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Chapter 283: Rolling Mario

Chapter 283: Rolling Mario

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"What the f*ck, this pugilist is weird!"

The players cried out in astonishment when they saw Wang Yu leaping over the guards.

Everyone knew how strong the guards were. To be able to escape from their attacks, this pugilist must be exceptionally powerful.

"A powerful pugilist, could this guy be Iron Bull?" The crowd realized who Wang Yu was.

There were many pugilists in Twilight City, but the only person who was capable of such a feat, was the legendary Iron Bull.

"This is too exciting!" The players started shouting in excitement when they realised they were going up against the best player in the game.

Normal players like them had never seen Wang Yu's strength in person before, so they were unaware of Wang Yu's toughness. After all, it was a game, and the stats limited how strong a player could be.

Hence, the crowd was feeling excited rather than scared when they faced the best player in the game.

Most people were quite confident in their strength since it was a game. Given the slow leveling efficiency in <<REBIRTH, most players were about level 20, so how much of a difference could their stats be?

If someone was to really slain the best player in game, it would be like slaying a god!

Slaying a god was an act that could excite anyone.

There were even two guards helping them, and that made slaying a god so much easier. The guards were matchless in game after all.

Wang Yu trembled when he felt the murderous desire coming from every direction.

F*ck, they were going to come after me as expected....

Wang Yu was right, just as he was about to land, a cluster of circles appeared on the ground, covering the entire area.

Wang Yu knew that those circles were the cast animation for the [Dark Barrier], which was also why Wang Yu felt that the players here were going to be troublesome to handle.

The players in the church were all either supports, tanks or crowd controllers, so they had pathetic damage output. However, all of them had disgusting crowd control abilities.

A knight's [Charge] could send the target flying, a bishop's [Holy Flame] could silent the target, and a dark shaman's [Distortion] could encage the target in a small area. Any of those skills could f*ck Wang Yu up.

There were about 80 players in the church. Unless Wang Yu could fly, he would be dead once he was controlled.

In a split second, Wang Yu's body rotated in mid air, and he went from gliding vertically to flying sideways. He then casted [Rippling Wave] and flew towards the pillar in the church. It did not take Wang Yu long to climb up the pillar.

At this moment, Wang Yu cooldown for [Sunset Shift] had ended. Just when he was about to teleport towards the entrance, a ball of pale flame floated onto Wang Yu's back. A "!" sign appeared on Wang Yu's head right away. Wang Yu failed to use [Sunset Shift], and almost fell straight down.

"F*ck, I am silenced!" Wang Yu quickly held on tightly to the pillar. It would be shameful if he had fallen to his death.

"F*ck, was that Fearless backstabbing me?"

Wang Yu was already out of a priest's range, which meant that the [Holy Flame] was already casted while he was climbing the pillar.

[Holy Flame] was not a fast moving skill, but it had directivity, which meant that it could track the target. That was why Wang Yu was hit by it even though he was out of range.

There were few expert priests in game, for a priest to lock on to Wang Yu while he was leaping and evading, and almost backstabbed him to death, Wang Yu knew no one other than Fearless.

But since Wang Yu was a beginner, he had only seen a few priests to begin with.

Wang Yu turned around and started looking for Fearless, but to no avail. He then opened up his battle log, and saw <System Notification: You have been attacked by player "Rolling Mario". Since the player in on a special quest, you have no right to defend yourself.

"Rolling Mario?" Wang Yu turned around again, and saw a perverted priest looking at him proudly.

"Hehe, keep trying!" Rolling Mario waved his staff and shouted, "Just accept your defeat, Iron Bull. We've completely blocked the entrance, you can't run anymore!"

Wang Yu glanced at the entrance, and knew that Rolling Mario was right. While he was busy evading, the entrance was closed, and the door-opening mechanism was guarded by a few priests. He would be dead if he tried to approach them.

"Hehe, if I wanted to escape, do you think you can catch me?" Wang Yu laughed and asked Rolling Mario.

"Haha, don't treat us as non-existent. You can come down and have a try!" Rolling Mario laughed, his disgusting expression reminded Wang Yu of Fearless.

Fearless was like that when he backstabbed others as well.

"I would try it then!" Wang Yu let go of his hands and leaped toward Rolling Mario's head. Rolling Mario smiled cunningly and backed off, and suddenly a dark barrier appeared at where he was.

"What!" Wang Yu was surprised. How did a supposedly righteous job like the priest, ended up having so many cunning fellows. Rolling Mario was definitely on Fearless' level of slyness. However, Rolling Mario had underestimated Wang Yu, a mere dark barrier would not be enough to trap him.

Wang Yu smiled and casted [Rippling Wave] to his side, and forcefully changed his path of flight.

Rolling Mario snapped his finger, "Plan B!"

The priests beside Rolling Mario quickly casted [Holy Flame] to silence Wang Yu, followed by the shamans casting [Dark Barrier] beneath Wang Yu's body.

[Holy Flame] had a silencing effect of six seconds, and could be stacked up to 10 times. Wang Yu was under the effect of silence for a full 60 seconds. Since [Dark Barrier] had a control distance of five meters, Wang Yu would not be able to escape it without using a skill.

Rolling Mario laughed proudly again, "Haha, the so called best player, is nothing but a muscle-head. Thanks for the fame, brother Bull! Bye!"

"For the sake of justice, I shall destroy you in the name of the holy light!"

Just as Rolling Mario thought Wang Yu was certainly going to die, the guards' voice out of nowhere made him feel a chill.