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Chapter 270: Individual Breakthroughs

Chapter 270: Individual Breakthroughs

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In terms of equipment and mechanics, all the members of the Quan Zhen Sect were among the best in <<REBIRTH. With the assistance of the Archers from the Sanguine alliance, the normal minions could not break their sweat.

Amidst the battle, Wang Yu was naturally the first to separate the boss from the minions.

Pugilists were naturally more agile to begin with. Furthermore, Wang Yu's strength was extraordinary. Since he was fighting alone, he did not even have to look out for someone else.

With a sweep of his pole, Wang Yu leapt his way into the thick of battle. Without missing a beat, he transformed his pole into a universe sword and slashed down at Snake Queen Angela's head. With a pained screech, Angela grit her teeth and released a cloud of poison in Wang Yu's direction.

When Wang Yu saw this, he unhurriedly swung his universe sword to the side and used the momentum to drag his body out of the poison fog's area before it even touched him.

In this game, hitting a female monster in the face was guaranteed to attract all of its aggro.

The most unique point of an Independent Mode boss was that it could choose it's target freely. Since Wang Yu was the only one in front of her, Angela didn't have any choice but to charge towards Wang Yu…

Wang Yu leapt up and then activated [Crushing Blow] to break free from the army of monsters around him with Angela in hot pursuit. The moment that she left the vicinity of her minions, the green aura around their bodies began to dissipate. By the time they reached the Quan Zhen Sect players, their buff was already completely gone.

Upon the first clash between the Sanguine Alliance players and the monsters, they came to understand how truly terrifying Fearless' formation was.

With all the other players hiding behind the tanks, the Knights could easily fit their spears in between the shields of the Guardians. Such a formation featured both offense and defense was akin to having a miniature fortress right in front of the DPS players!

Compared to their usual battle formation, the one that Fearless had gifted them allowed each and every player to have the monsters inside their attack range! Each job had their on duties to fulfill an greatly boosted the strengths of each one.

Having lost their buff, the monsters' power was cut in half. The eight hundred players from the Sanguine Alliance were the cream of the crop in their guild. Although they weren't all top experts, they were still considered elites. With Fearless' formation, they were able to easily clear out all the monsters in their way.

The next team in charge of pulling the other boss was Spring Halo's group.

Spring Halo's squad was the largest out of all the small detachments since it included five members of the Quan Zhen Sect.

With the attributes from the armour that Wang Yu had crafted him, Boson's defensive attributes were already almost on par with Crotch Lord's!

Most importantly, the armour set had a passive with a restraining effect on best type monsters!

Even though Angela might have been much higher level than Boson, [Dragon Aura] would lower her attack and defenses by 30%! Such a reduction exceeded everyone's wildest expectations.

As a casher, Frost Blade was decked out from head to toe in the best equipment money could buy so his burst damage was only slightly lower than even Wang Yu and Ming Du's.

With his martial arts background and Wang Yu's regular guidance, Vainglory was only behind Wang Yu and Yang Nuo in an actual fight.

Although Darknorth Fisher was currently the lowest level player in the Quan Zhen Sect, he was still the greatest mercenary there was. Regardless of whether it was PVP or PVE, his skills were definitely top tier. With his recent gains, although Darknorth Fisher still wasn't on the level of the others in the Quan Zhen Sect, he was still stronger than most players.

With a light nod from Spring Halo, Boson activated [Tornado Slash] and cleared a path into the army of monsters in front of them.

When Kandan saw that his minions were being attacked he angrily leapt into action.

When Spring Halo saw that Kandan had used his own stealth, he immediately transformed into a black fog and covered the entire area. Meanwhile, Vainglory ran in front of Boson while Frost Blade and Darknorth Fisher used [Stealth].

Since Darknorth Fisher was still at a low level, he was easily discovered by Kandan.

However, right as Kandan was about to strike Darknorth Fisher, First Blade suddenly appeared behind him and stunned him with a skill before using his own combo and depleting a tenth of Kandan's health.

While Kandan was still stunned, Boson seized the opportunity and knocked him back half a meter and into Vainglory's grasp.

In response, Vainglory thrust out his right hand and viciously clamped down on Kandan's head.

Vainglory knew that he wouldn't be have been able to replicate what Wang Yu had done and threw a boss one handed. Instead, he chose to use [Savage Maul] to grab Kandan's head and then drag him back another half a meter and into the middle of Spring Halo's demons…

When they saw this scene, the Sanguine Alliance players were all dumbstruck.

There were only a few members of the Quan Zhen Sect and they rarely displayed their full capabilities in public. The fact that they could toy with a boss as though he was a beach ball was beyond god-like in so many way…

However, since Kandan was an Independent Mode boss, he naturally wouldn't only aim at Vainglory since he had five targets right in front of him. The moment he recovered, he immediately turned around and tried to escape from Spring Halo's formation.

Since they had expanded such a great deal of effort to ensnare him, how could Spring Halo just let him go? When Vainglory had first caught Kandan, Spring Halo had already cast [Distortion] in preparation. Before he even turned around, Kandan had already fallen into Spring Halo's trap.

With another wave of his staff, the six demons surged forward and surrounded Kandan. With Kandan trapped, the buff on his minions slowly began to fade away as well…

On the right battlefield, it was much easier for them to deal with the incoming monsters. After all, the boss leading them was merely a normal one.

The moment they pulled Jack's aggro, he stuck on to that player like glue.

Since Ming Du's dexterity was low, he naturally wouldn't dare to stand at the front and cast his spells so he had been hiding at the back the whole time.

Yang Nuo on the other hand was constantly dodging the attacks of the various monsters while advancing forwards. The moment Yang Nuo fired an arrow at Jack's eye, Ming Du used [Protective Switch] to swap places with her. After roaring in pain, Viper General Jack charged straight towards Yang Nuo.

Yang Nuo continuously kited Jack as she rained her attacks down on him. After a few moments, Jack had travelled too far from his minions causing their buffs to dissipate as well. With the fall in their attributes, Ming Du wildly cackled as he used [Flaming Barrage] right in the middle of the army.

Since they only had around 10000 health to begin with, a few spells from Ming Du were more than enough to decimate a hole in their formation.

At the same time, outside the guild headquarters, two beams of golden light spawned.

<System Notification: Boss Fantasy Serpent has been slain!