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Chapter 262: Commission

Chapter 262: Commission

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"Helping the Sanguine Alliance?" Everyone gasped: "When did Sanguine Warflag even ask you for help?

"Sanguine Warflag hasn't asked me to help him, not yet. But he did send me a message asking me out for a round of drinks. If my guess is correct, he's going to ask me for help." Fearless shook his head and explained.

"When did they acquire another title deed?" Wang Yu asked.

"They didn't! It's definitely that one!" Fearless said.

"Didn't Sanguine Warflag say that they wouldn't be able to complete the headquarters defense quest? When did he change his mind?"

Wang Yu clearly remembered the downcast look on Sanguine Warflag's face when he had received the title deed previously.

"It's not like they have any other choice..." Fearless chuckled.

"No choice? Weren't they going to sell of the title deed and buy another one?"

"That was the original plan. But if you think about it logically, there really aren't that many guilds that could complete such a quest. Who would even buy it?" Fearless stated.

"Oh, so that's the case..." Wang Yu nodded in agreement.

There were only two ways to acquire a headquarters title deed in <<REBIRTH, the first way was by killing a boss that was over level 35 and the second way was by clearing a dungeon.

The respawn rate and timing of bosses in the wild were not fixed, hence it made it hard for the players to consistently hunt them. But bosses in the dungeons were always in the same location, making them easier to hunt. Most of the title deeds on sale in the auction house were from dungeon bosses.

Even though the dungeons differed from place to place, the difficulty was roughly the same for all dungeons.

"From the looks of it, only the really good guilds are able to acquire their own headquarters. But even if they could complete the quest, there are hardly any guilds that would be willing to set up a headquarters in a completely different city." Fearless reasoned.

"Che, that might not be the case..." Wang Yu did not agree with Fearless' assessment of the situation. After all, the Sanguine Alliance had constantly suffered at the hands of the Quan Zhen Sect in Twilight City.

"But they haven't left have they? If you think about it, they suffer more the longer they dilly dally without making a decision." Fearless indifferently said.

The fact that these title deeds only gave access to headquarters in specific districts had not been made known to the general public yet. But once it did, it was likely that all the title deeds on the market would probably lose their value.

Furthermore, having a guild headquarters was a matter of face for most guilds. Not only would it mean that they had the strength to establish themselves, they could also start guild wars as well.

A guild headquarters wasn't something that could be developed in a day. It took constant effort and resources for them to properly develop. Hence, the earlier a guild managed to acquire one, the better.

If the Sanguine Alliance continued dragging their time without making a concrete decision, it was likely that they wouldn't have much of an advantage over other guilds.

"That being said, it still takes a lot of courage for Sanguine Warflag to approach you for help!" Ming Du laughed.

"It's not like he has any other choice. Is there anyone else in Twilight City that he can trust to accomplish such a feat?" Fearless smugly replied.

"Not bad, not bad. You finally said it Fearless!" Everyone else burst into laughter at Fearless' arrogant words.

Just as they were happily chatting, the doors of the Inn swung open as Sanguine Warflag strolled in...

"Ah, you're all here..." Sanguine Warflag mumbled as he glanced over at Fearless.

The Quan Zhen Sect rarely ever gathered together unless they were going to clear a dungeon. This was the first time that Sanguine Warflag had ever seen so many members of the Quan Zhen Sect gathered together.

"These bastards decided to flock here when they heard that Leader Warflag was treating me to a round of drinks." Fearless helplessly laughed.

"God damn it, you're the shameless bastard over here Fearless..." Everyone seethed with rage when they heard Fearless slander them as such. This was especially so for Ming Du, who had already prepared a bolt of lightning to kill him.

Looking at Ming Du's reaction, Fearless simply spat out a single word: "Idiot."

"Damn you!" Ming Du roared as he raised his staff, only to be suppressed by Spring Halo, Wang Yu and Vainglory.

"Ha ha ha..." Sanguine Warflag awkwardly laughed: "You guys sure are lively..."

"It's nothing much... he's just slightly rash..." Fearless glared at Ming Du as he spoke.

Wang Yu and Spring Halo sighed, it looked like Fearless was hell bent on enraging Ming Du.

Seeing that sparks were flying between the members of the Quan Zhen Sect, Sanguine Warflag quickly changed the topic: "I've always heard that the experts in the Quan Zhen Sect were as numerous as the clouds in the sky. I hope that Leader Fearless can introduce all of them to me!"

The main reason that Fearless had called everyone over here today was to display the combat strength of the Quan Zhen Sect. Only then would he have a bargaining chip for the commission he would get from Sanguine Warflag.

Furthermore, even though the Quan Zhen Sect was infamous throughout Twilight City, the most well known players were still the six original players, Frost Blade, Boson and the others. Sanguine Warflag might have heard of the name Crotch Lord, but he had never met him in person.

"The Warrior on your right is called Boson!" Fearless pointed at Boson as he declared.

Boson chuckled as he nodded at Sanguine Warflag.

"Nice to meet you!" Sanguine Warflag hurriedly replied as he turned to the Assassin on his left: "You must be Frost Blade!"

Frost Blade was renowned throughout the gaming community as a wealthy businessman who was playing as an Assassin right now. Even Sanguine Warflag knew this kind of basic information.

"Actually, that's Frost Blade..." Fearless corrected Sanguine Warflag as he pointed to Frost Blade.

"Oh... then who is this?" Sanguine Warflag awkwardly asked.

"Darknorth Fisher..."

"Huh! The mercenary king Darknorth Fisher?" Sanguine Warfkag's jaws dropped in shock.

Normal players might not know who he was, but experts like Sanguine Warflag definitely heard of him. When Sanguine Warflag had first received news that Darknorth Fisher's guild had disbanded, he had wanted to invite him to join the Sanguine Alliance. Who would have thought that he would be part of the Quan Zhen Sect now...

"Ha ha!" Darknorth Fisher contentedly laughed as he looked at Sanguine Warflag's expression.

"And who is this?"

"Crotch Lord!" Crotch Lord happily declared.

"The number one Guardian in district 7!!!" Sanguine Warflag gasped again.

Other than the six original members and the super expert Wang Yu, Sanguine Warflag did not expect that the Quan Zhen Sect would have two other legendary players as well! Even a large guild like the Sanguine Alliance did not have men of such calibre.

"And who is this lady? Is she another legendary expert? Heavenly Phoenix Dance or Goddess Luo Dance?" Sanguine Warflag asked as he respectfully looked over at Yang Nuo.

The number of female experts in the gaming community could be counted on one hand. And there were only two of them that could get along with a bunch of ruffians like the Quan Zhen Sect.

If this lady over here was another legendary expert, then the price that the Sanguine Alliance had to fork out this time would definitely not be cheap, Sanguine Warflag thought to himself as he looked at the bag of gold in his inventory…...