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Chapter 265: Player to Monster Ratio

Chapter 265: Player to Monster Ratio

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"Fine, I'll take the item…" Wang Yu was a traditional type of player, and placed little focus on secondary professions. He stuffed the blueprint into his bag and returned to the bar.

After everyone was done with their preparations, the 10 Quan Zhen Sect members came to Sanguine Alliance's meet-up location.

In online games, big guilds have strict disciplinary requirements. When it came to guild events like this, everyone would show up unless there were real life emergencies.

It was five minutes left to the meet-up timing, but the location was already filled with Sanguine Alliance's players.

Sanguine Alliance had a main guild and four subsidiary guilds, with a total of 2217 players. Apart from the ones with emergencies, an unbelievable 2194 players showed up. The Quan Zhen Sect players were amazed at how cohesive they were.

Quan Zhen Sect was a group that had no discipline. Apart from life-threatening situations, everyone slacked off as much as they could in guild quests. Wang Yu did not even know what were guild quests.

There were four phalanges, and Sanguine Warflag was speaking at the front with a serious face. They were using their own group chat in game, so speaking loudly was unnecessary. It helped to save loudhailers at the same time.

The Quan Zhen Sect group gang approached them carefreely even with the crowd gazing at them. They were talking to each other, and was completely undisciplined compared to the players of Sanguine Alliance.

They did not feel embarrassed from the crowd's gaze, and even waved their hands at the crowd shamelessly, as if they were the supreme leaders inspecting the army.

Sanguine Warflag hurried over to welcome them, "You've arrived."

"Yes!" Fearless nodded, then asked, "Are these your people?"

"Yes! The players from all five subsidiary guilds have mostly arrived." Sanguine Warflag replied.

Guild Headquarters Defence was similar to Guild Headquarters Conquest, both allowed the invitation of other guilds for help.

Today was the day that Sanguine Alliance had spent so much effort developing their guilds for.

Fearless glanced at the crowd, then said, "There are quite many people, but they are useless…"

The maps in game had an amplifying effect, although Fearless was not loud, there were many who heard him.

Most of these people did not know about Quan Zhen Sect, and they were pissed when they heard Fearless, "F*cking hell, where did this cocky pr*ck come from?" It was only expected of them to get angry, no one would be happy if they were looked down upon for no reason.

"What? You guys got something to say?" Fearless retaliated. He was known to be a trash-talker, seeing the crowd getting angry only made him satisfied rather than getting embarrassed.

"Who the f*ck are you calling useless?" Some irritable fellow shouted.

Fearless smiled and said, "No, I ain't talking about you. I am talking about all of you…". As he said that, he pointed at the whole crowd, even Sanguine Warflag was flustered from his mocking.

"F*ck, why did this bastard did a group taunt right from the start. Are you sure he's here to help, not to fool around?" The core members of Sanguine Alliance all knew Fearless and what he was capable of. They did not start cussing, but they were confused at Fearless' behaviour.

"Fearless, you shouldn't be doing this...Now everyone wants to slaughter you more than they want to complete the defence quest…" Sanguine Warflag said worryingly.

The quest had yet to begin, and Fearless was already spoiling the morale of the players. To make things worse, he would be the overall commander later. This would not end well.

Fearless smiled and said, "Don't worry, most of them won't get to enter the battlefield…"

"What?" Sanguine Warflag was dumbfounded. "What do you mean?" The basis of Sanguine Alliance's confidence in challenging the Guild Headquarters Defence Quest, was the 2000 players they had.

"Don't you know that the number of monster guards would increase as the number of players increases?" Fearless answered with a question.

"Is that so? I really have no idea…" Sanguine Warflag was puzzled.

There were not many Level 20 players yet, and the dungeon quests were newly released as well. Hence, the number of guilds with headquarters could be counted with two hands. It was reasonable that such strategies were only known by few players.

Traditionally, such quests relied on having more players. However, with such a setting in the system, more players would only create more chaos.

"What should we do now?" Sanguine Warflag asked Fearless.

As a guild with headquarters, Quan Zhen Sect had way more experience than Sanguine Alliance.

"Brother Spring!"

Fearless snapped his fingers, and Spring Halo stepped out. He took out a self-made map of advisory and said, "This is a map that I have drawn for Viper Valley. The mob guards for this time are likely to be the elite monsters from Hurricane Cavern. Fearless and I have discussed the attributes of the monsters. According to the size of Viper Valley, the perfect Player to Monster Ratio is about 800 players."

Quests that determined the number of monsters based on number of players were common in online games. Hence, while dealing with such quests, players would calculate the Player to Monster Ratio based on the size of the map and the players' attributes. This would help to maximise the usefulness of the players, and increase the efficiency in completing the quest.

However, "Player to Monster Ratio" was not something that anyone could calculate. It required extreme professionalism in a player. This was because the player had to be able to accurately determine the size of the maps, and at the same time, be completely aware of the attributes of all the jobs and monsters in game.

Sanguine Stormbringer was one of the players in Sanguine Alliance capable of such a feat. However, in terms of calculation, even experts like Fearless were considered amateurs as compared to Spring Halo, not to mention someone like Sanguine Stormbringer. Just by looking at the blueprint Spring Halo drew, one could tell how professional he was.

"800? Isn't that too little?" Sanguine Warflag felt unconfident upon hearing that over half of his guild members could not participate in the defence.

"It's not too little. If there are too many players, I won't be confident about the defence." Spring Halo replied solemnly.

"With so little players in the defence, I feel the same way too…" Sanguine Warflag thought to himself.

"What about the requirements for the participating players?" Sanguine Warflag asked.

Fearless replied, "There are no strict requirements, apart from having a minimum movement speed of 500. We need 240 archers, and the other jobs can be allocated evenly. No Pugilists are accepted."

The monsters in Hurricane Cavern were fast, hence the requirement for players' mobility. Furthermore, archers would be the biggest damage output against the flying serpents and Snake Queen Angela, so they needed more archers.

In a big scale battle like this where players were outnumbered, any advantage was needed. Thieves could still land sneak attacks, but Pugilists...it was best that they don't add to the mess.