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Chapter 280: Big Project

Chapter 280: Big Project

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"We are lucky to have you guys today…" Sanguine Warflag was gratuitous towards Quan Zhen Sect.

"Yup, I appreciate your gratitude, but the money must be paid, or else I can't possibly leave this place alive…" Fearless nodded his head.

"Definitely, definitely…" Sanguine Warflag replied.

Sanguine Warflag was an experienced player, but he had never seen anything like Quan Zhen Sect, where the members always wanted to screw the master up.

"Anything else?" Fearless asked.

They were in the middle of nowhere, if Sanguine Warflag wanted to pay up or show his gratitude, he could have done it in a bar, where the atmosphere was much better. He must have had other motives if he was in such a rush.

"I want to add your guild as a friendly guild, how do you feel about it?" Sanguine Warflag was asking for Fearless' opinion.

Friendly guild was a feature in <<REBIRTH. After a guild had successfully defended one headquarters, they would have three slots for friendly guilds.

After becoming friendly guild, the two guilds would be able to enjoy the same guild level, as well as completing guild events together. It was rather convenient.

"Friendly guild huh, you must think carefully about it…" Fearless sounded indifferent, showing neither approval nor rejection in his tone.

Friendly guilds would have to share burdens and benefits together. While benefiting each other, if one of the two guilds was attacked, the other had to to help, or it would suffer losses.

There were limited slots to friendly guilds, no one would look for a trash guild to become friendly guilds with it. A small guild like Quan Zhen Sect with only a dozen players, was always looked down upon by other players. No one in their right mind would befriend such a guild.

Sanguine Warflag was definitely aware of that, but he knew how strong Quan Zhen Sect was, and if he missed this opportunity, it might not come again.

"We are very certain about it. All our brothers from the guild supported this decision!" Sanguine Warflag said.

After witnessing what Quan Zhen Sect was capable of, everyone in Sanguine Alliance respected their strength.

But Sanguine Warflag was clearly mistaken, Fearless did not question him because Fearless thought that Quan Zhen Sect was weak. If Sanguine Alliance knew how many enemies Quan Zhen Sect had, they would know that befriending Quan Zhen Sect would mean that they would be extremely busy in the future.

Fearless had no reason to point that out to Sanguine Warflag, instead, he agreed politely, "Since you are so sincere, it would be rude for us to reject you. Let's do it then, we are gonna need your help in the future!"

"Don't be humble, we are the ones that need your help…" Sanguine Warflag was clearly unaware of the path he was walking towards.

The process of befriending another guild was simple, just like how players add each other as friends. The two masters just had to add each other.

After befriending each other, Sanguine Warflag asked, "Our guys are having a celebration, do you guys want to join us?"

"Nevermind, have fun. We have some business to attend to…" The Quan Zhen Sect squad shook their heads.

The Quan Zhen Sect players knew their place, they were simply paid to help people out. Now that the mission was done, they had no reason to spoil the mood for Sanguine Alliance's party.

Furthermore, after the defence quest was completed, the guild players still had rewards to claim. The Quan Zhen Sect squad did not want to watch others receive rewards.

"Alright then, I'll treat you guys to a drink another time." Sanguine Warflag expected the rejection, and left and excusing himself politely.

Sanguine Warflag had just left, and the gang started crowding around Fearless, "Fearless you bastard, pay us now!"

Fearless replied in disgust, "What's the hurry, can't we go back first? What a shameful bunch…"

"Then let's hurry up and go back! Now!" Ming Du ranted.

The teleportation formation between friendly guilds were interconnected, the Quan Zhen Sect squad went back to their headquarters shortly.

"Money! Money! Money!"

Wang Yu and the rest all sat down in excitement, while waiting for Fearless to distribute the money. Fearless laughed, "I have a big project planned, I wonder if you guys are interested?"

"Project? What project?" The rest asked in confusion.

"A project that could increase the value of your money!" Fearless smirked.

"Dont f*ck around, its not like you can turn silver into gold in the game." Ming Du was uninterested.

Fearless replied, "I'm gonna ignore you. Do you guys know that the game would start running officially in two weeks?"

"We know that, so what?" Ming Du asked.

Spring Halo paused briefly, and then added, "Once it starts running officially, it would start the gold conversion service…"

"Yes!" Wang Yu nodded. As one of the richest gold merchant in game, Wang Yu had discussed this with Frost Blade before.

"What's the exchange rate again?" Fearless turned to Frost Blade and asked.

"It's 100 dollars for 1 gold, and the exchange only works one way." Frost Blade said.

At this point in time, everyone was smart enough to know what was going on.

Currently, the exchange rate is 950 dollars to 1 gold, after the game starts officially, people could purchase gold from the official website. By then, it would be 10 times cheaper to buy gold.

As such, the value of gold in game would depreciate tremendously. It would be possible to buy 1 gold at 90 dollars on some trading sites. Any amount of gold would be meaningless at that point in time.

The game company could be blamed for this economic crisis, but the players could not do anything, because the exchange rate was published on the official website since a long time ago. The reason why gold was so expensive now, was because the supply could not catch up with the demand. The developers had yet to explain for that.

It could be said that a game that did not make money, was a bad game.

Seeing that everyone was deep in thoughts, Fearless said, "Now everyone gets it! In half a month's time, all the hard earned gold you had would be 10% of its current value..Hence..the richer you are now, the more you'll lose later…"

Everyone looked at Wang Yu simultaneously as Fearless spoke.

Wang Yu had over 20 000 gold, and once the game started running officially, Wang Yu would lose 18 million dollars.

In this era, that was enough money for someone as goalless as Wang Yu to enjoy the rest of his life in comfort with his wife.

"What should we do then?" Wang Yu experienced poverty before, and knew the pain. Upon learning that his hard earned money was about go south, he started panicking as well.