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Chapter 281: Back-up Plan

Chapter 281: Back-up Plan

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"So what's your idea about?" Everyone was suddenly interested.

No one was willing to see their wealth depreciate.

Fearless always had plenty of ideas, since he brought it up, the gang was hoping that he could come up with something great.

"Stock up on items!" Fearless replied.

"Tch, isn't that obvious!" The gang turned from interested to spiteful.

At this point in time, everyone knew that the best way to avoid loss was to stock up on items.

However, there were countless items in the game, no one knew for sure which items would stay profitable. If they were to stock up on the wrong items, that would mean the end to their wealth.

Apart from that, everyone knew that only few items would be profitable. The chance of losing money was much greater than the chance of earning.

In the end, it was probably better to hold on to their gold. In that case, at least they would still be left with some money, instead of losing it all.

"Hehe, I know a few items that would be become extremely popular once the game goes official!" Fearless talked as if he had a profound idea.

"What are they?" Wang Yu asked curiously. Once the depreciation kicked in, Wang Yu would lose the greatest amount of money. He needed some ways to salvage his wealth, and Fearless ended up as his only hope.

"I've actually talked about it before, and I have already requested Frost Blade to start purchasing them."

"Oh? Do you mean Springwater of Life and Southern Star Herb?" Frost Blade asked.

"That's right!" Fearless replied confidently. "These two items would surely become popular after the game goes official. I only started using the guild fund to purchase them now, so that you guys won't be broke in the future."

"Oh, so that's the deal…" Everyone was deep in thoughts.

"How's my idea? Is anyone interested in buying shares? We would split the profit by shares…"

"Well….these two items would definitely increase in value, but they aren't exactly rare." The gang was not as confident as Fearless.

The Springwater of Life and Southern Star Herb were both basic ingredients for making potions. Making recovery medicines of any grade would require these two ingredients, so they would increase in value indeed. However, since these two items were not hard to find, their price would not soar up unless the professional players controlled the market.

"Hehe, their value would definitely go sky high, you have to believe me…" Fearless squinted his eyes, making a face that seemed like he was scamming everyone.

"..." Everyone felt disgusted. Vainglory then said insecurely, "Fearless, are you trying to scam our money and then make a run for it…"

"Do I seem like that type of people?" Fearless started raging.

'Hehe…." Everyone glanced at Fearless and laughed.

"I would never scam my friends...If you guys don't believe in me, I would return your money right now. Don't complain about it when I become rich." Fearless sounded pitiful.

He then took out a money bad.

The atmosphere went awkward in the conference room immediately...Everyone was in a dilemma.

"I believe in you!" While everyone was still in consideration, a clear voice broke the silence.

Everyone knew it was Yang Nuo, because she was the only girl among them.

"Do you see that? A girl is more daring than the rest of you!" Fearless glanced at Yang Nuo in approval, and started mocking the rest.

"I just did that because I couldn't withstand the awkwardness, don't think too much of it…" After all, Fearless had good intentions. Yang Nuo was from a rich family and did not need to bother about that amount of money.

Fearless was speechless.

"I believe in you too!" Frost Blade followed suit right after Yang Nuo.

"Oh? Do you think these two items would increase in value too, Frost Blade?" Wang Yu asked.

Frost Blade was a professional merchant. If he had thought that an item would increase in price, then it would definitely happen. Frost Blade was much more trustworthy than Fearless.

"I'm not sure if it would increase in price, but I saw the smurfs from Daybreak Studio buying those items as well…"

"Oh, so that's the case. Fearless, take my 2000 gold!" Spring Halo threw two big money bags at Fearless.

"What the f*ck, brother Spring, you are investing so much?" Vainglory shouted in surprise.

"Well, it's a gamble. Do you want in as well?" Spring Halo smiled and said.

"Definitely! Fearless, here's 1000 gold from me…" Vainglory threw his money bag to Fearless as well.

Vainglory was not doing very well in Quan Zhen Sect, so 1000 gold was his limit. The only reason he dared to invest as well, was because he believed in Spring Halo's intuitions. Spring Halo was always able to grab onto any opportunities, and hit the jackpot, Vainglory had yet to see Spring Halo losing in a gamble.

Everyone else started joining in as well, when they saw Vainglory putting his entire wealth on the line. Fearless had helped them make a lot of money after all, even if they could not make a profit, the loss would be minor.

"We want in as well!" Crotch Lord and Darknorth Fisher took out their money bags as well.

Since their wealth would depreciate anyway, they were willing to take the risk.

Wang Yu was the last one left.

"Bull, can't you trust me?"

"It's not about that. I still have 10 000 gold in the Second-hand shop....should I invest those too?" Wang Yu asked.

"Don't do that. Withdraw all your money and pass half of it to Frost Blade to buy the ingredients. Keep the other half for your wife to keep the convenience store running. You can even ask your wife to buy those two ingredients if there's still enough money left!"

"Why don't I just spend all of them in one place?" Wang Yu asked out of curiosity.

"Because you must have a back-up plan!" Fearless replied.

After the discussion was over, the gang went to complete the daily dungeon quests. Wang Yu left the game afterwards.

When he took off his headset, Wang Yu saw that Mu Zi Xian was looking unhappy as she browsed the online forums.

"What's wrong, darling?" Wang Yu asked caringly.

Mu Zi Xian replied angrily, "Didn't you see the forums? There are people flaming you on purpose, I am sure it's Daybreak Studio!"

"I know." Wang Yu smiled.

"Then why are you acting like it's none of your business? How dare they do this to us, I'll stop selling our goods to them from tomorrow onwards." Mu Zi Xian was enraged.

Wang Yu patted her on the shoulders and said, "They would definitely have many smurf accounts since they are a studio. If they come in as someone you don't know, you couldn't reject them, right?"

"Then what should I do?" Mu Zi Xian asked angrily.

"Their main target is the recovery medicines. All we have to do is to stockpile on the majority of our medicines and only sell a minor portion of it, and then you could increase the price…" Wang Yu repeated Fearless' ideas to Mu Zi Xian.

"That's a good idea, but we won't have enough money to keep the shop running." Mu Zi Xian asked worryingly.

Medium grade recovery medicines were expensive, by stockpiling these medicines, the convenience store would not have enough money to continue its business.

"Money would not be a problem, just wait for the game to go official…" Wang Yu replied.