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Chapter 282: The choice of Faction.

Chapter 282: The choice of Faction.

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When Wang Yu returned to the game the next day, he first helped Mu Zi Xian with the convenience store, then he proceeded to the church of Holy Monastery.

Wang Yu went to the church for a quest. After all, despite the incoming financial crisis, the rewards from quests and monsters would never depreciate.

There would be a storyline quest when players reach level 25, called "Choice". That was the quest for players to choose between the Holy Faction and the Darkness Faction.

Wang Yu had some experience with the faction system not too long ago. He knew that there would be a faction buff, and that he could exchange attractive rewards with faction contribution points, once he joined a faction. However, he rejected the invitation from the Darkness Faction, and decided to join the Holy Faction due to his friends in Quan Zhen Sect.

Most of the players had already made up their mind between the two factions before they even joined the game. Since the cities in the game were separated into the two factions as well, the players who wished to join the Holy Faction would have already gone to a city under the Holy Faction with their friends earlier on.

Twilight City was a neutral city, that meant that no faction wars were allowed in the city. However, Twilight City was under the control of the Holy Faction in reality.

Hence, it was expected that most players in Twilight City would choose to join the Holy Faction.

The players could, however, choose not to join a faction at all. They would then become a free-thinker. As a free-thinker, they would not be hunted by the two factions, but the factions would not like them either.

Most importantly, a free thinker would lose access to the faction buff and the various benefits of joining a faction, and hence lost out in the competition. The players were all pragmatic people, apart from the truly dumb ones, none of them would choose to give up on the free benefits offered.

The church was the resurrection point for magicians and knights. Since it was day time, players could not play for too long. Wang Yu followed the quest's guidance and came to the church.

Following the system's tips, Wang Yu came to the Red-robed Bishop, Shaun. Shaun looked at Wang Yu kindly and said, "My child, you've come…"

"Yes, I face a choice in my path towards strength…" Wang Yu was reading the storyline.

"I know, you've reached a bottleneck during your training. May the Holy God guide you!"

"Praise the Holy God!" Wang Yu said expressionlessly. He thought himself, "If I have to say such disgusting lines again, I would rather be a free-thinker."

"Since you are a child of God now, please remove your shroud. Let the holy light of God wash away your sins…" Shaun continued nagging.

Wang Yu had over 200 negative fame in the Holy Faction, so he made sure to wear his mask when he entered the church.

"Erm…" Wang Yu paused, and asked, "Is the God really willing to forgive me?"

If there was no fame requirement to join the Holy Faction, that would be the best. However, Wang Yu was worried that the Holy God would resent him. Wang Yu had seen enough NPCs to know that the Holy God was actually a bastard.

Wang Yu was not afraid of the two NPC guards in the church. But if the system was to release a quest for the players here to kill him, it would be a pain in the ass.

"Don't worry, my child. You are just a lost sheep who is misguided. All that's in the past should be forgotten. If the might Holy God could forgive even the devil, you could be forgiven as well...."

Shaun was indeed a professional salesman….erm, preacher. He started brainwashing Wang Yu right away.

"Alright!" Wang Yu only simply concerned about his negative fame. Since Shaun conveyed the message that he would be forgiven, he let his guard down.

Wang Yu saw himself as a saveable man, despite his negative Holy Faction fame. If the Holy God could really forgive the devil, he should be fine.

Wang Yu removed his mask…

The entire church's atmosphere changed as soon as Wang Yu removed his mask…

The virtual reality system was impressive indeed, the players sensed the tenseness of the atmosphere, and all looked towards Wang Yu.

The Red-robed bishop was stunned for a whole 10 seconds, before yellina angrily at Wang Yu, "You devil! How dare you infiltrate the Holy ground, get him!"

Before his sentence had finished, Shaun waved his staff, and a holy light was forming up above Wang Yu.

As a bishop, Shaun's level was high. Despite the trashy attack of a priest, he would be able to destroy Wang Yu just from the difference in level alone.

"F*ck your mother, how dare you lie to me!"

The holy light that Shaun summoned was actually fearsome, Wang Yu knew that and quickly used [Sunset Shift] to retreat.

Safe zones were not immune to NPC's attacks. Just as Wang Yu shifted away, Shaun's holy light came down and blew the the two templars who were beside him into pieces.

"What the f*ck! What's going on?" The players in the church were startled. Although no one knew what was going on, but the fact that the kind Shaun killed someone all of a sudden, meant that something unusual was going on.

Unusual events meant that there would be special quests, which represented enormous benefits.

Expectedly, all the players received a quest after Shaun's holy light landed.

<System Notification: Slain the evil infiltrator. Quest reward: 200 Holy Faction Fame, and the title of "Holy Warrior"

"200 fame? What the f*ck did this guy do for the Holy Faction to offer such a huge reward?" The crowd looked at Wang Yu in astonishment, while equipping their weapons at the same time.

Quest targets were unprotected in the safe zones as well.

However, Wang Yu paid no attention to them, because the two NPC guards were coming for him. The guards were way too powerful for Wang Yu to even divert his attention slightly.

Even the other players fell back when they saw the guards attacking Wang Yu.

The guards knew no mercy since they were just dumb NPCs, a slight touch from them meant the loss of 10% experience points.

"For justice and the holy light!"

The two guards charged at Wang Yu with their lances. Wang Yu held his breath and waited. Just as the guards were about to hit him, he pole vaulted himself into the air, and used [Crushing Blow] to get to the church entrance.