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Chapter 277: Book of Sealing

Chapter 277: Book of Sealing

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"It's an unique equipment!" Fearless was surprised.

In <<REBIRTH, every dungeon quest had an unique weapon. These weapons were much stronger than other weapons of the same grade, so they were called pseudo-ancients.

That was because the unique weapons were one of a kind, just like ancient and legendary weapons.

The only difference was that unique weapons could only be obtained in dungeon quests, while ancient or legendary weapons were mostly chain quest rewards.

Of course, unique weapon were not easier to obtain. The Quan Zhen Sect knew that beating hell mode dungeon quests was one of the ways to get them.

Previously, after beating hell mode Blood-Soaked Church, Ming Du obtained the level 20 Nebulous Sphere, which was an unique equipment.

"Brother Spring, shall we decide by rolling the dice?" Fearless asked in the guild chat channel.

Fearless was a support, so he did not require great equipments. Usually, he would let the others have the top tier equipments dropped. But this time Fearless seemed to be interested in the equipment, and even asked to roll the dice.

"Why am I not included?" Ming Du cried, "I can use that staff too…"

Fearless shot him a glance and replied, 'Give me your Nebulous Sphere and I'll let you roll!" It was too much for Ming Du to ask for the staff when he was the only one with an unique equipment.

"Nevermind, you two can have it…" Ming Du was only joking. The staff was not as good as his Nebulous Sphere for him.

Spring Halo waved and said, "You can take it, the staff doesn't suit me…"

"Thanks a bunch then brother Spring!" Fearless was gratuitous.

Wang Yu then passed the staff to Fearless, and continued picking up the loots.

There was a material called "Toxic Tooth Gland" for making "Angela's Venom", only Spring Halo could use it.

The rest were all equipments.

<Ruler's Scale (Heavy Armor) (Gold)

Physical Defence: 56-80

Magic Resistance: 56-80

+200 HP

+20 Strength


[Ruler's Scale] (Passive) - Areas protected by the armor will receive 30% reduction in damage.

[Deity's Curse] (Passive) - Decreases speed of enemies by 30% within 100 range of user.

[Cage of Containment] (Active) - Builds a cage that restricts a single target's movement for 2.5 seconds.

Job Requirement: Warriors, Knights

Level Requirement: 40

<Rattan Longbow (Longbow) (Gold)

Physical Attack: 36-110

Magical Attack: 15-34

+17 Dexterity

+11 Strength


[Precision] (Passive) - Apply sure hit to 40% of normal attacks.

[Poison] (Passive) - Causes poison damage to target, -50HP every second

[Shadow Serpent] (Active) - Transforms arrow into venomous snakes to attack enemies, causing extra magical damage. Cost: 120MP. CD: 60 seconds

Job Requirement: Bowman, Thief

Level Requirement: 40

Level Requirement: 40

<Demonic Serpent's Teeth (Necklace) (Silver)

Physical Attack: 27-27

Magical Attack: 20-20


[Poisonous Corrosion] (Passive) - Normal attacks will decrease target's defence.

[Demonic Serpent's Voice] (Active) - Silences target for 1.5 seconds

Job Requirement: Magician, Priest

Level Requirement: 30

These equipments seemed pale in comparison to the Sacrificial Staff, and they at least required level 30 to use, so the Quan Zhen Sect members had no use for them.

"Sanguine, do you need these equipments?" Fearless asked Sanguine Warflag before Wang Yu even distributed them.

Quan Zhen Sect had seen too many top tier equipments, and were not interested in the loots. However, for the Sanguine Alliance members who were mostly using silver equipments, gold equipments were rare and few.

"How much?" Sanguine Warflag had knew Fearless long enough to know that Fearless never did anything for free.

"100 gold and you can have them all!" Fearless said monotonously. These equipments did not worth much anyway, 100 gold was a good price.

"Ok, deal!" Sanguine Warflag accepted the offer generously.

After this headquarters defence quest experience, Sanguine Warflag had completely emptied his mind of ideas to go against Quan Zhen Sect. He decided to get on good terms with Quan Zhen Sect, and spending 100 gold to do so was worth it.

"Such generosity!" Fearless laughed, "I'll keep the equipments first, and deliver them to you after the quest is over."

"Ok" Sanguine Warflag replied.

The last item was a book, not a rare skill book, but more like a dictionary.

The book looked heavy, and golden runes were carved all over its solid black cover. It looked more like an equipment than an item.

<Book of Sealing

Job requirement: Magician

The item only had a short description, and that further confused Wang Yu and Yang Nuo, so Wang Yu did not let Fearless sell the book.

After playing the game for so long, Wang Yu knew that an item lacking in description is either treasure or trash, it was better to keep such items for themselves than to sell it.

"This thing's for magicians...brother Spring, you can take it…" Wang Yu passed the book to Spring Halo.

With a black flash, the book appeared in Spring Halo's hands.

"Eh? This book…" Spring Halo looked astonished when he received the book.

"What's wrong?" Ming Du squinted his eyes and asked, "Could this book be an erotica?"

"F*ck off!" Spring Halo shot a glance at Ming Du, and continued, "I think Iron Bull has struck gold this time..This must be the predecessors' blessing…"

"What do you mean?" Everyone was confused by Spring Halo's words.

"Take a look yourselves!" Spring Halo posted a screenshot in the guild chat.

<Book of Sealing (Secondary Weapon) (Legendary) (Sealed)

Physical Attack: 10-17

Magical Attack 24-33

+3 Intelligence

+7 Spirit


[Power of Sealing] - Use the strong power of the laws of nature to seal and command all living things except other players.

Targets user can command currently: Angela (The commanded targets can level up, up to the user's level. Current level: 24)

[Sealing Space] - Contains the sealed creatures. The space ensures that the summoned creatures' level would not reset. Current slots: 1/10

Job Requirement: Magician

Level Requirement: Level 10

Equipment Description: The divine item used by the God of Light to seal Snake Queen Angela. Seal Status: 1/10