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Chapter 285: Neutral Faction

Chapter 285: Neutral Faction

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After escaping from the church, Wang Yu quickly left the area.

Knowing how wicked the Church of Light was, they had probably lowered Wang Yu's fame even more. It was not safe for Wang Yu to be wandering around the church.

Wang Yu thought to himself as he was running away, since they outcasted him for his fame, he must complete some quests to increase his fame if he wanted to join the Holy Faction.

However, from what he knew about the system, he would have to earn back at least 100 fame, for the Holy Faction to accept him.

After slaying the angel and commander of the Holy Faction, Wang Yu's fame in the Holy Faction was deducted by more than 400 points. It was only because he had declined the invitation from the Dark Faction, in addition to the quests he completed in Twilight City, that he had managed to keep his fame at about -200.

Now that he made such a mess in the church, his fame in the Holy Faction must be less than -300. To improve his familiarity with the Holy Faction, he must somehow increase his fame by more than 200.

Faction fame was difficult to farm, each single quest only gave out a few fame. That would take forever for Wang Yu to complete. Wang Yu needed to find high intelligence NPCs to get his fame up quickly.

In Twilight City, there were only three intelligent NPCs that Wang Yu knew, the city Lord, blacksmith Simba, and the hermit.

As the representative of a neutral city, the city Lord must have a bad relationship with the Holy Faction. If not, it would be illogical for Twilight City to be neutral when the Lord worshipped the Holy God.

Blacksmith Simba was a dirty dwarf who did not match the image of holiness. It was also said that dwarves believed in the God of War, so dwarves must be considered infidels to the Holy Faction. Simba was probably bullied when he was young.

Wang Yu believed that Simba would give out quests that lowered Holy Faction fame instead. Given how the system was, it would not be a surprise if Simba told players that destroying the statue of the Holy God would increase their Holy Faction fame.

After much thought, Wang Yu was only left with the hermit as an option.

Although hermit did not seem like a believer of God, his belief was not revealed either. Hence, the hermit had the highest chance among the three NPCs to give out Holy Faction fame quests.

Wang Yu unknowingly wandered into hermit's location while he was deep in thought.

After waking the hermit up with the old-fashioned way, the hermit asked, "It's you again?"

"It's me…" Wang Yu smirked and took out a few bottles of wine and continued, "These are for you!"

Hermit raised his brows and said, "Hmph! You must be up to something…"

"Tch, I would take them away if you don't want them!" Wang Yu acted like he was going to keep the alcohol.

The hermit quickly stopped Wang Yu and said, "I like young men like you, just speak up!"

'I want a quest!" Wang Yu was being straightforward.

Hermit let out a sigh of relief and replied, "Oh, it's about that. I suspect that the Dusk Temple is the mastermind behind the darkness' descend, you can go check it out with some friends."

<System Notification: You have received storyline quest "The Temple from the Past". "Dusk Temple" dungeon quests completed: 0/1. System tip: Please team up to complete difficult quests."

<Quest introduction: When Twilight City was first built, there was an active religion that believed in twilight. For some reason, the believers of the Twilight Church suddenly left their city to build the Twilight Temple. After darkness had descended on the land, the Twilight Church disappeared, and their church was left behind.

"Storyline quest!" Wang Yu was pissed when he saw the quest given by the hermit. Storyline quests were mandatory, and they would be triggered once the players reached the designated level. He had spent so much money to buy alcohol for the hermit, only to have the hermit scam him with a storyline quest.

"Don't act dumb! You know that I'm not looking for this quest!" Wang Yu exclaimed in anger.

"Then what quest do you want?" Hermit asked.

"Quest that can increase Holy Faction fame! At least 200 fame."

"Erm...I don't have that…" Hermit shook his head.

Wang Yu took out more bottles of wine and asked, "How about now?"

Hermit kept the wine and said, "I really don't have quests like that for you. If you want such quests, why don't you look for the Holy Faction's bishop?"

"F*ck you! If I could do that, why do I need to spend money for your help?" Wang Yu replied in frustration.

"That's true." Hermit mumbled, "Why do you need Holy Faction fame so urgently?"

"To join the Holy Faction!"

Hermit sounded like he had a revelation, "Oh, so that's why...Why can't you join the other faction instead?"

"Dark Faction? No, all my friends are on the Holy Faction's side…"

"You can't join the Dark Faction. If you do, the first one to come after you would be me!"

"What the f*ck, really?" Wang Yu was astounded.

"Of course. The darkness that descended in Twilight City was due to the Dark Faction. As my disciple, if you dare to join the Dark Faction, I would have to kick you out! Both your job and weapons would be confiscated by me."

"F*cking hell!! Wang Yu secretly cursed. Luckily, he did not listen to Dwayne back then and joined the Dark Faction, or else he would have been killed by the hermit.

This stupid was full of traps, a slight miscalculation and one would end up getting screwed.

"What should I do now? If I can't join either factions, do I have to be a free-thinker?" Wang Yu was frustrated. Being a free-thinker was much worse than joining a faction, he did not want to become a free-thinker at all.

"That isn't necessary." Hermit laughed, "For 10 gold, I can give you a hidden quest!"

"I knew you had something for me!" Wang Yu was delighted. He gave the Hermit 10 gold coins without hesitation.

After Hermit received the gold, he laughed and said, "You only know about the Holy Faction and the Dark Faction, have you never heard about the Neutral Faction?"

<System notification: You have triggered the hidden quest "Recognition of Kings" S rank quest, will you accept it?