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Chapter 257: They Must Be Punished

Chapter 257: They Must Be Punished

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After killing Nian Liuyun,Berserk Thundergod led his team out, only to be met with an empty street…

"Where's all the United Alliance players?" Wild Thunderheart wondered aloud.

"The only players who passed by this area were those three who left the inn. But we just chased them away..." The players who were standing guard outside replied.


When they heard this, everything finally clicked inside Berserk Thundergod's mind.

"We've been tricked!!!"

"What do you mean boss?" The others shouted. No one else had come to the same realisation as he had.

"Those three players we encounters in Ironcliff Fortress are most probably not from the United Alliance..." Berserk Thundergod muttered.

"That's impossible! Are you saying that there's another expert on the same level as Nian Liuyun?" the rest frantically asked.

Even Nian Liuyun was much more than they could even deal with. If there was another Pugilist as heaven defying as him was there still any point in playing this game?

"Maybe not in our district, but what about others?"

"Other districts? Is there even such a person?"

"Yes! There's one in district 7's Twilight City!!" Wild Thunderheart suddenly lit up.

"Twilight City… You mean Iron Bull?" With the reminder from Wild Thunderheart, the others suddenly recalled Wang Yu's name. Since they were all experts, they usually had quite some free time on their hands so they would often browse the forums for other districts. The news they had seen the most often was stories or videos about Wang Yu!

"It's very likely! That Dark Shaman had a summoning spell too. From what I know, there should only be one of it in the entire game…They even had AOE skills! One of the rare few players with AOE skills is in the same guild as Iron Bull." Berserk Thundergod continued.

"And one more thing. Do you guys actually believe that United Alliance would suddenly start a war with us for no reason?"

"Wait wasn't it Wild Thunderheart who went to kill their guys first?" One of the players pointed at Wild Thunderheart and asked.

"No! Thunderheart might enjoy Pk-ing, but he wouldn't do so while implicating the entire guild. At the very start of this whole incident he already told me that he merely killed a few vagrant players." Berserk Thundergod shook his head.

"Huh? So that means someone impersonated him?"

"Exactly! If I'm not wrong, that Magician that's been invading our guild headquarters the last few days is a Lightning Wizard as well! They had a Magician and a Pugilist as well… Since players from both guilds were killed at roughly the same time, isn't it very obvious? We fell into their trap!" Berserk Thundergod sighed.

Berserk Thundergod had just realised that they had been fooled. However, the more he explained it to the others, the more he realised that they signs were there from the very start…

From the moment they killed the players from both guilds, to the retrieval of the quest items, Spring Halo's plan had been completely seamless. If the three of them hadn't taken so long to leave the inn, these two guilds might have wiped each other out before realising that they had been tricked.

Thinking of this, Berserk Thundergod felt a cold shiver run down his spine.

They had played such a dirty trick all for the sake of a game…

At this moment, Wang Yu and the others had already left the street that the inn was located on.

"Old Li, I feel like your shout at the very end was slightly inappropriate." Spring Halo chided.

"Didn't you say they would suspect us? I just wanted to make sure that they would kill Nian Liuyun again and restart the war!" Ming Du nonchalantly replied.

"They wouldn't have found us so there's no way they would have trusted Nian Liuyun. Now because of you, they're going to exit the inn and realise that we've just done..." Spring Halo sighed.

"Really? So now what do we do?" Ming Du gulped.

"They don't know who we are so what's there to be afraid of..." Wang Yu chuckled.

"Are you sure they won't be able to recognise you?" Spring halo glared at the two of them and sternly asked. Pugilists on the level of Nian Liuyun could have been counted with one hand. How could anyone not guess that it had been Wang Yu?

"Brother I'm only saying this cause the two of you are so afraid. Do you actually think that this scares me?" Wang Yu blandly laughed.

"F**k! We aren't scared either!" Ming Du and Spring Halo shouted. This little bastard was getting cockier by the day…


At the respawn point, Nian Liuyun was seething in rage. Baji quan was an external martial art so it's practitioners wouldn't be as restrained as those who practised internal martial arts. The longer one spent cultivating it, the more bloodthirsty they would become.

Nian Liuyun was also in the prime of his youth right now. Having been killed for no reason like that enraged him to no end. He would definitely return and take revenge on his killers. Within half an hour, Nian Liuyun had already found and killed several tens of Berserk Heavenlaw players. This frightened Berserk Thundergod and his team to the point where they all hid in a safe zone.

As Nian Liuyun was still going around and hunting the Berserk Heavenlaw players, Hidden Lurker suddenly sent him a message: "Liuyun, what are you doing now?"

"Taking revenge..."

"Come to the inn, I have something to tell you!" Hidden Lurker sent again.


Although Hidden Lurker was an elder, he still had to be rather courteous to Nian Liuyun.

When Nian Liuyun entered the inn, the rage in his heart began boiling again.

"Brother Lurker, what's the meaning of this??" Nian Liuyun pointed to Berserk Thundergod and shouted.

"Liuyun, the whole incident just now was a misunderstanding, Leader Thundergod has already explained it to me..." Hidden Lurker hurriedly tried to explain.

"Hmph! Killing me was a mistake?" Nian Liuyun scoffed as he clenched his fist and prepared to kill Berserk Thundergod.

"Great God Liuyun, it really was a mistake! If you kill me now, you'll be in the wrong too!" Berserk Thundergod pitifully begged.

"Oh? Then explain this misunderstanding to me!"

"The reason I killed you just now was because of the Quan Zhen Sect's trick..." Berserk Thundergod then explained the entire matter to Nian Liuyun from the start of the whole incident.

"Is this the truth?"

"Yes it is! I can attest to it!" Hidden Lurker chimed in.

Hidden Lurker already had an old grudge with the Quan Zhen Sect. At this moment, he hated the fact that he didn't have the strength to crush the Quan Zhen Sect. Seeing that Quan Zhen Sect had just messed with another guild, Hidden Lurker knew this was the most opportune time to create an alliance.

"Those scum! Does that mean the one who was impersonating me was Iron Bull?"

"Yes yes yes! It was definitely him!" Hidden Lurker furiously nodded.

"Peh! If it wasn't for his helpers just now, I would already have let him taste my skills!" Nian Liuyun spat.

"So what's the plan now Leader Thundergod? Are we just going to let the matter end like this?" Seeing that Berserk Thundergod was still sitting on the fence on the matter, Hidden Luker decided to give him a slight nudge.

"Hmph! The Quan Zhen Sect is but a tiny guild with around ten members! Since they dared to provoke us, we'll hunt them down no matter where they hide!" Berserk Thundergod declared.

"Yes! They must be punished! I admire brave men like you Leader Thundergod! Count me in on the extermination of the Quan Zhen Sect!" Hidden Lurker chuckled.