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Chapter 275: Screwing Angela

Chapter 275: Screwing Angela

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"Eh? You managed to damage her!" Wang Yu was surprised, "What skill did you use?"

"I didn't use any skill...it's just a random attack...Ah…" Angela's attack almost destroyed Yang Nuo while she was replying.

"Come to me…" Wang Yu shouted.

Yang Nuo had understood the power of Angela and dared not fool around anymore. She quickly went to Wang Yu.

After Yang Nuo was with Wang Yu, Angela started twisting her head again, but somehow she could not use [Toxic Breath] and [Death Ray] anymore.

"That's weird, why did she stop using her skills?" Yang Nuo asked curiously.

Wang Yu was dodging around and pointed to Angela's head, "We are below her head, its the blind spot for her skills."

"Blind spot…?"

"Yeap, she can only cast her skills forward, not downward." Wang Yu explained.

"I know that, but since you mentioned 'blindspot', I suddenly realized that my arrow hit Angela's eye."

"Eye?" Wang Yu had a sudden revelation.

[Ruler's Scales] was a status that provided invincibility, if that was the case, it should mean that the areas not covered by scales had no invincibility.

F*ck, the system's play of words almost had them.

Wang Yu stopped his thoughts and said, "Keep shooting her eyes."

"Erm...that's a blind spot for me." Yang Nuo replied.

The two of them were below Angela's head, there was no way Yang Nuo could hit Angela's eyes from that angle.

Furthermore, Angela's eyelashes were protected by scales. After the previous attack, she should be extra protective of her eyes now. Not to mention the eyes were too small a target to hit accurately.

"Hmm, that should be somewhere else that isn't protected by scales…"

Wang Yu paused briefly and continued, "Angela's a female snake, do you reckon that behind her ass…"

"F*ck you!" Wang Yu had yet to finish before Yang Nuo shot an arrow at him.

Wang Yu was less than two meters away from Yang Nuo and all his concentration was used to dodge Angela's attack. He ended up getting hit on his teeth by the arrow that she suddenly fired.

"What the f*ck are you trying to do?" Wang Yu asked in surprise.

"Hmm, if you dare to talk dirty to me again, I would aim somewhere worse!"

"Erm…" Wang Yu sweat nervously, he did not mean to talk dirty to her. But Yang Nuo's action gave him an idea.

"Can you hit Angela in the mouth?" Wang Yu asked.

"I can do it, but we'll have to wait for her to open her mouth." Yang Nuo glanced at Angela's big mouth, "But that seems quite troublesome...."

Angela only opened her mouth in two scenarios, when she uses [Toxic Fang] or [Toxic Breath].

Since the two of them were in Angela's blindspot, she could not use her skills on them. To trick Angela into using her skills, they must get into Angela's attacking range for her skills.

[Toxic Fang] was a physical skill that they could dodge with their movements, but [Toxic Breath] was not.

[Toxic Breath]'s effective range was eight meter, and Angela would cast [Death Ray] afterwards. Had it not been his [Spirit Guard], Wang Yu would have been dead by now.

Evading her skills a few times was fine, but Angela had over 200 000 HP left. Wang Yu's skill cooldowns would not be able to keep up.

Wang Yu was only Level 22 afterall, there was no way he could be stronger than the Level 40 boss created by the system.

"I have an idea, but I am not certain of it…" Wang Yu mumbled

"Let's just try it, we can't keep going like this anyway." Yang Nuo replied.

"Alright, wait for me." Wang Yu nodded his head. He took out a broken sword from his bad and threw it out with all his strength.

Angela was frustrated that she could not see the two of them, so she opened her mouth to launch her poison mist as soon as she saw something flying towards her.

Wang Yu was glad to see that Angela's opened her mouth. Using his pole as an assist, he flew up right in front of Angela's head.

Angela saw Wang Yu and was about to bite him right away. At that moment, Wang Yu leaped into her mouth and pulled out a huge two-handed sword, and stuck it in Angela's mouth.

Luckily it was in game, there was no way Wang Yu could hide that big sword in his pockets in real life.


Angela's mouth was now stuck open by the sword.

"F*ck!" Yang Nuo cried out in shock.

No wonder Wang Yu was hesitating, this was such a dirty idea. Luckily, it worked.


With her jaws locked open, Angela was in extreme discomfort. She started roaring and twisting her head, even using [Death Ray] at the same time.

Angela was obviously furious, but there was no way her [Death Ray] could hit Wang Yu, with him in her mouth.

While in her mouth, Wang Yu changed his weapon into the form of Universe Blade, and started attacking Angela's tongue.

Each of his attacks was dealing over 10 000 damage.

It appeared that Angela's mouth was the key to beating her after all.

After a dozen attacks, Wang Yu knew that Angela's skill was ready to be casted again, he quickly rolled of her mouth.

Wang Yu then pointed to Angela's mouth and said, "It's your turn!" Yang Nuo looked at him in disgust.