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Chapter 284: Wang Yu’s abandonment.

Chapter 284: Wang Yu’s abandonment.

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"F*ck, I forgot about these two idiots!"

Rolling Mario shouted in frustration when he heard the guards, he immediately backed off from them.

While Wang Yu was still in the air, the dark barrier was rising, and the guards closed in on him at the same time.

The guards were above level 200, they were capable of slaying gods and demons alike. A mere dark barrier was nothing to them.

The dark barrier collapsed just from the guards stepping on it.

Since the guards' level was way beyond the players' levels, crowd control skills would not work against them, there was no wrong in how they could destroy the barrier so easily.

Wang Yu smiled and converted his weapon into the pole form, and tapped on one of the guard's head.

Wang Yu only came down from the pillar when he saw the guards coming towards him. It was all part of his plan.

Since the guards were running towards him, and did not use a skill, Wang Yu was not considered to be attacked.

By borrowing the momentum from the guard, Wang Yu flew backward again.

Wang Yu was still under the silencing effect for more than 50 seconds, he had to use another approach to escape from the guards since he could not use his skills.

He stabilised himself in the air, and gently landed on one of the player's head.

The guards were fixated on Wang Yu and did not care about whoever's underneath him. The guards struck towards Wang Yu with their lances, and the player beneath Wang Yu was turned into dust right away.

Wang Yu had no choice but to continue running away on the players' heads. As the guards followed Wang Yu, white lights appeared everywhere Wang Yu was, and no one was spared from the guards.

Since the church was the resurrection point for the players, some were even unlucky enough to die again right after they had respawned.

Despite Wang Yu's daring behaviour, all the players were intimidated by the strength of the guards, and could only run and hide.

Rolling Mario had already escaped to a safe zone the moment Wang Yu escaped from his trap. He was pale as a sheet when he saw how everyone resurrected again and again, only to be killed right away.

He had thought that ganging on Wang Yu with dozens of players, was already a compliment to Wang Yu. Never had he thought that Wang Yu was even tougher than how he was depicted in the stories.

Pugilists and magicians were the similar, both of them depended heavily on their skills. Somehow, Iron Bull had managed to escape, and even retaliated, without even using skills. Wang Yu had changed Rolling Mario's perspective on reality completely.

Rolling Mario was unable to tell that Wang Yu was using his martial arts techniques, but he was good enough to tell Wang Yu's mechanics was way beyond their common understanding of pugilists.

"How did he do that...is that's how pugilists are meant to be played?" Rolling Mario's mind was in a mess.

"Hehe, so that's where you have been hiding!"

While Rolling Mario was deep in thoughts, he heard a laughter. He looked up to see Wang Yu coming towards him by stepping over everyone's head.

The guards turned and stabbed and charged, just like that, a whole group of players died again.

Rolling Mario panicked and started running away, "Brother Bull...I'm actually an admirer…"

"Admirer your ass, you almost had me killed!" Mario might have been able to deceive others, but Wang Yu was a Quan Zhen Sect member, and he could not be fooled so easily.

Rolling Mario was a short-legged priest, before he could even get far, Wang Yu had already caught up with him.

The guards were less than five meters away from Wang Yu…

Wang Yu leaped and landed in front of Rolling Mario.

"Brother Bull….Uncle Bull...Sigh...F*ck!" Rolling Mario was begging for mercy.

Wang Yu ignored him, and flipped him upside down. At the same time, Wang Yu grabbed Mario by the leg, and dragged him towards the guards.

When the guards were about to reach him, Wang Yu threw Mario at them, and dashed behind them.

Mario was unable to dodge unlike Wang Yu. Since Wang Yu was grabbing Mario by the legs, Mario had his legs wide open when he was thrown out. The guards stabbed in between his legs without any mercy.

All the players that saw what happened to Mario turned blue and kept quiet. When they glanced at Wang Yu again, they were visibly terrified.

After Mario was resurrected, he still looked like a dead man, and squatted in a corner with a pitiful expression. The silence effect on Wang Yu had ended as well. Wang Yu's display of strength finally had the players in fear, and they opened up a path for him.

Wang Yu used his combo of movement skills again, and went straight to the entrance. He then opened up the gate and left, all while everyone was staring at him. All that was left, was a bunch of players that looked like they were going to break down after getting screwed so hard by Wang Yu, and the two guards who acted like nothing had happened.

The players could only complain as they looked at the two dumb guards.

The two of them were low intelligence NPCs, scolding them would be pointless. As for beating them...Erm, that was if you were tired of living.

Wang Yu was frustrated as well. Had anyone else gone through his experience, they would be pissed too.

As for the Dark Faction, there was no way Wang Yu would be shameless enough to join them.

The boss of the Dark Faction had once begged Wang Yu to join their faction, yet, Wang Yu turned him down. To go back and ask to join them again would be too shameful.

Not to mention that joining the Dark Faction would mean the end of his relationship with Quan Zhen Sect. Wang Yu would not join the Dark Faction just for that reason alone.

"F*ck, have I been abandoned by the world?" Wang Yu yeled in frustration. He was just talking about how free-thinkers were idiots, and now, he had become one of them. Karma's a bitch after all.