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Chapter 279: The End of Defence.

Chapter 279: The End of Defence.

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Following Fearless' order, everyone got to their respective positions. Wang Yu and Yang Nuo also came back to the headquarter while the snakes were busy gathering.

At that moment, the snakes began their final assault as well.

As they clashed again, the players from Sanguine Alliance realized that it was easier than expected.

Due to the cave like design of the gate, it became a point of easy defence after everyone fell back behind the gate.

There were few snakes that were fighting the players head on. Despite the snakes' high attack, the tanks covered the entrance to the headquarters perfectly, stopping all the snakes from entering. With the help from the 40 crusaders behind, and the shamans using crowd control from above, the tanks could stand their ground.

The final assault might seem like the final test to other players, but to the players from Quan Zhen Sect and Sanguine Alliance, it was their final chance to get more loots.

The density of the snakes was unimaginable. The damager dealers on top of the walls did not even have to aim. They just had to throw their skills and arrows down.

Magicians could deal splash damage in a small area, and bowmen had a piercing property to their attacks as well. Hence, they were enjoying the effects of AOE skills, despite that their skills were for single targets.

Ming Du was having the most fun. He did not bother about kill stealing anymore, and was just spreading fire instead.

The brave ones like Wang Yu was not gonna sit back while the others farmed experience points. The few of them who had near range attacks grouped up and rushed into the wave of monsters under Bo Son and Crotch Lord's cover.

[Charge], [Group Taunt], [Tornado Slash], [Thunder God's Stomp]...as the group comboed their skills together, nothing could stand in their way. Their experience points went up steadily.

Apart from the large amount of experience points, the monsters dropped lots of equipments as well. These equipments were seasonal bronze and silver items, and they had decent qualities since they were dropped by dungeon monsters. The Sanguine Alliance players were busy defending, and could not loot them, so the Quan Zhen Sect members had it all.

No one else in Quan Zhen Sect had bigger storage than Wang Yu, so they all watched in astonishment as Wang Yu picked up the equipments one after another.

As the last monster, went down, the system notification came again.

<System Notification: Sanguine Alliance has successfully defended their guild headquarters, they are going into the annals of history

Since they were not the first to clear headquarters defence quest, and had the help from Quan Zhen Alliance, the notification was only released in the city, not in the whole world.

"We..really did it…"

The Sanguine Alliance members who did not participate in the defence were in awe for a long time.

They could not believe that merely 800 players could successfully complete the defence.

The players in the defence were overjoyed and celebrating. They themselves could not believe that they would be successful, just a few hours ago.

Of course, the main reason for their success was not luck, but true strength, together with Fearless' commanding skills, and the unimaginable strength of the other Quan Zhen Sect members.

Who would have thought that with the same number of players and configurations, a mere change in formation could have decided the outcome of the whole battle?

Who would have thought that a 10 men team could have stalled and even managed to kill four bosses amidst tens of thousands of monsters?

The players at the main gate were the most impressed. They would never forget how Wang Yu singlehandedly toyed with a level 40 obsidian boss. His phantom like movements and godlike mechanics had shown everyone who looked down on Pugilists what the job was truly capable of.

At this moment, another system notification appeared. <System Notification: Congratulations, you have completed hidden headquarters defence quest "Serpent's Pride, The Final Assault". Your guild's level has increased by 1 as a reward.

The crowd went wild again after seeing the notification.

Guild level + 1, meant that Sanguine Alliance was at level 4 now, and able to accept 1000 players. They should be the first guild to have done so.

Even the Quan Zhen Sect members got affected by Sanguine Alliance's players' excitement.

"What a good atmosphere...it's nice to have so many people around." All of them felt the same way.

"That's true, stupid people are the happiest…" Fearless glanced at the rioting members of Sanguine Alliance.

The rest started despising Fearless, "F*ck you, can't you be like a normal person?"

Fearless retorted, "Don't act like you guys are normal. Am I right, martial arts kid?" Fearless glanced at Wang Yu tauntingly.

As Wang Yu's face turned black, the others quickly warned Fearless, "F*ck you, watch your mouth and don't start infighting. We would be glad to remove your role as guild master!"

"That's right, our guild has such a bad atmosphere precisely because of him. I think this pr*ck can retire early, how about I take over?" Ming Du quickly advertised himself.

"Erm…" The crowd went silent, Wang Yu paused to think, then added, "Nevermind, I think Fearless is the better choice…"

"Dumbf*cks…" Fearless raised his middle finger at them

"F*ck you!!"

Sanguine Warflag approached the Quan Zhen Sect squad excitedly, and saw everyone giving Fearless the finger and looking angry.

"Sanguine, you're here…" Fearless greeted him.

"Erm, yeah…" Fearless calmed himself and continued, "What are you guys doing?"

"A bunch of dumbf*cks, just ignore them…" Fearless replied.

"Really?" Sanguine Warflag said as he watched them took out their weapons.

Fearless pointed at Sanguine Warflag and asked, "Do you still want the money or not?"

"..." Everyone paused, then quickly kept their weapons, and started kissing Fearless' ass, "Fearless, I think you are the best boss."

'That's right!" Everyone said in unison.

"See, its fine…" Fearless waved his hand at Sanguine Warflag, but Sanguine Warflag was already covered in cold sweat at this point.