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Chapter 291: The terrifying Pickpocket.

Chapter 291: The terrifying Pickpocket.

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Yoda was small and skinny as compared to the gnome knights, so it was obvious that it's a dexterity type boss.

The group saw him glancing around at the entrance suspiciously, as if it was waiting for someone.

The four bowmen immediately started attacking Yoda. But when their arrows were about to hit Yoda, it evaded to the side casually and dodged the arrows, it then looks towards the team.

"Eh?" The bowmen in Team Storm were slightly startled. Swirling Winds and Clouds attacked again with a green flash, and five arrows shot towards Yoda.

Apart from Storm, Swirling Winds and Clouds was the strongest player in the team. The skill he had just used was called [Multi-Shot], a skill for sharpshooters after reaching level 20. This skill would fire three arrows in the range of 30 degrees, and it worked as a small AOE damage.

Swirling Winds and Clouds was using the reinforced version of [Multi-Shot], so he could fire up to five arrows. Since that was two more arrows in the same range of impact, the arrows were more clustered together.

Yet, Yoda took out a green dagger casually and knocked off the arrows. He then dashed towards the team with extreme speed.

"What the f*ck!" The gang was shocked.

Bowmen's attack could only target a single enemy, so any players or monsters with high dexterity and reaction speed could dodge their attacks. However, the team was unable to accept that Yoda had even evades Swirling Winds and Clouds' AOE skill.

In their brief moment of shock, Yoda was already before them.

Team Storm was a top 100 competitive team in the nation, and Storm was strong with a good game sense, when he saw Yoda coming, he charged towards it with his shield up.

Yoda had no time to evade Storm's charge, and was sent flying away. But since Yoda was a boss, it was not affected by the knock back effect of [Charge]. It landed formly on the ground, and closed in on the team again.

Storm reacted by raising his shield to attack Yoda, but Yoda turned and went beside Storm and tapped his arm. At the next moment, Storm received a message.

<System Notification: You have no weapons equipped to perform [Shield Bash]

Storm looked up and realised that his shield was gone.

"F*ck you, you cunning thief!"

Storm's shield was a gold equipment, and the best one in their team. Storm always valued his shield like his life. Now that his livelihood was stolen, Storm started raging and went after Yoda with a huge sword.

Yoda reacted casually. It dodged the arrows from the bowmen again, and with a tap on Storm's arm, his sword was stolen as well.

"F*ck me!" Storm was completely dumbfounded.

In the system's settings, a player could equip at most two weapons during combat. Now that his shield and sword were both stolen, Storm could only fight barehanded.

Although tanks were not supposed to deal damage, but Storm could only [Taunt] without his weapons, and became an accessory to the fight.

Of course, as a tank, Storm would be able to attract Yoda's aggro even without using weapons. All he had to do was fight Yoda like his life depended on it.

After stealing Storm's weapons, Yoda swang his dagger and dashed behind him, and stabbed onto his waist without mercy. Storm's HP went down by almost 1000 right away.

At the same time, a green skull appeared above Storm's head, and his HP dropped steadily. Thousand Shades of Purple did not hesitate, and quickly casted a few recovery skills to bring Storm's HP back to a safe amount.

"Help me!" Storm roared. Four thieves then appeared beside Yoda from thin air, and stabbed onto Yoda's back.

Yoda depended on its bulkiness as a boss, and completely ignored their attacks. It turned over and tapped their arms four times continuously, and the daggers disappeared from their hands.

"F*ck your mother…." The four thieves were dumbfounded as well.

A thief without stealth and weapon, was an easy target.

Yoda was about to stabbed the four of them to death, when Storm grabbed it by its clothes, and allowed the four thieves to escape.

Yoda was a master at backstabbing, there was no way it would let the four amateur thieves escape. It got out of Storm's control and went right into the center of the team.

Team Storm was full of jobs that had low HP, there was no way they could survive Yoda's attacks. Luckily, Thousand Shades of Purple spammed her recovery skills, or else they would have been killed easily.

At the meantime, Yoda noticed Thousand Shades of Purple as well, it turned around and tapped her as well.

"Pffttt…." Wang Yu who was spectating at the side laughed.

Yoda the perverted bastard had stolen Thousand Shades of Purple's priest robe.

In was a game after all, so the female player's equipments were always revealing and sexy, in order to attract male players. However, priests were covered in a robe, so there was not much to be seen. As a result, after Yoda had stolen her robe, she was left wearing nothing but her underwear.

Wang Yu was a married man, so he reacted calmly. However, the virgins in Team Storm were all flustered. If the game had bloody effects, they would probably be nose-bleeding by now. Thousands Shades of Violet was terrified, she quickly covered her body and hid behind Storm.

Wang Yu could not help but to shake his head. It was lawless for an NPC to do such a thing. 'Do you need my help?" Wang Yu asked Storm. Yoda was the boss that belonged to Team Storm, so it was inappropriate for an outsider like Wang Yu to step in without permission. However, he was afraid that Yoda would start pulling more tricks on the team.

"No…." The six men staring at Thousand Shades of Purple's bare body rejected right away.

"Yes!!!" The two girls screamed and dragged the guys back to reality. It was only then that the guys said, "Yes yes yes yes…."

At that moment, Yoda was already behind Thousand Shades of Purple with his dagger. Wang Yu immediately appeared beside Yoda and tossed it away.