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Chapter 276: Rest in Peace, Angela

Chapter 276: Rest in Peace, Angela

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In her python form, Angela's head was as big as a car. Her mouth alone was almost two meters long.

With the sword in her mouth, it was like a car with its hood opened. It was an easy target.

Yang Nuo was right below Angela, she could hit Angela's mouth even if she was blind.

Yang Nuo's Sacred Devil's Bow had four properties. [Dragon's Aura] had a suppressive effect on beast monsters. [Dragon Strike] had a 30% chance of crippling enemies. [Dragon's Burn] produces burn damage. [Purity] dealt additional damage to dark type enemies.

All four properties were potent to Angela, in addition 300% damage on her mouth as it was her weak spot.

Each of Yang Nuo's arrow dealt about 3500 worth of damage.

Yang Nuo's damage was not high compared to Wang Yu, but as an archer, she relied on speed. Her attacks came out one after another at an extreme pace. Wang Yu also took his gun out and fired it once in a while. Not too long later, Angela was dead and dropped lots of items.

Wang Yu and Yang Nuo was covered in golden light.

As the main boss in the quest, Angela had higher grade, and gave out more than twice the contribution points than the other bosses, at about 5000 points.

After converting to honored experience points, Wang Yu and Yang Nuo received about 25 million points each, Wang Yu leveled up to 26 in a single shot.

Yang Nuo even reached level 27 in such a short duration.

The Level Ranking of players was updated immediately. Currently, the top players were only about level 20. Wang Yu was leading everyone at level 22.

While everyone was still stunned by the bunch of level 24 players that appeared, Wang Yu and Yang Nuo's new level left them dumbfounded.

"What the f*ck, is this system error?" Wasn't master Iron Bull level 22? How did he become level 26?"

"That's nothing. Yang Nuo jumped twice, from level 20 to 22, then from 22 to 27. Leveling up seven times in less than an hour, it must have been exploiting a system bug!"

"F*ck, you can do that? I am going to report her!"

The jump in levels of the Quan Zhen Sect members caused an uproar among the players, and they ended up getting mass reported..Eventually, the system GM was notified.

"7 levels in one go? How's that possible?" The system administrators quickly informed the surveillance team when they received the players' reports.

"What the f*ck? 7 Levels? Lock on to those people now!" The surveillance team panicked and started acting immediately.

"I think its Quan Zhen Sect." The administrator that was in charge of bug collection said.

Quan Zhen Sect was always on the news, so even the administrators in the surveillance team knew them well.

"Quan Zhen Sect! Is it Iron Bull again?" The team leader asked.

"Its him...and another archer. They killed Ruler of Snakes, Angela, during headquarters defence quest…" The team was efficient in finding out what happened.

"Ruler of Snakes, Angela? Isn't that the Level 40 obsidian grade boss in independance mode? I thought Wang Yu was only about level 20?"

"Yes, this is the surveillance footage." The administrators started playing the footage of Wang Yu and Yang Nuo killing Angela.

The team leader was getting increasingly frustrated when he saw the two of them dodgin Angela's attack. He almost collapsed when he saw Wang Yu had stuck the sword in Angela's mouth.

"F*ck, this guy's like the terminator for our bosses!"

"You are damn right...Remember Blood Dragon God? He was the guy who beat it, it was even more exciting then…" The administrator said emotionally.

"Sigh...I just hope that thing doesn't end up in his hands, or else there would be big problems…" The team leader's face was black.

There were tiers among the guild tokens as well. Dawn Canyon was a map for beginners' guilds, suited for players about level 20.

Viper Valley was a difficult defence quests meant for big guilds to do rank up quests, no one expected there would be players crazy enough to attempt it. Now that the overpowered boss Angela was defeated, the defence quest could be considered done. There were some extraordinary players indeed.

Angela was an obsidian grade boss after all, she dropped quite a few great loots.

Despair's Sting (Fist weapon) (Legendary) (⅛)...

"Uncles Bull, save that for me…" Vainglory was overjoyed when he saw that weapon fragment.

"I know." Wang Yu gave that fragment to Vainglory, and continued looking at the second equipment.

<Angela's Sacrificial Staff (Staff) (Obsidian)

Physical Attack: 15-52

Magical Attack 92-145

+16 Intelligence

+16 Spirit


[Sacrifice] (Passive) - Increases effect of skills by 30%

[Natural Reverence] (Passive) - Increase skill casting speed by 30%

[Source of Life] (Active) - Absorb target's HP (Magical damage x 170%), convert 35% to self HP.

[Source of Creation] (Active) - While active, convert 3% of maximum MP into additional skill damage. 1 damage is absorbed for every 2 MP. Status: Skill Inactive

Job Requirement: Priest, Magician

Level Requirement: 25

Equipment Descriptionl: Originally the Great Shaman Angela's weapon. After Angela's race was cursed, Angela lost her control over the power of nature.

"What a overpowered staff!" Yang Nuo exclaimed in awe.

Increase in effect and casting speed of skills were properties that all magicians dreamt of having. However, these two properties were trash compared to the last skill of the staff.

A normal magician or priest had more than 3000 MP nowadays, 3% of that would be almost equivalent to another 100 magical attack damage. That was like equipping another top tier equipment.

The absorption was even more overpowered. It meant that just by equipping the staff, the player would 'gain' 1500 HP. Even the tanks only had about 3000 HP at that point in time. For a magician to have so much HP was game-changing.

Even the others in Quan Zhen Sect were envious as well, not to mention the Sanguine Alliance players. It was too bad that they could not have it.