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Chapter 287: Compass

Chapter 287: Compass

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Wang Yu had sharp intuitions from years of martial arts training, he quickly determined where the voice was coming from, and headed for its source.

After a dozen meters or so, Wang Yu could roughly see a team heading towards him.

The team seemed to be in a rush, evading monsters as much as possible, and eliminated any monsters as quick as possible if they could not.

Wang Yu had wandered in the area for a long time, and knew that the monsters here were Hooktail Scorpions at about level 30, with high attack and defence. Most players were about level 20 now. Since the team could clear the monsters with ease, they must be pretty strong.

"Brother, why do I feel like there's someone following us?" A girl in purple clothes mumbled to the big guy beside her.

The big guy glanced behind his back and said, "Nonsense, this is a level 30 area, how could there be anyone as daring as us? Do you know...."

"Hey, how are you…"

"What the f*ck!!"

Wang Yu jumped out before the big guy even finished his words, and scared the crap out of the whole team.

"Who are you?" The team was full of experts. After they realised Wang Yu was a lone pugilist, they quickly calmed down and aimed their arrows at him.

"Erm…" Wang Yu was speechless. He had only wanted to ask for the direction, and did not expect such a huge reaction from them.

"I am an outsider, I got lost while doing my quest…" Wang Yu answered honestly.

"Outsider?" The big guy took a good look at Wang Yu and mumbled, "I've honestly never seen you before…"

The City of Elves was smaller than Twilight City. Since all the players lived on a tree, anyone could recognise everyone else. Pugilist was a rare job here, so the big guy could tell that Wang Yu was not a local.

'What are you doing here?" The big guy asked alarmingly.

"For a quest…" Wang Yu replied, "Can you bring to the Wonderland Forest?"

"Wonderland Forest? Where's that?" Everyone in the team was confused. They had never heard about such a place despite spending so much time in the City of Elves.

"I don't know either…" Wang Yu was vexed again, and thought to himself, "This is your territory, how would I know about it if even you guys have never heard of it before. This elf queen is a real pain in the ass as well, giving him such a quest."

"Then can you bring me back to the city?" Wang Yu pleaded.

Wang Yu was really helpless. As strong as he was, there was nothing he could do against mother nature.

The team all empathised with Wang Yu, and looked like they understood how Wang Yu felt. These locals must have been lost many times as well.

"Ok…' The girl in purple was just about to agree, when the big guy rejected, "No, we have a quest to do as well!"

"Brother, how can you do it...It's scary to be lost!" The girl argued.

"I mean it when I said no, did you forget about our goal?" The big guys responded fiercely.

"Come on brother, don't do this to me. If you have a quest to do, I can wait for you to finish it, and then head back to the city together….Maybe I can even be of help." Wang Yu pleaded again.

Rather than getting stuck in the forest, Wang Yu preferred to follow them to do their quest. Wang Yu had enough of getting stuck in this weird forest without anything but monsters.

As for providing help, Wang Yu was definitely confident.

The big guy paused, and then replied, "Help won't be necessary, we don't want anyone to join us on our quest."

"..." Wang Yu was speechless. The big guy was not willing to help him at all. Must he really commit suicide to get back to the city?

The girl in purple chimed in, "Brother, have you forgotten about the rules of our city? If you do that, everyone would despise you…"

"Yeah, that's right…" The other team members agreed as well, the big guy was flustered right away.

City of Elves was a special place. When players had just been transported there, everyone was lost, and was forced to commit suicide just to get back to the city. Everyone knew how miserable it was to be lost. Hence, the players established an unwritten rule, that help must be provided to anyone who was lost…

It was precisely because everyone decided to help each other, that the City of Elves was peaceful and harmonious. That was a rare occurrence in the game. If anyone had dared to disturb the harmonious atmosphere, everyone would despise him.

The big guy cared about his reputation as well, and knew how important it was. Seeing that his own sister and brothers were despising him, he said unwillingly, "Thousand Shades of Purple, give your compass to him!"

"Why is it me?" The girl in pink asked unhappily.

"Because you were the loudest just now!"

She rolled her eyes and exclaimed, "But your sister was even louder!"

"Well, that's exactly why. She's my sister." The big guy replied.

'F*ck your father!" The girl in pink shot a fierce glance at the big guy, and walked towards Wang Yu. She then passed a circular object to him.

"My name is Thousand Shades of Purple." The girl in pink said.

'My name is…"

Wang Yu responded with his own name politely, but Thousand Shades of Purple interrupted him, "Your name does not matter to me, just remember to return it to me by mail."


Wang Yu scratched his head, and thought to himself, "This team sure has diverse personalities…"

The big guy then added, "Alright, with the compass, you can go ahead to do your quest now...Let's go!" He then continued ahead with his team.

"Thank you!" Wang Yu said gratuitously.

'You're welcome, it's what we should do." The girl in purple smiled at Wang Yu, then ran away to join her team.

'Brother, why did you give him such an important item instead of letting him follow us?" The girl in purple asked.

"That guy's pretty strong, I'm afraid that he's part of Dominator's Guild."

"How can that be...He seemed too slow-witted to be an expert?" She laughed.

"How can he be a noob if he was lost in the level 30 area?"

"Erm...that's true. Why did you give our compass to him when you knew that he was suspicious?!"

"You guys forced me to do it!" The big guy replied angrily.

After using the compass, Wang Yu's minimap and his location marker finally showed up again.

He finally knew where he was.

City of Elves was to the south of where Wang Yu was. In the north-east direction, there was an area colored in blue. The blue area represented the quest area, so it must be the Wonderland Forest.

Wang Yu energised himself, and then headed towards the blue area.