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Chapter 259: Deliberately Causing Trouble

Chapter 259: Deliberately Causing Trouble

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After logging in to the game, Wang Yu went to Simba first to turn in his quest.

"Well I'll be! You actually managed to bring it back! I really can't believe my eyes..." Simba gasped as he received the pen-ruler from Wang Yu.

When he heard Simba's words, Wang Yu felt slightly put off. All these dishonest NPCs! He clearly thought that Wang Yu would fail this quest and yet he still charged such an exorbitant fee to start it?

"So can you repair my weapon now?" Wang Yu asked.

"Are you high? You think something that croorded can be repaired?" SImba burst into laughter.

"You tricked me???"

"Why're you in such a rush? Did you bring the smelting stone?" Simba chuckled.

"I did." Wang Yu nodded as he pulled out a small stone and handed it to Simba.

"Give me the weapons you're using then..." Simba pointed to the Martial Artist's Regret and spoke.

"These?" Wang Yu cocked his head.

Wang Yu really didn't understand Simba's intentions. The universe sword was broken and Simba wanted his fist weapons?

"That's right!" Simba nodded.

Although Wang Yu was unwilling, he still unequipped the Martial Artist's Regret and handed it to Simba.

"Come back in an hour!" Simba shouted to Wang Yu as he turned and went to an anvil.

An hour wasn't very long so there wasn't much Wang Yu could do. In the end, he decided to pay Mu Zi Xian's shop a visit.

When Wang Yu arrived at the shop, he saw Mu Zi Xian rushing about to tend to the customers.

After the advertisement from yesterday, there were visibly more customers this time round. However, several players had ugly expressions on their faces.

"You don't have so many things! What kind of shitty provision shop is this!" One of the customers cursed.

It wouldn't have been an issue if it was only him making a scene outside the shop. However, he was scaring away other potential customers from entering the shop as well.

As if adding fuel to the fire, a few other players walked out of the shop and shouted: "What's is the meaning of this? Are you purposely stopping us from buying your goods? Are you looking down on us?"

Without even waiting for the players around him to respond, this player looked up at the shop sign and spat: "Peh! So what if this is Mrs Bull's provision shop? You think a shop of your size can diss it's customers?"

When they saw this scene, the surrounding players silently thought: "What an idiot… Doesn't he know who owns this place? Even the Sanguine Alliance has to be respectful here..."

When Wang Yu heard the players words, he walked up to them and smiled: "Brothers, we are a small business and would never ill treat any customers. Could you not make a scene out here?"

"And who the f**k are you?"

"The shop is run by my wife. Any guesses?" Wang Yu laughed.

When the surrounding players heard his words, they immediately perked up.

"Shit! It's the legendary Great God Iron Bull! He doesn't look as ruthless as the legends say..."

"So what if she's your wife? She dared to look down on us! She said that everything is sold out and she can't sell it to me! Isn't that bullying?" Even after that players found out Wang Yu's real identity, he still refused to back down and became even more brazen.

To be honest, it was rather odd that all the goods in the shop would already have been sold out so early in the morning so even Wang Yu didn;t believe this.

However, Mu Zi Xian was still his wife and he naturally knew her inside and out.

"My wife would never trick anyone. If she says the goods are sold out that means they are! Please don't try to stir up any trouble here!" Wang Yu glared.

"Hmph! You think just because you said she won't lie that means I have to believe you? Who the f**k do you think you are? I dare you to tell me your name!" The players coldly laughed.

"My name is Iron Bull!" Wang Yu declared. What did it matter that he gave out his name? Everyone knew it already.

"Iron Bull? The legendary expert? Didn't you say you don't bully the weak? Are you trying to make me laugh?"


Wang Yu finally understood that this player was purposely here to cause trouble for him!

Wang Yu naturally didn't have the patience to reason with someone like that so he casually raised his hand and slapped him into a ray of light.

"Oh shit! He really is as ruthless as the rumours say!"

When they saw how Wang Yu had killed that player without a shred of hesitation the crowd immediately gasped. They hurriedly cleared a path for Wang Yu for fear he might do the same to them.

"Honey what's going on? Why did something like this happen?" Wang Yu asked Mu Zi Xian after he chased the other troublemakers away.

"Well the moment I opened the shop someone from Daybreak Studios came in and bought everything we had… We don't have any spare stock either so some customers got upset." Mu Zi Xian explained.

"He bought everything? Didn't they just buy medicines yesterday?" The more Wang Yu thought about it the more he felt like something was off.

Although there shop wasn't very large, they did have a very large stock. The stock for Limestone powder, medicines and items were all bursting. The items in the shop were roughly the same as that of a typical NPC shop.

No matter how much money the players in Daybreak Studios had, they were still businessmen. It was one thing for them to buy up all the medicines they had, but even the ordinary consumables and equipment?

Having been with the Quan Zhen Sect for so long, Wang Yu naturally knew something was going on.

"Who knows… Anyway right after he left some players started causing trouble. Luckily you came in time. Otherwise, I really don't know what I could have done..." Mu Zi Xian sighed.

"I feel like this has something to do with Daybreak Studios!" Wang Yu replied.

"Daybreak Studios? Honey you're overthinking things! It's nothing much really. We just don't have enough stock." Mu Zi Xian lightly chuckled.

"Maybe..." Wang Yu muttered. When he thought about it, Mu Zi Xian's words did make some sense…

This was part and parcel of business after all. It wasn't as if they weren't paid in full. And it wasn't as if every player who made a scene was scheming something…

"Am I really overthinking this?" Wang Yu scratched his head and wondered. He still felt something wasn't right about that players he just killed.

However, Wang Yu had already killed countless players before so this one extra kill really didn't matter to him very much.

"So now what do we do?" Wang Yu turned to Mu Zi Xian and asked.

"Since we're sold out, then why don't we just close for the day. You're inventory is big so why don't you accompany me and shop!" Mu Zi Xian giggled.

"Sure!" Wang Yu nodded. As long as Mu Zi Xian requested something, there was no way he would ever reject it.