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Chapter 260: Dark Past

Chapter 260: Dark Past

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Since a player could keep multiple units of the same item in their inventory without increasing the load they had to bear, it made shopping very convenient.

Contrary to Wang Yu's expectations, Mu Zi Xian had gone to the grocery store to buy random goods instead of buying armour of healing items.

Wang Yu's expression darkened as he looked at his inventory slowly fill up with random items like torches as he hesitantly asked Mu Zi Xian: "Honey, we don't really need such items in the game, why are you buying so many of them?"

"It's exactly because the demand for such items isn't high that we are buying these things now. The moment the demand for these things increase, the prices from NPC operated stores will increase as well. It is then that people will start buying from our store!" Mu Zi Xian chuckled.

Wang Yu immediately understood Mu Zi Xian's explanation. It was rather wise for them to start buying these items early on in the game.

There really was an art to operating a store. Wang Yu suddenly felt immensely blessed to have such an intelligent and industrious wife by his side.

Just as the couple were happily shopping around, Wang Yu suddenly received a message from Frost Blade: "Old Bull, you've become the hot topic on the forums again..."

"Oh..." Wang Yu nonchalantly replied.

Wang Yu had become used to the fact that his actions were often published on the forums.

"What do you mean 'oh'? Did you offend someone? There are a lot of people scolding you on the forums!" Frosta Blade replied.

"Scolding me? What did I do?"

"You should go take a look for yourself, it's really quite a scandal... you and your wife are the main topic, but they've even dug up the Quan Zhen Sect's dark past and discussed it." Frost Blade sighed.


Wang Yu had started to ignore the insults of other players ever since he joined the ranks of the Quan Zhen Sect. But rage was written all over his face when Frost Blade had mentioned that Mu Zi Xian was amongst the people discussed on the forums.

Wang Yu was a person that wore his heart on his sleeves, allowing Mu Zi Xian to quickly notice that something was amiss.

"What's the matter?" Mu Zi Xian quickly asked.

"There are people scolding me on the forums... I'm going to take a look..." Mu Zi Xian's skin was nowhere as thick as the other players from the Quan Zhen Sect. Fearing that she might not be able to take the insults on the forums, Wang Yu deliberately did not tell her.

"What did you do?"

"I'm not too sure. Carry on shopping, I'm going to take a look." Wang Yu quickly spoke before logging off to look at the forums on his computer.

Wang Yu exuded a thick killing intent the moment he opened the forums.

The very first thread he was online read: "Number one expert in Twilight City, Iron Bull and his hussy of a wife, bully customers at their store. They will kill any player without warning..."

The words were even bolded and in red, making the thread extremely eye catching.

Wang Yu quickly moused over the title and opened the thread.

At the very front of the thread was a video of Wang Yu killing the unreasonable player earlier on.

The video had obviously been doctored. Anyone at the scene earlier clearly knew that the only reason that Wang Yu had attacked the player was because words had failed to calm down the unreasonable man. But the video made it seem as though Wang Yu had attacked him for no rhyme or reason.

Beneath the video was a huge wall of text, vividly describing the deeds of the Quan Zhen Sect in previous games and even the things that they did in <<REBIRTH. Wang Yu was even described as a corrupted hacker.

Wang Yu nearly vomited a mouthful of blood as he read this thread. Even the other members of the Quan Zhen Sect that were not involved in this matter had their names dragged through the mud...

The most unfortunate was Fearless. They had even dug up the fact that he had once received a warning letter from the developers of another game for harassing a female NPC...

There were even many people replying to the thread, slamming the Quan Zhen Sect for their actions and slandering them even further.

But there were a few unbiased individuals that pointed out the fact that the video was obviously doctored.

It was quite clear that the people commenting on this thread had obviously been paid to do so, otherwise why would there suddenly be so many people from Twilight City flaming the players of the Quan Zhen Sect?

Wang Yu initially wanted to reply to this thread, but he knew that he had already fallen for the enemies trap. Any further actions could very well land him in further trouble.

He quickly adjusted his mindset and logged back into the game, rejoining Mu Zi Xian.

"What's the matter? Is it serious?" Mu Zi Xian hurriedly asked.

"Nothing much, it's a small matter..." Wang Yu laughed.

"That's good!" Mu Zi Xian smiled as she calmed down.

Just as Mu Zi Xian was about to continue dragging Wang Yu along for shopping, Wang Yu suddenly spoke up: "You should carry on first, Fearless just called me to go clear some dungeons!"

"Ok then!" Mu Zi Xian obediently nodded.

After leaving Mu Zi Xian, Wang Yu did not leave the city, but instead headed straight for the Inn, where the rest of the guild members had already been waiting for him.

Other than Fearless, the rest of the players of the Quan Zhen Sect looked fine.

The things that were exposed about their pasts were rather mild, except for Fearless who had received a warning letter for harassing a female NPC. The players that knew about this matter were extremely limited.

But now this had been publicised on the forums, even exposing that it was Fearless. How could he not be upset?

"Ha ha ha, Leader Fearless, don't tell me that it's really true?" Crotch Lord asked. As one of the new players in the guild, he naturally did not know about the past deeds of every present.

"What a surprise, what a surprise. I never thought that a well mannered gentleman like Fearless would do such a thing..." Darknorth Fisher mumbled.

"Che, well mannered gentleman? You guys have been fooled..." Ming Du giggled.

"F*ck your mother!" Fearless angrily roared as the other members of the Quan Zhen Sect continued to make fun of his sorry plight.