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Chapter 266: Fearless’ Defence Strategy

Chapter 266: Fearless’ Defence Strategy

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There were over 2000 players in Sanguine Alliance, and most of them were among the best in Twilight City. It was not hard to find 800 players that fit the criteria.

Soon, 800 players with the strongest attributes were picked out. Since the rest could not do anything, they had no choice but to leave.

The 800 players were grouped up in phalanges according to their jobs.

Fearless nodded his head satisfyingly, and raised his voice, "Scrubs!"

'F*ck…" When he heard Fearless, Sanguine Warflag almost collapsed. Fearless totally ignored what he said and did a group taunt again.

Expectedly, everyone was angry after hearing Fearless. Some irritable players were already planning to throw Fearless toward the monsters later.

Fearless laughed and said, "I know you guys don't like me. But I am the commander in charge that was hired by your boss with a hefty sum of money. There's nothing you can do against me."

'F*ck F*ck F*ck!" The group chat for Sanguine Alliance almost exploded. Everyone was asking in the chat, "Boss, is that pr*ck saying the truth?"

"Erm...it's true…" Sanguine Warflag wiped his sweat nervously. Fearless was playing with fire! His words did get everyone in high-spirits, but at the wrong target.

"I'm gonna f*ck him up…"

"Me too, me too!" Everyone followed suit.

Seeing how agitated everyone was, Fearless continued, "I know you guys want to kill me, but it's useless. It won't change the fact that you guys are scrubs."

"F*ck!!" The crowd went wild again.

"Alright stay cool, I will keep calling you as scrubs, unless…"

"Unless what?!" Everyone asked in unison. They were the elites among the 2000 players. None of them wanted to be called a scrub.

"Unless you guys can defend your headquarter. I won't be surprised if scrubs like you guys fail to defend your headquarter. It would have nothing to do with me anyway. Since I've already accepted the payment, I won't refund it…" Fearless kept bragging, and even continued taunting the crowd.

Everyone roared with anger, "F*ck you! We'll show you how it's done!"

Seeing everyone's reaction, Sanguine Warflag finally understood that Fearless was taunting the crowd to get them motivated.

Hot bloodedness was contagious. Simple taunting techniques like this would not work against one individual, but it would be highly effective against a whole group of people.

As such, the Sanguine Alliance crowd seemed to be on steroids now, their morale could not be higher. There was no doubt that Fearless' method worked.

After achieving the anticipated effect, Fearless smiled at Sanguine Warflag and said, "Alright, we can accept the quest now!"

Sanguine Warflag was genuinely impressed, "Fearless, with you around, I feel like we'll succeed for sure." As he spoke, Sanguine Warflag added the Quan Zhen Sect squad into the group, and passed over the command to Fearless.

After accepting the quest from the Lord's Mansion, the group of over 800 proceeded to the Viper Valley.

As soon as the quest was accepted, the monsters in Viper Valley were realigned. It was just like when Quan Zhen Sect did its headquarters defence quest, At this moment, tens of thousands of snakes were clustered together on the ground, awaiting the start of the quest.

Humans were afraid of cold blooded animals like snakes in their nature. Although these snakes were nothing but data in the game, they were enough to strike a nerve in all the players.

Fearless had probably expected this, so he decided to taunt the crowd beforehand to get their morales high.

However, the Sanguine Alliance players' fear was replaced by their resentment towards Fearless, when they saw him sneering at them. If they displayed anymore weaknesses, they would be treated worse than scrubs.

Sanguine Warflag was amazed by Fearless' mind games again when he saw his men remaining calm against the thousands of snakes.

Viper Valley was much wider than Dawn Canyon, and it was basically shaped like a square. There were no curves at the side, so they could not outsmart the system like what Quan Zhen Sect did.

Quan Zhen Sect led the crowd to the centre area of the valley.

After comparing the valley to the map that Spring Halo drew, Fearless pointed towards a flat ground in the centre and said, "You can build the headquarter here!"

"Here? Won't that be hard to guard…" Sanguine Warflag was the master of a big guild. With his experience in gaming, he knew that it would be better to build the headquarter at an advantageous position in the landscape.

If he was listen to Fearless and build the headquarter there, the whole guild would be isolated, increasing the difficulty of the defence quest by several folds.

Fearless responded condescendingly, "Do you know how many monsters are there?"

"How many?"

"At least 32 000, along with 4 bosses. It's a wide area here, if you build the headquarter at an advantageous position, we will face more enemies head on. Are you confident in facing over 30 000 monsters head on?

"No…" Sanguine Warflag shook his head. 800 against 32 000 was too great a disparity. They could not fight head on.

"Hence, we've to separate the monsters before fighting them. With the headquarter here, we could at least divide the monsters into four groups, that would lower the stress on the 800 of us." Fearless pointed at the map and explained fluently.

Upon hearing, Wang Yu asked in their own guild chat channel, "Really? I don't feel like there's much difference between facing three groups and facing four groups…"

Wang Yu always loved to crush his enemies with absolute strength, so he was simple minded and violent. These strategies meant nothing to him.

Ming Du laughed and said, "Don't listen to Fearless' bullshit. He did that on purpose. If we attack Sanguine Alliance in the future, their headquarter would be in an easy position for us to strike."

Despite how cunning Ming Du was, there was logic to his words.

Spring Halo also chimed in, "Nope, under such circumstances, a four-sided defence is definitely easier than a three-sided one!"

"Brother Spring sure loves to bullshit. Viper Valley is restricted in terms of its landscape. In a four-sided defence, the monsters would be coming for us in 360 degrees. However, with a three-sided defence, the monsters could only come for us in 180 degrees. With half the contact area, three-sided defence is definitely easier to pull off."

Spring Halo patted Vainglory on his head and laughed, "Hehe, not bad! The Little Chicky has grown up, but it's not enough!"

Frostblade smiled and added, "Hmm, I seem to understand now. Fearless is trying to trick the monsters into forming the Snake Formation."

Fearless was pleased, he nodded his head at Frost Blade and said, "Frost Blade, as compared to those idiots over there, I respect you the most in Quan Zhen Sect!"

"F*ck you!!!" The others swang their fists in frustration, knowing that they were looked down upon.