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Chapter 268: Disposition of Quan Zhen Sect Members

Chapter 268: Disposition of Quan Zhen Sect Members

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As soon as Sanguine Warflag built the guild headquarters in the centre of Viper Valley, the snakes started surrounding the headquarters.

<System Notification: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…..Defence Commencing!

As the system's countdown ended, four golden beams appeared in the four general directions outside the headquarter.

The four bosses had appeared amongst the monsters.

The reason Viper Valley was harder to defend than Dawn Canyon was mainly due to the four bosses.

It was important to take advantage of the landscape. However, if there were four bosses at Dawn Canyon back then, Quan Zhen Sect could not have defended their headquarter with eight men, despite Fearless' ingenuity.

The Quan Zhen Sect members all stood on the observatory tower, so they could see the bosses clearly.

The boss at the main gate of the headquarters was Snake Queen Angela. She was one grade higher due to the defence quest. She was even sexier than when she was in the gloomy cave.

<Snake Queen, Angela (LV40) (Obsidian Boss) (Elite)

HP: 800 000

MP: 500 000

Skills: [Bone Eroding Mist], [Nightmare's Kiss], [Death Gaze], [Protection of the Stone Forest], [Ruler of Snakes], [Serpents' Dance (Buff)]

Status: [Magical Scale] - Immune to magical attacks and bladeless weapons.

Angela was chanting something wither her arms in the air. Although the players did not understand she was saying, they knew that she was buffing the minions.

The boss on the left of the headquarter was someone they were familiar with as well.

<Viper General, Jack (Lv40) (Obsidian Boss)

HP: 1 000 000

MP: 5000

Skills: [Triple Strike], [Sweeping Blow], [Sudden Attack], [Nether Serpent State], [Serpents' Dance (Buff)]

As a warrior type boss, Viper General only had his stats increased. His skills were the same apart from the special buff present in all defence quests.

The boss on the right was Fantasy Serpent.

It did not change much as well, apart from having a higher grade and the new buff. Its stats were still crap, and its skills were still overpowered. In short, its purpose was to screw things up.

The boss that Fearless paid most attention to, was the boss at the back, the Hidden One.

<Hidden One, Kandan (Lv40) (Gold Boss) (Elite)

HP: 300 000

MP: 20 000

Skills: [Killer's Instinct], [Corrosive Poison], [Invisibility], [Poison Fang], [Serpents' Dance (Buff)]

The Hidden One was a half-man monster like Viper General. It was an assassin type boss, and an elite monster as well, making it a formidable foe.

Serpent's Dance was a system buff just like Wharton's buff back then, it raised attributes by 200%. Given how despicable the system was, it was likely that if the bosses grouped up, the buffs would stack up.

Sanguine Warflag was relieved. Luckily, he listened to Fearless and chose to defend from four sides. If any of these two bosses had grouped up, the monsters' attributes would increase by 400%.

Due to the regionality of the guild token, the monsters here were at the same level as monsters in hell mode dungeon quests. If their attributes were increased by 400%, in addition to their level difference from the players, there would be severe consequences.

After the bosses had appeared, Fearless gave out his command in the guild chat.

"Clear Snow, you'll stall Viper General with Ming Du. It can activate invincibility to save itself, but there's a weak spot on its back." Fearless pointed at Viper General and said.

Viper General had high attack and speed, but its physical defence was just average, and its magical defence was worse. Beating it required jobs with high avoidability and attack.

Yang Nuo's skill in evasion was well known, not to mention archers had a passive ability that allowed them to pierce through armor, making them a solid counter to monsters like Viper General.

As for Ming Du, his damage could almost match up to Wang Yu. Furthermore, he had two powerful evasion skills, [Teleport] and [Protective Switch]. The two of them were the perfect combo needed to beat Viper General.

There was only one girl in Quan Zhen Sect's battle team, so everyone wanted to be grouped up with Yang Nuo. When Ming Du saw that Fearless assigned Yang Nuo with him, he was almost speechless, "Fearless, you really are my brother!"

"Shut up, just treat me to a drink!" Fearless rolled his eyes at Ming Du, then said, "Crotch Lord, you and I will stall Fantasy Serpent!'

Fantasy Serpent had trashy attributes, but its metamorphosis skill was overpowered.

If it was in Hurricane Cavern, they could leave it alone. However, in defence quests, the boss would not back down voluntarily. Hence, common strategies would not work against it.

Luckily, thanks to inspirations from Wang Yu, Fearless knew that as long as if they could react fast enough, even the upgraded Fantasy Serpent could be beaten easily. Fearless was going to return the favour for kicking his ass the last time.

Fearless was a Priest with poor attack skills. It would be difficult for him to solo Fantasy Serpent, so he brought Crotch Lord along.

Crotch Lord was a tank that had as much HP as Fantasy Serpent. Furthermore, he could switch between his weapons freely during a fight, proving that he had fantastic reaction time. Even if they failed on the first try, Fearless could guarantee Crotch Lord's survival.

"Ok! You'll command later." Crotch Lord nodded. He was confident in Fearless.

"Brother Spring, the Hidden One is a new boss, so there's no strategy for defeating it yet. But I could tell it's a tough one from its skills. It would be safer if the five of you stall it together." Fearless said as he pointed at Boson, Vainglory, and the two assassins, Frost Blade and Darknorth Fisher.

Hidden One was an assassin type boss with invisibility skill. In such a big map, it would be hard to kill him without crowd control skills.

Spring Halo could both tank and crowd control, while the four others could deal a deadly amount of damage. Together with Spring Halo's devils, containing the Hidden One in a small range was manageable.

Spring Halo laughed, "Don't worry, I'm good at dealing with monsters that know invisibility!"

Now the only one left was Wang Yu, and boss Angela.

"Iron Bull, can you stall Angela alone?" Fearless asked.

Angela's attributes were improved after she was upgraded to obsidian grade. But Fearless was confident in Wang Yu. Afterall, Wang Yu beat the hell out of Angela in the dungeon quest previously. That was an unforgettable sight for most people.

Wang Yu changed his fist weapon into the form of Universe Blade, and replied eagerly, "Of course…"

Wang Yu had just upgraded his weapon and was desperate to test it out. Angela was already dead in his mind.