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Chapter 263: Pricing Expert

Chapter 263: Pricing Expert

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"Neither, she's Clear Snow, a beginner as well!" Fearless said.

"A beginner…" Sanguine Warflag let out a sigh of relief. Finally, it was not another legendary player, or else he would have to pay a hefty price just for the commission.

"Don't underestimate her, our Iron Bull's a beginner as well!" Fearless laughed.

"Well…" Sanguine Warflag turned nervous.

With Independent Mode, it was true that experienced experts could get the hang of the game faster than regular players. However, as this was a new mode, beginners were not to be underestimated, there was no guarantee that another freak like Wang Yu would not show up.

Furthermore, everyone in Quan Zhen sect was an expert, there was no way a regular beginner would be hanging out with them. Sanguine Warflag started sweating upon this realization.

"Hehe, how's my bunch of underlings…" Fearless asked cockily.

"F*ck you!"

Even Wang Yu could not stand Fearless' cockiness, and he shattered a wine glass with his hands, giving Fearless a good fright. Wang Yu ended up having 10 silver deducted from him forcefully.

"Each and everyone of you is so famous,the Quan Zhen Sect is indeed worthy of its name…" Sanguine Warflag complimented sincerely. Anyone from this bunch of experts would be a top-tier existence in another guild, yet they were all grouped up in such a small guild.

"It's so-so." Fearless laughed humbly before he asked: "The master of Sanguine Alliance wouldn't look for us just for a drink right? What do you need from us?"

"Erm…" Sanguine Warflag turned flustered, and replied, "There's something I need help with indeed, but I'm not sure if it's convenient to speak here."

"Of course it is! Everyone here is part of us!" Fearless laughed and said.

The reason he gathered everyone in the sect, was to get a good price. Fearless believed that even if Sanguine Warflag was stingy, he would not dare to underpay all these experts here. No one would be dumb enough to offend these experts over a small sum of money.

"Sanguine Alliance is planning to complete the headquarters defence quest. After much consideration, I realized you guys are the most experienced, so I want to ask for your help." Sanguine Warflag said.

Fearless smiled and replied, "Well, that quest takes at least four hours, and you know how precious time is for us…"

"I'm aware of that, we can discuss the price!" Sanguine Warflag knew that Fearless would not help for free, he was prepared to be charged an exorbitant amount the moment he requested for Quan Zhen Sect's help.

"You've met my bunch of brothers, they are all famous experts. For beginners like Iron Bull, even a heftier price is worth the value, I hope the master of Sanguine Alliance would understand that." Fearless asked.

"You bastard!" Sanguine Warflag was crying internally. How was freaking Iron Bull a beginner? This f**ker was clearly trying to rip me off.

"I definitely understand...:" Sanguine Warflag nodded repeatedly, he had no choice given the situation.

"Let us cut to the chase then. We'll follow the conditions like the previous time. We choose the equipments first, and your guild will provide the supplies. As for the price, 500 gold for each of us, is not too much for experts like us right?"

"500 gold?" Sanguine Warflag cried out in pain. As he was about to negotiate the price, he saw the stares coming from Wang Yu and the rest, and he quickly changed his words, "It's not too much, definitely not too much…"

The experts in Quan Zhen Sect were already angered that they were sold like goods, if Sanguine Warflag was to cut the price lower, there was no guarantee in what they would do.

"That's the right attitude a guild master should have! Each of my seven brothers here is equivalent to 10 people. Hiring a professional player would at least cost you 50 gold…" Fearless said as he pointed to the rest apart from Wang Yu and Yang Nuo.

"That's right, that's right…" Sanguine Warflag thought so as well, he just did not expect Fearless to not give him any discount.

"But since we are setting the price based on the strength of the individual, Iron Bull and Clear Snow would not agree to 500 gold…" Fearless said and pointed to Wang Yu and Yang Nuo.

"What do you have in mind?" Sanguine Warflag asked.

Fearless casually said, "1000 gold for Iron Bull, 800 gold for Clear Snow, that'd be a fair price."

"Ah? Isn't the price too high…" Sanguine Warflag responded immediately.

"Why? Are you questioning the strength of Iron Bull?" Fearless said as he stared at Sanguine Warflag.

"I won't dare to." Sanguine Warflag quickly added, "I am certainly aware of Iron Bull's strength, but as for the lady…"

So far, only Sanguine Alliance had a direct conflict with Wang Yu, Sanguine Warflag knew better than anyone else how scary Wang Yu was. However, the high price for just a lady puzzled Sanguine Warflag.

Fearless laughed leisurely, "Before Sanguine Primrose left, did she show you our strategy for beating hell mode Blood-Soaked Church ?"

"Yes, she did do that…" Sanguine Warflag was a little flustered. It was quite embarrassing to be exposed for stealing others' strategy.

"When we passed the three demonic hounds of Hell, the bowman that stalled the boss is Clear Snow. Do you think she's worth 800 gold now?" Fearless squinted his eyes and asked.

"So it's her…" Sanguine Warflag said sluggishly.

The strategy video that Sanguine Primrose showed Sanguine Warflag was not much help to Sanguine Allliance on beating the Hell Dungeon, but the shock factor was unprecedented.

Sanguine Warflag definitely remembered that outstanding bowman who stalled the boss alone in three meters.

"Why? Do you still have a different opinion?" Fearless asked

"No! Not anymore!" Sanguine Warflag replied without hesitating.

These people from Quan Zhen Sect were the true experts. Even with the hefty price, but it was worth it. Sanguine Warflag would rather hire the guys from Quan Zhen Sect than hiring professional players. At the very least, just seeing the Quan Zhen Sect's experts made him feel rest assured.

"We have reached a pleasant agreement then, what about the time?' Fearless rose his glass and cheered with Sanguine Warflag.

"I've already notified my guild members, we'll meet in half an hour." Sanguine Warflag said.

Fearless collected his thoughts, and asked, "Do you trust my leadership?"

"Of course!" Sanguine Warflag exclaimed. Despite Fearless' bad personality, but anyone who had seen him leading would have no doubt about his capabilities.

"Alright then, for an additional 200 gold, I will lead this defence quest! I'll guarantee you a success in just one try!" Fearless said.

"Ok, we have a deal!" Having already spent so much, an additional 200 gold was no problem for Sanguine Warflag.

"That's great. You should go meet up with your guys first, we'll head over after some preparations!"