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Chapter 264: Simba’s Leather Blueprint

Chapter 264: Simba’s Leather Blueprint

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After Sanguine Warflag left, everyone stood up and surrounded Fearless with ill intent written all over their faces.

"Bastards flocking here huh…"

"Underlings huh…"

Fearless quickly replied, "Please don't mess around, I am the guild master after all, you guys should show me some respect."

"So that's how you've sold us?" Spring Halo said as he raised his brows.

Fearless calmly retorted, "Why? Aren't you satisfied with the price?"

500 gold was worth 50 000 dollars on the market. The most expensive equipment so far was only 300 gold. It was an exorbitant price for helping out with a headquarters defence quest. Apart from huge guilds with thousands of members like Sanguine Alliance, no one would be able to pay for it.

Despite the rise in cost of living, and the depreciation of the dollar's value. 50000 dollars was still a big sum of money for most people.

"We are pretty satisfied with the price. But, the way you labelled us and priced us like vegetables pisses me off!" Wang Yu added his thoughts.

"Yes, that's right…" Everyone else agreed with him.

"Fine, then how about I don't charge you guys for the intermediary fees?" Fearless said shamelessly. Not only did he sell his friends, he still wanted to charge them for it.

"Intermediary fees my ass! Didn't you ask for another 200 gold in the end? You're going to split that with us evenly, or we'll f**k you up!" Frost Blade was being pragmatic and cut to the chase.

"I hate robberies like this, not a single bit of technicality included." Fearless dared not refuse, but did not want to back down verbally.

"This is extortion!" Everyone exclaimed in unison.

"F*ck!" Fearless was melancholic, that was supposed to be his line.

After the mess, everyone returned to their seats. Fearless cleared his throat and said, "Let's go make our preparations now, we'll meet back here in 20 minutes."

The group left, and Wang Yu came to the blacksmith to retrieve his weapon.

NPCs were always on time. An hour meant an hour, not a second more or less.

Simba was already waiting for Wang Yu outside the shop.

"Master, is my weapon repaired?" Wang Yu asked respectfully.

Simba stroked his beard and cried, "It's done. This is the most perfect weapon I've repaired in my life! This has almost raised my forgery skill by another level…"

"Thank you, master." Wang Yu was delighted and quickly reached out to collect his weapon.

Unexpectedly, Simba reached out as well, and said to Wang Yu, "100 gold...."

"100 gold !?!?" Wang Yu was stunned, "Your skill level has increased, yet you ask for gold?"

In order to do well in game, Wang Yu had read many gaming guides. In other games, if the blacksmith' skill level increased while making weapons for the player, it would be free of charge. The blacksmith would even gratefully gift many weapons to the player as well. Yet, Wang Yu was charged when he did not even ask for gifts, he was puzzled.

Simba shook his head and said, "You've thought too much! It's my own effort for increasing my skill level, the price for repairing wouldn't be a cent less!"

"Good for you!" Wang Yu sighed and handed the gold to Simba.

100 gold was enough to buy a top-tier weapon, yet it was only enough as repair fees here. If Wang Yu was not loaded, he would have just left without the weapon.

Simba smiled and said, "Your equipment is definitely worth the price." He then took out a fist weapon and threw it to Wang Yu.

Wang Yu took a look at his weapon, and smiled satisfactorily at Simba, "Thank you, master!"

<Martial Artist's Regret (Fist Weapon) (Obsidian) (Repairable) (Upgradeable)

Physical Attack: 200-200

Magical Attack: 200-200

+20 Strength

+20 Dexterity


[Haste] (Passive): Attack speed is increased by 30%

[Splash] (Passive): 20% of physical damage dealt to the target will hit the monsters surrounding it, up to a maximum of 65% of the original attack.

[Battle Fury] (Passive): Every 5% decrease in HP increases Battle Fury by 1 level, each level adds 1% attack.

[Insight] (Passive): 10% chance for critical attack.

Special Skills:

[Swallow] (Active): This equipment can merge with other equipments of the same grade, to repair itself and advance its grade.

[Fluidity] (Active): Switches to other forms of weapon as needed.

Currently unlocked forms:

1. Pole (Extra skill: Hinder)

2. Universe Sword (Extra skill: Quick Switch)

Job Requirement: Martial Artist

Level Requirement: 20

Simba had somehow managed to fuse Martial Artist's Regret and Universe Sword. Martial Artist's Regret had now unlocked the form of Universe Sword, it had even offsetted the weakness of Universe Sword.

Wang Yu now felt that the weapon was definitely worth 100 gold.

Just as Wang Yu was about to leave, a golden light surrounded him, and he reached Level 22 shortly.

<System notification: Congratulations, you have completed "A Passable Blacksmith". You have received 5 000 000 experience points, and the item "Simba's Forging Journal" as a reward."

"Simba's Forging Journal? What the hell is this?" Wang Yu fished out a dirty and thick journal from his bag and asked Simba.

As soon as Simba saw it, he shouted, "That's my journal, where did you find it?"

"Mission reward." Wang Yu replied.

"Give it to me!" Simba said with his hands sticking out.

Wang Yu quickly withdrew the journal and said, "This is my mission reward, why should I give it to you?"

Simba replied, "I'm the only one who could tell you how to use it."

<System notification: Do you return Simba's journal to him?

Wang Yu scratched his head and said, 'This journal isn't of much use to me, but could you tell me what's in it for me if I return it to you?"

"I'll teach you the greatest forgery techniques!" Simba exclaimed excitedly.

Wang Yu asked again, "Can you teach me first?" After Wang Yu had done a quest with both Spring Halo and Ming Du, he had learnt all about their cunning and lowly ways.

Simba tossed out a leather book impatiently. As Wang Yu grabbed the book, the journal in his hands went to Simba as well.

<Simba's Leather Blueprint

Rare item used for creating blueprints

Durability: 10/10

"Hey you're ripping me off, what happened to teaching me the greatest forgery techniques?" Wang Yu said unhappily.

Simba explained, "In the system's setting, if you return the journal to me, I'll teach you the Blueprint Creation. However, you insisted on cheating the system, so I could only follow the rules and give you this item."

"F*ck! That's allowed? Can I choose again?" Wang Yu asked regretfully. He tried to outsmart the system, only to fall in its trap. Now a permanent skill had turned into a skill with limited uses.

"No." Simba shook his head, then added, "Actually, items have their own advantages as well, you'll soon understand."