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Chapter 253: We Just Need One Of Us to Survive!

Chapter 253: We Just Need One Of Us to Survive!

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Ironcliff Fortress was a special scenario type dungeon. When Berserk Heavenlaw first took the guild headquarters quest, they were tasked with sealing these three bosses.

If all three of these bosses were killed, then then would respawn without the original seals. If such a thing were to happen, Berserk Heavenlaw would lose the ownership of Ironcliff Fortress.

For Wang Yu and the others to have killed the three bosses like this was no different from uprooting Berserk Heavenlaw's foundations! Thus, it was obvious why the six Thieves were so agitated

If their guild ended up disbanding because the six of them had killed the Gnome Leader they could forget about ever playing this game again!

Even though the six of them were charging straight at Ming Du, he didn't seem worried in the least. Right as the Thieves were about to reach Ming Du, Spring Halo suddenly cast [Distortion] right under Ming Du and trapped all of them.

With a light chuckle Ming Du unleashed his [Hell Inferno] right at that instant as well.

As the Thieves turned into white light and dissipated, Spring Halo suddenly noticed that the enemy count had leapt from forty to over four hundred!

"Oh f**k! Old Bull block the door! They're coming for us!" Spring Halo cried out.

As he spoke, Spring Halo commanded his demons and directed them towards Wang Yu to help and block the Berserk Heavenlaw players. Taking advantage of this moment, Wang Yu charged forward with Spring Halo and Ming Du following closely behind and almost managed to reach the exit.

RIght at this moment, the door of the conference room was suddenly flung open and revealed an army of players blocking their path.

Wang Yu repeatedly swung his pole to fend off the attacks of the new players and led Ming Du and Spring Halo to the pillar next to the conference room's entrance. There was a flight of stairs in front of the pillar so if the three of them took advantage of the height, the Berserk Heavenlaw players wouldn't be able to rush up without sufficient preparation.

However, in the face of the entire Berserk Heavenlaw guild, the three of them weren't able to advance any further either.

"You can't escape!" Berserk Thunder Emperor madly laughed when he saw that his reinforcements had finally arrived. "Everyone, take two steps back and surround them! Don't give them any chance to flee!"

The instant the Gnome leader had died, all the Berserk Heavenlaw players received a quest notification. As long as they were able to slay Wang Yu and the other two and retrieve the quest items, they could still save their guild headquarters! Since they still had a final lifeline, all of the players fought as though they were possessed.

Five hundred players wasn't a small number at all. Even a fraction of this number would have been more than enough to flood the conference room.

The conference room was just a few hundred square meters so there really wasn't much space for Wang Yu and the others to try and out-maneuver the Berserk Heavenlaw players.

"F**k man now what do we do? I think this is it boys..." Ming Du dejectedly sighed as he took a peek at the exit.

Since the Berserk Heavenlaw players were inside a campaign dungeon, they wouldn't receive the experience penalty when they died. Furthermore, since the respawn point was so close to the Conference room, the number Berserk Heavenlaw players were practically endless.

"There's only one exit here… it'll be hard for us to break through..." Spring Halo nodded after quickly surveying the surroundings.

Ironcliff Fortress was originally the stronghold of the three races. SInce the dwarves and gnomes didn't have any sense of security, they naturally didn't include windows or back doors in anything they built.

Looking at the situation in front of them, Spring Halo and Ming Du felt a sense of despair. Victory was right in front of their eyes and in the blink of an eye it was cruelly snatched away from them. Although the two of them weren't very bothered by one or two failures, they knew that after this incident, the chance that they could fool berserk Heavenlaw again was nearly non-existent.

As for Spring Halo's hidden job quest, it would forever be stuck at this point.

"Can the two of you help me open up a path?"

While the two of them were wallowing in despair, Wang Yu suddenly asked.

"For what? Do you actually think that we can escape? Even if we get out of the conference room who knows how many more of them are waiting for us outside..." Ming Du grumbled.

"Well we don't all need to escape, just one of us needs to live!" Wang Yu replied.

Ever since he entered the game, Wang Yu had been surrounded and trapped countless times. Back in Vatican City, Wang Yu and Yang Nuo had been cornered by far more players than this.

"Oh? You have confidence in escaping from so many players?"

Although Wang Yu didn't explain his plan, Ming Du and Spring Halo were able to guess his intentions from his words.

Wang Yu fell silent for a moment before replying: "About 30% I guess. I mean it's better than just hiding here and waiting to die right?"

The main difference between their current situation and Vatican City was that the players in Vatican City weren't as united. Wang Yu simply needed to say a few words and they immediately turned on each other. However this time, he was facing one of the top guilds in the country so there was no way for him to replicate the same situation.

This was the first time Wang Yu was facing such a large army that was made up of a single guild. No matter how strong he was, he would still have been overcome by the sheer numbers eventually.

"30%? That's more than enough!" Ming Du and Spring Halo lit up when they heard Wang Yu's reply. Even a 1% chance would have been more than enough for them to be willing to risk it all let alone a 30% chance.

"But first things first, I need to escape from this conference room… You guys successfully helping me with that is the 70% I'm not confident in..." Wang Yu sheepishly scratched his head and mumbled.

"Motherf**ker!" Although Wang Yu was on their side, Ming Du and Spring Halo felt a sudden urge to kill him.

The fact that Wang Yu had complete confidence in himself but not the two of them was the biggest slap in the face they had ever received.

"Hmph! It's only a few hundred players, I could do this in my sleep!" Spring Halo growled.

"That's right! Just watch as this Old Li clears the entire map!"

As the two of them boasted, they took out the quest items in their inventory and handed it it Wang Yu.

Looking at the expressions on their face, Wang Yu gently shook his head: "You know there's no need to force yourselves… We could always ask Fearless to help us come up with a solution..."

"Peh! This old man is unmatched under the heavens! Who needs help from that worthless manwhore?" Ming Du and Spring Halo shouted in unison. Being slighted by Wang Yu was a small matter. However, letting Fearless find out that they were in a pinch and needed his help was something both of them would never be able to live down.

"Well if that's the case, then follow my lead. When I count to three we'll all rush out together!"

At this time, Berserk Thundergod sent a message to Berserk Thunder Emperor: "EMperor how's it going in there?"

"We've gotten control of them situation. The three of them are hiding behind a pillar. It's just a matter of time before we reclaim the items!"

"Oh? That's great then! I guess Nian Liuyun was merely so..." Berserk Thundergod chortled. When he heard that they had control of the situation, his mood instantly improved.

With a few hundred players surrounding just three enemies of course he could say something like that. However Berserk Thunder Emperor knew that if it wasn't for the reinforcements, Wang Yu would have been able to kill all forty of them an escape without any of them being able to resist...