperor's eyes nearly flew out of their sockets.

Although "Nian Liuyun" was strong, that wasn't a secret in Thunderstorm City so Berserk Thunder Emperor had been somewhat prepared for Wang Yu's outstanding Performance. Ming Du and Spring Halo's abilities on the other hand were rather difficult to swallow.

The Gnome Leader was already incredibly fast and his speed would double when he dove down.

Despite this fact, ming Du had still been able to accurately strike him right in the head while he was moving! For him to have been able to perform such a feat with a non homing spell was nothing short of a miracle.

What frightened Berserk Thunder Emperor even more was Spring Halo's Distortion. After being stuck by [Spear Of Lighting], the hoverboard had obviously been thrown into an erratic course. Yet Spring Halo had still been able to accurately predict where it would land and cast his spell beforehand! If he had truly calculated where the hoverboard would land, his predictive abilities were beyond heaven defying!

Since when did the United Alliance ever have two other monsters like these two?

By now, the players that Wang Yu had previously killed had all respawned and returned to the conference room.

Without a moment's hesitation, Wang Yu flourished his pole again and swept away all the players within his area of control.

With their combined efforts, Spring Halo and Ming Du managed to force the Gnome Leader into a corner.

Without his hoverboard, the Gnome Leader was nothing more than a punching bag with 100 000 health. The only thing he could do was summon more of his mecha warriors to protect himself. However, under Spring Halo's crowd control spells, the already slow mecha warriors were practically frozen in place for Ming Du to attack.

While Ming Du was happily firing away, the Berserk Heavenlaw players helplessly watched as the final boss' health slowly trickled away…

Suddenly, as if possessed, they all madly rushed forward in a final bid to save their guild headquarters.

Since there were forty of them, as long as they all recklessly charged forward continuously, even Wang Yu would have some trouble holding them all back.

While Wang Yu was distracted by the Knights, the six Thieves that he had originally killed snuck past him and surrounded Ming Du.

"Old Li, watch out!" Spring Halo loudly shouted as he threw a cloud of poisonous smoke towards them.

Without even turning around, Ming Du simply swapped places with the Gnome Leader.

This sudden switch was too fast for the Thieves to react to so they weren't able to stop their attacks…

"You dirty heat..."

Since the Gnome Leader was already about to die, he wasn't even able to finish his dying words before he dissipated as well. When the Gnome Leader died, the mecha warriors he summoned all ceased to function as well.

"Oh hoh! I didn't realise you guys were more cold blooded than me! Was this perhaps on purpose?" Ming Du cackled.

"F**k your mother!"

The six Thieves were already enraged. With Ming Du's added taunt, they lost all reason and wildly charged towards him again.