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Chapter 255: No Rest Until He’s Dead

Chapter 255: No Rest Until He’s Dead

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When they saw this system notification, all of the Berserk Heavenlaw players felt boundless despair.

1000 gold wasn't counted much for a guild of their size. As long as each person forked out 1 gold, they would have had more than enough.

1000 fame was equally as simple to resolve.All they needed to do was complete a few guild quests and they be able to easily earn it back.

The greatest loss they suffered was their guild losing a level.

In <<REBIRTH, the level of a guild was akin to its number of lives. When all guilds started out, they would always be at level 3. Each time their guild headquarters was successfully destroyed, they would lose a level. When the guild reached level 0, it would automatically be disbanded forever.

If one wanted to raise their guild level, they had to accept a nearly impossible quest. To even begin the quest, they had to first make an obscenely large donation to the city lord. If they happened to fail the quest, they would lose their donation, fame and guild experience as well! If they lost too many guild experience points, then their guild level would end up dropping yet again!

Because of this, even though guilds would be able to have two thousand members at level 5, there had still yet to be a single one that attempted this quest.

Now this was just great. Berserk Heavenlaw hadn't even attempted the quest and they had already lost a level… Now they still had to kick a hundred of their members out of the guild…

"United Alliance! The two of us can't exist together anymore!!!"

"Isn't it just Nian Liuyun? Can't we just toy with him to death?"

Since this was a game, players were used to taking out their grudges as recklessly as they wanted. As long as they didn't break any rules, there was really nothing the GMs could do to them anyway.

"Thundergod, what do we do now?" Berserk Thunder Emperor calmly asked. Since he had personally witness the strength of "Nian Liuyun" and his accomplices so he knew how difficult they were to deal with.

"What do we do? Obviously we exterminate those United Alliance dogs!" Berserk Thundergod growled as he sent a message in the guild chat: "Everyone assemble! Two hundred of you will protect our base with Thunder Emperor and the rest of you will follow me back to the city. Today we won't rest until United Alliance is no more!!!"

"Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate!" When they heard Berserk Thundergod's declaration, the Berserk Heavenlaw players were worked up into a frenzy and began chanting.

Following this, the Berserk Heavenlaw players entered the teleportation array and returned to Thunderstorm City.


After exiting Ironcliff Fortress, Wang Yu and the others all returned to their original forms.

Ming Du and Spring Halo were killed much earlier so they chose to return to the city and find a place to wait for Wang Yu.

When Wang Yu approached the city, he could feel an ominous and bloodthirsty air around it.

When Wang Yu just entered the city, he was stopped by two Berserk Heavenlaw players.

"Show us your guild emblem, otherwise don't blame us for not being merciful!"

The first thing that Berserk Heavenlaw did when they returned to the city was to occupy all the entrances. Right now, They were doing an inspection on all the players that entered or exited.

When the player in front of Wang Yu say the Berserk Heavenlaw players he softly squeaked: "I'm a vagrant..."

"A vagrant? Then you either forget about entering the city or you get killed back to respawn point. Your choice..." The Berserk Heavenlaw player spat.

In <<REBIRTH, it wasn't very difficult to set up or join a guild so there were very little of these "vagrant" players. There was no guarantee that this "vagrant" wasn't a member of the United Alliance.

It seemed like the animosity between the two guilds had reached the point where these players would already kill each other on sight.

Larger guilds had always been very tyrannical in their actions so there was really nothing anyone without a backing could do to them. The player could only softly sigh as he turned around and left.

When it came to Wang Yu's turn, he casually took out his guild emblem so as not to arouse any suspicion. After all, he did have the quest items in his inventory.

When the Berserk Heavenlaw players saw Wang Yu;'s emblem, they couldn't help but gasp in amazement: "This emblem is really something else! How come we've never seen it before?"

"I'm from a small guils with less than ten members..."

"Heh, so it's like that… Go on then..." The two nonchalantly replied.

When Wang Yu reached the meeting point, Spring Halo and Ming Du were already boisterously drinking without a care in the world.

Seeing them like this, Wang Yu rushed over and urgently whispered: "You two really have some balls! The entire city is in a state of war now and you guys can still just sit here and drink in the open!"

"Peh! What are you scared of?" Ming Du chuckled.

"I mean they can't catch me but you guys..."

"..." Although Wang Yu had their interests at heart, he had unintentionally wounded their pride yet again.

Unlike Ming Du, Spring Halo maintained his calm, pushed a cup of wine to Wang Yu and smiled: "Don't worry too much. We were disguised back in the dungeon!"

"Oh yea… That's right..."

"So where's the stuff?"

"Right here!" Wang Yu laughed as he took out their respective items and handed them over.

After receiving his quest item, Spring Halo sternly said: "Since we got what we need, then we should leave. This place isn't very safe anymore. The sooner we turn in our quests, the less we have to fear."

"Yes!" Wang Yu and Ming Du furiously nodded. Right as they left the inn, a group of players walked in.

The leader of this group was Berserk Thundergod and the others were all the core members of Berserk Heavenlaw.

Since they were standing at the door, Wang Yu and the others saw that the entire inn had been surrounded by Berserk Heavenlaw players.

"F**k! Spring dog didn't you say that they wouldn't be able to recognise us?" Ming Du angrily sent in the guild chat.

"They shouldn't be able to. It's not like there's anyone in the city who recognises us!" Spring Halo replied.

"Who cares about that! There's less people this time so I think I'll be able to lead the both of you out safely as well." Wang Yu muttered.

"That's great!"

As Berserk Thundergod approached them, Wang Yu's focus on him only intensified. Meanwhile, Ming Du and Spring Halo tightened their grips on their staves. If anything happened, they would have been able to react in a moment's notice.

"The f**k are you doing just drinking here? After everything you've done you can still appear in public? You really got some balls Nian Liuyun!"

Right as the three of them were about to act, one of the players behind Berserk Thundergod shouted.

"Nian Liuyun?"

When they looked in the corner of the inn, they realised that there was a familiar looking Pugilist drinking alone!