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Chapter 278: Hidden Defence Quest

Chapter 278: Hidden Defence Quest

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A legendary secondary weapon!!!!

Secondary weapons were rare to begin. How the hell did Angela drop a divine equipment like this?

"Legendary weapon...its stats are quite average…" Wang Yu despised it.

Wang Yu had seen the Mjolnir, that kind of stats was deserving of the legendary grade. This book had worse stats than Wang Yu's ring.

"The stats of legendary equipments aren't the most important at this point!" Fearless explained, "Legendary equipments are all divine items, if their stats are unlocked, it would destroy the balance of the game at this point in time. Hence, all the legendary equipments are sealed, and require players to unleash their potentials gradually."

"Oh, then what's important?"

"Its skill!" Fearless replied.

To be able to command Snake Queen Angela was the prove to how strong the skill was. Angela had her own skills, two of which were AOE skills, and one was a crowd control skill.

Since the game had yet to release a pet system, an independent mode boss was unparalleled helper. With Angela, Spring Halo would level up much faster.

There was a difference between pets and summoned creatures. Pets belonged to the game interface itself, but summoned creatures did not. After the player logged out, a summoned creature would return to its original world, and its level would be reset to zero.

However, the other skill of the weapon, [Sealing Space], solved that problem. It also allowed Angela to have unlimited leveling potential, as long as Spring Halo could level up.

Angela was already so strong as level 40, her strength at level 50, or even 100, would be unimaginable.

As Spring Halo's closest buddy, Fearless knew all about Spring Halo's summoning skills.

The demons that Spring Halo summoned could raise their levels by killing monsters as well, but since their levels would reset when Spring Halo logged out, they had never gone beyond level 10. Now that [Sealing Space] was available, Spring Halo could keep his demons in it and allow them to grow infinitely.

"If that's the case, wouldn't brother Spring be peerless from now on?" Wang Yu asked. Using bosses as pets was totally out of this world.

"That's not true, I still can't beat you…" Spring Halo was being humble.

"F*ck, I treat you like a brother, yet you thought of me as a imaginary rival?" Wang Yu scoffed.

"I'm not the only one, they do the same too…" The cunning Spring Halo drew the attention to the rest easily.

Wang Yu's strength was known to everyone in Quan Zhen Sect. In the past, whenever they managed to get something good, they would feel good for a long while. Now that they met Wang Yu, they would compare themselves to Wang Yu whenever they got something good, only soon to realise it was not enough.

"Is that so?" Wang Yu asked the rest.

"Hehe, Eh? Why are there more monsters at the front gate now?" Fearless tried to change the subject.

"Eh, it's true...What's going on?" Ming Du and Yang Nuo discovered the abnormality as well.

The headquarter was surrounded by the snakes at first, but now, the monsters at the other three gates came over to the main gate as well. The main gate was flooded with monsters.

"Eh? Are these snakes retreating?" The Sanguine Alliance members noticed as well, and started shouting in the group chat.

"No, they are all coming to the main gate!" The players at the main gate replied.

"Fearless, what should we do?" All the commanders from Sanguine Alliance turned to Fearless for help.

"Everyone come to the main gate for defence, the monsters are starting their final push!" Fearless replied.

Sanguine Warflag thought for a minute, then asked, "Hey, what if they are trying to divert our attention? Maybe they would attack from the other gates after attracting all of us to the main gate?"

After hanging out with Fearless too much, Sanguine Warflag started behaving like him as well.

"That's a great consideration!" Fearless complimented Sanguine Warflag.

Just as Sanguine Warflag was feeling good about himself, Fearless retorted immediately, "Even with the intelligent bosses leading them just now, those minions could only surround us. Do you think they would be smart enough to trick us now that the bosses are dead? Don't overestimate the system's intelligence…"

"What if they really do that?" Sanguine Warflag argued.

"The gates are tough, I don't believe we can't go over to the other gates before they break the destroy them."

"Erm…." Sanguine Warflag was completely speechless.

"You can't just think about one side of the issue, but at least you could think, unlike them…" Fearless never stopped flaming the other Sanguine Alliance members.

"F*ck you…" The players from Sanguine Alliance all raised their middle fingers at Fearless.

Had it been someone other than Fearless doing that, they would already have slaughtered that person. That was enough to prove that the players from Sanguine Alliance legitimately respected the Quan Zhen Sect members.

After a few minutes, all the snakes finally gathered before the main gate.

<System Notification: Your team has slain all the bosses, and triggered the hidden defence quest: "Serpents' Pride, The Final Assault", A rank quest. Quest reward: Guild level +1

Everyone had seen the system notification, but they were not surprised. Rather, they were considering if they could survive the last wave of monsters.

The entire area before the main gate was flooded with snakes. After such a long battle, many snakes were slain, but there were still about 20 000 of them left. To survive against 20 000 elite monsters with 800 players was no easy task.

"Fearless, can we really do it?" Sanguine Warflag's confidence gone down right away when he saw the amount of monsters.

"Magicians, shamans, and bowmen, all get on top of the walls! The tanks and priests will fall back after the gate is opened."

"Open the gate? Are you serious?" Sanguine Warflag asked.

With that many monsters out there, opening the gate felt like suicide.

"Don't worry, everyone just have to fall back." Fearless replied.

"What about the formation?"

"Just form up into phalanges.!"