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Chapter 256: Mistaken To the Very End

Chapter 256: Mistaken To the Very End

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The Pugilist sitting in the corner of the inn was Nian Liuyun. And the player who had shouted at him was Wild Thunderheart.

When they realised what was going on, Wang Yu and the others were slightly confused. Weren't the Berserk Heavenlaw players here for them? How come they were shouting at Nian Liuyun?

Nian Liuyun on the other hand was even more confused than them. Wasn't the guild war already over? How come they still came to find trouble with him?

"If you have something to say then say it! Don't just stand there and spew vulgarities at me!" Nian Liuyun scoffed as he took another sip from his glass.

"Speak your mum!" The Berserk Heavenlaw players exploded the moment they heard Nian Liuyun's reply. After what had happened at the guild headquarters, they were all incredibly on edge already. When they heard what Nian Liuyun had said, two of the Warriors in the group directly charged at him.

Slightly twisting his body, Nian Liuyun dodged both of their attacks and kneed one of the Warriors in the chest while ramming his shoulder into the other. In one fluid motion, Nian Liuyun had incapacitated both of the Warriors.

"Sssss…. So this is Nian Liuyun?" Berserk Thundergod sucked in a cold breath of air while asking Berserk Thunder Emperor.

This was actually the first time that Berserk Thundergod had seen Nian Liuyun in person. When they were in the dungeon, the "Nian Liuyun" that he saw had been disguised as an NPC and had simply ran away. Berserk Thundergod had no clue about how strong Nian Liuyun was in an actual battle.

"That's right, it's him! I remember his moves very clearly!" Wild Thunderheart shouted.

At the same time, Nian Liuyun also recognised Wild Thunderheart as the Magician who had killed him and snickered: "Oh hoh not bad! You were killed by me just once and you already remember my moves? Quite the talent you have there!"

"Heh some talent! I purposely slowed down my attacks so he could get a clear view of them!" Wang Yu sent in the guild chat.

"You clearly killed me twice!" Wild Thunderheart shouted.

"Oh? I don't remember very clearly…" Nian Liuyun froze when he heard Wild Thunderheart's words before continuing: "Anyway isn't the guild war already over? Why are you guys here for?"

"Huh???" When they heard what he had said, even the Berserk Heavenlaw players felt lost for a moment and thought: "This bastard really knows how to act… After everything he's done he can still try and act like he doesn't know anything?"

After he regained his senses, Berserk Thundergod stood up and shouted: "My name is Berserk Thundergod, the leader of Berserk Heavenlaw. I've long since heard of the illustrious name of Nian Liuyun. It's an honour to meet you today."

Hearing him say such words confused the Berserk Heavenlaw players even further. Their guild had been forced into such a sorry state by this man and their leader claimed it was an honour to meet him???

"The f**k is Berserk Thundergod trying to do here?" Ming Du sent as he forced back his laughter.

"I don't know, but you really have to admire the effort he's putting in to this play of his!" SPring Halo whispered.

"I really admire strong men like you. If you tell us who your two accomplices are I'm willing to let you go!" Berserk Thundergod continued.

If the situation allowed it, then Berserk Thundergod would have prefered to avoid a direct confrontation with a monster like that. Even if he couldn't pull him over, not being mortal enemies with him was more preferable.

The players that Berserk Thundergod had brought with him were all the core members of the guild. Yet Nian Liuyun had been able to easily dispatch two of them in a breath. How could this not have shocked everyone present?

What's more, the Berserk Heavenlaw players had also just witness "Nian Liuyun" run along a wall less than an hour ago so their fear of his abilities were still very fresh.

As the saying went, once bitten twice shy. Although they all had unlimited lives in the game, it didn't mean that they were willing to throw their lives away for no reason. Watching Nian Liuyun fight in person had left Berserk Thundergod in cold sweat.

Since this was the case, he would have preferred if Nian Liuyun had simply handed his two accomplices over and they would call it quits. After all, these two had killed more of their players than "Nian Liuyun" had. If he could catch the both of them then at least he could appease the anger of his brothers slightly.

"Accomplices? What did I even do?" Nian Liuyun asked.

The aloof and nonchalant expression on Nian Liuyun's face only made the Berserk Heavenlaw players even more enraged.

"The Dark Shaman and the Magician that were with you just now!" Berserk Thundergod insisted. Although he really wanted to explode at this moment, it was rather embarrassing to say that they were the cause of the guild dropping a level.

Although Nian Liuyun didn't understand what they were talking about, Wang Yu and the others did. Berserk Thundergod had thought that it was Nian Liuyun was the one that had invaded their guild headquarters.

"I think it's time for us to leave now. Our arrangement is a little too obvious in this place. If we stay any longer they might actually recognise us…" Spring Halo muttered.

With that, the three of them stealthily slipped out of the inn.

"A Pugilist, Dark Shaman and Magician?" Nian Liuyun asked again.

Such a formation was virtually unheard of in any game. Who would place two trash jobs together in a party? Even if they had a ranged DPS, a party without a healer wouldn't last very long.

"That's right!" Berserk Thundergod nodded.

"Didn't you notice the members of that group standing next to you just now?" Nian Liuyun spoke as he pointed at the empty spot that Wang Yu had once occupied.

"Hm?" After Nian Liuyun's reminder, Berserk Thundergod suddenly remembered that there was indeed a party of three that had matched his description a few moments ago.

"Thunderheart, did you see where that party from just now disappeared to?"

"No… I was focussed on Nian Liuyun the whole time." Wild Thunderheart apologetically scratched his head and replied.

Everyone had their attention completely focussed on Nian Liuyun since he was their target. Who would have the time to look at some random bystander?

While Berserk Thundergod was still struggling with whether to trust Nian Liuyun or not, someone from outside the inn suddenly shouted: "Brother Nian! I, Hidden Lurker, have arrived! We'll settle the grunts outside soon and then come and save you!"

"F**k! We've been had!" Wild Thunderheart cursed as he stepped forward and cast a lightning spell on Nian Liuyun.

Nian Liuyun immediately dodged the skill and headed for the door, only to be met with the skills on the other players.

The entrance of the inn was rather narrow so there wasn't much space for him to dodge. Having tasted Wang Yu's power, the Berserk Heavenlaw players were already prepared to deal with Nian Liuyun. The skills they used completely covered the exit of the inn. Nian Liuyun barely even took a few steps before dissipating into white light...