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Chapter 271: Honoured Experience Points

Chapter 271: Honoured Experience Points

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"Wait what the f**k just happened???" When the Sanguine Alliance players received the news they all went slack jawed and nearly cast spells on their allies by accident.

Fearless and Crotch Lord didn't have much offensive capabilities so their purpose was merely to stall the boss. The damage was mainly from the Archers from the Sanguine Alliance.

From the start of the fight until now it had only been a few minutes and some monsters hadn't even started attacking! Yet in such a short span of time they managed to kill a boss? Was this a bug?

Even the members of the Quan Zhen Sect were shocked by this. Did Fearless somehow taunt the boss into suicide?

"Hey Fearless, did you so something so vulgar that the boss was frightened into suicide?" Ming Du sent in the guild chat.

"Ha ha ha!" Fearless laughed without replying and taunted: "Heh you useless trash! I guess you can't even compare to us supports in attack~"

"F**k your mother! You definitely used a bug or something to kill the boss! The boss only had 5000 health so why're you so proud?" All the members of the Quan Zhen Sect were top experts. The only person they'd willing admit losing to was Wang Yu.

No matter how skilled a Priest and Guardian were, the speed at which these two supports could kill a boss was definitely beyond pathetic. The fact that the two of them had been the first to kill a boss was a disgrace for the rest.

"He he he… Don't be jealous little bois!" Fearless chortled.

Seeing that Fearless was getting a little to cocky, Wang Yu sent: "I think that's enough… Don't forget I came up with the method to defeat it. Do you really think that the others don't know?"

"Are you serious?" the others gasped. What kind of special strategy was this that allowed them to kill a boss in a few minutes? If Wang Yu was involved, this strategy might even include some kind of secret martial art!

"He he he… The boss did actually commit suicide!" Fearless burst into laughter.

"F**k me… So it was true..."


As he struggled to contain his laughter, Fearless began to explain to the others how he had actually managed to kill the Fantasy Serpent.

"This kind of nonsense really works????"

"Hahaha! The boss isn't even that important! What is important is the experience!" Crotch Lord laughed.

"Experience? What experience?" The others asked in unison.

"Have you seen our levels?" Fearless replied.

"Levels?" When they heard this the others hurriedly opened their guild list and realised that both Fearless and Crotch Lord had risen to level 24…

"Wait when did this happen? Did the two of you hack or something???"

Although there were many different districts in the game, they were all within the same world. Even if the developers decided to add more in the future, they wouldn't be independent of the existing ones.

To prevent too large a disparity between the level of the players, the levelling rate in the game was purposely programmed to be very slow.

After level 20, the experience players needed to level up would increase exponentially. If players needed a few tens of thousands of experience to level up before level 20, they would need several million at the very least once they passed that threshold.

The fastest way for players to gain experience would be to clear dungeons. However, even if a player cleared a Hell Tier dungeon at 100% perfection, they would be able to gain at most 2 million experience points. No matter how fast someone cleared a dungeon or grinded, even levelling up once a day was tough…

Although the Fantasy Serpent was a Gold Grade boss, it was still only level 35. By all means, it should have only given them roughly two hundred thousand experience points. Yet the two of them had somehow gained 3 levels from slaying it!

"What useless hack are you talking about? We're helping others defend their guild headquarters! Anything we kill grants us bonus honoured experience points!" Fearless sneered.

"Honoured experience points? So that explains it..." Although this was a foreign term to them, it wasn't difficult for this group of experts to decipher it's meaning.

During a headquarters defense quest, players would get experience and contribution points everytime they killed a monster. After the quest ended, rewards would be distributed based on the number of points a player had accumulated.

Since the Quan Zhen Sect had already experienced this before, they were clearer than anyone else.

This time however, the Quan Zhen Sect were merely here to assist the Sanguine Alliance and weren't actually part of it. Hence, they didn't get any contribution points when they killed a monster.

In return, they would receive honoured experience points. 1 contribution point was equivalent to 10 thousand honoured contribution points!

Hence, as long as they killed a monster, they would receive an obscene amount of experience points.

Since the Fantasy Serpent was a boss, killing it awarded Fearless and Crotch Lord obtained ten million honoured experience points and shot up in level.

Since the two of them didn't do much damage, they knew that aside from the Fantasy Serpent there was no way for them to contribute much for any other boss.

Without the buff from the boss, the strength of the monsters the Sanguine Alliance were facing was greatly reduced.

After clearing the first wave of monsters, the Sanguine Alliance players got hooked on the feeling. The experience gained from killing monsters above their level range was already invigorating. With the added enticement from the contribution points, the struggle to land the killing blow became more and more intense.

The hoards of monsters fell one after another and became nothing more than contribution points for these players. Watching this scene, Sanguine Warflag was extremely pleased.

From the looks of things, their success was practically assured at this point. The 6000 gold he had spent was not for nothing!

As time ticked away, another system notification was released.

<System Notification: Viper General, Jack has been slain. Damage of all monsters increased by 30%. All attacks have 10% chance to deal critical damage.