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Chapter 289: Team Storm

Chapter 289: Team Storm

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"Will you be fine alone? Let me help!" The big guy volunteered.

Previously, the team had attracted the gnome knight's aggro, allowing Wang Yu to land a sneak attack. Now that all the knights were attracted to Wang Yu, it seemed unrealistic for a bare-handed pugilist to defeat them alone.

"It's ok, just protect your team!"

Wang Yu then leaped into the air, and what happened next was the most breathtaking scene that Thousand Shades of Purple and her team had seen since they joined the game.

Wang Yu first did a flying kick and knocked the knight in front off his mount, then a pole appeared his hand, and stabbed towards the other knight that was approaching. It could not dodge in time, and the pole landed on his head, bringing down as well.

In <<REBIRTH, monster knights were useless without their mounts. The rest quickly casted their skills to stall the gnomes that Wang Yu brought down.

The other gnome knights roared and charged at Wang Yu in pairs. (Due to the forest's restraint, the gnomes could only attack in a pair.)

Wang Yu laughed and evaded to the side, and stuck his pole in between two trees…

Obstacles were the worst fear of a charging knight. Wang Yu's pole was good enough to trip two pairs of gnome knights, and sent them off their mounts.

The team quickly followed up and slain the four fallen knights.

At this moment, the six remaining gnome knights suddenly changed their formation and charged at Wang Yu from three different directions.

Wang Yu kept his pole and leaped up a tree. The cursed forest was dense, and the trees were in close proximity of each other. Wang Yu leaped around and easily got out of the gnome knights' encirclement. He then descended from a tree, and comboed his attacks to send three knights off their mounts, for the team to follow up.

The last three gnome knights immediately tried to escape, but Wang Yu caught up with them, striking with his pole, and followed up with [Void Seizing Palms] and [Savage Maul].

Thud! Thud! Thud!

The sound of three objects hitting the ground was heard. The team quickly ganged up on the fallen knights and slain them. The Gnome Wolf Knights were completely wiped out.

"Am, am I dreaming…" Thousands Shades of Purple said as she pinched the cheek of a small guy beside her, "Do you feel pain?"


"Guess it's a dream…"

"Bullshit, there's no sense of pain in the game!" The small guy slapped her hands off him.

Thousand Shades of Purple was not the only one in awe, her whole team was stunned by Wang Yu again.

An entire group of knights was wiped out by a single pugilist. No one would believe that could happen. Yet, it took place right before their own eyes.

That big guy was the craziest, he pounced on Wang Yu like a mad dog, "Brother, I am Storm. Are you in a competitive team? Our team is short of two people, I think that you are the perfect candidate!"

"Erm, what's a competitive team?" Wang Yu asked.

Wang Yu knew about players grouping up as a team, but he had never heard of a competitive team before.

"..." Everyone was speechless, and started trying to wake themselves up.

For f*ck's sake, how could a guy be as overpowered as Wang Yu have no idea about a competitive team.

"That means we are a team that takes part in competition! I am the leader of Team Storm." Storm answered honestly.

As esports developed, the gaming population grew bigger and bigger. Many players had chosen to join competitive gaming. In the current era, esports had become a popular career.

Games like <<REBIRTH that used virtual reality had broken the traditional image of playing with mice and keyboards. That had helped esports to develop even further. Countless competitive players had started playing <<REBIRTH since its beta period. Team Storm was part of them.

"Competition? There's competition for playing a game?" Wang Yu was completely baffled.

His impression of online games still belonged in the beginning of the 21st century. The fact that he could make money in game was already a shock for Wang Yu. He had even thought that being a full-time gamer was irresponsible. Gaming competition was something new to him.

"Of course, do you know about the Olympics? Esports is now an event in the Olympics!" Storm said excitedly.

"Erm, is your team good?" Wang Yu asked.

'Well...." Storm pointed to the girl in purple and replied, "She's my sister, her name is Thousand Shades of Violet, she's still single…"

"F*ck you Storm, can you be less shameless? Don't you get tired of the same old trick?" Thousand Shades of Purple gave him the finger.

The others chimed in as well, "That's right. You used the same trick to get us to join your team!"

"..." Wang Yu was speechless for a moment. "Actually, I am already married...and that wasn't my question."

"Wel…" Storm turned flustered, "Although our team is only ranked at the 92nd position, but given the amount of competitive players, getting into the top 100 meant that we are pretty good...."

"Oh…" Wang Yu nodded. He had zero idea about the rankings in the gaming circle.

"By the way, what's your name? With your strength, our team could make it into the top 50 in the coming competition." Storm exclaimed excitedly.

"I am Iron Bull." Wang Yu replied casually.

"Iron Bull!!"

"What the f*ck, you are the legendary Iron Bull!!'

Everyone went wild again when they knew Wang Yu's name. All the same time, they all looked at Storm in despise and said, "Good job, Storm. You just tried to recruit the best player as your underling...We would never be able to do that."

Storm was flustered and embarrassed, "Bull God, I'm sorry about that...We sincerely thank you for your help, or else we would have been killed."

'Erm, don't call me that. Just call me brother Bull…" Wang Yu said humbly. "If you guys did not help me, I would still be lost in the forest."

"Haha…" Storm laughed awkwardly. He was the one that objected helping Wang Yu just now.

"What quest are you guys doing?" Wang Yu asked.

These people seemed nice, so Wang Yu was afraid that their mission would overlap. He decided to clarify beforehand, so that there would be no misunderstandings later.

"Bounty Quest: Slain the thief, Yoda". I had just seen him here today morning, but this fog appeared out of nowhere all of a sudden." Storm pointed at the fog.