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Chapter 292: Who’s the real thief?

Chapter 292: Who’s the real thief?

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Since Wang Yu could even throw someone as big as Wharton, he sent the small and skinny Yoda flying.

"Huh?" Yoda was confused from getting thrown suddenly. After it saw that Wang Yu was alone, it charged at him with its dagger. Since Yoda was a dexterity type boss, Wang Yu lost to it in speed, so he simply waited for Yoda to approach him.

When Yoda's dagger was about to hit Wang Yu, he grabbed Yoda's weapon-wielding arm and used [Thunder God's Stomp]. Yoda was sent flying away again.



Wang Yu had dealt over 5000 damage with only 2 attacks.

Everyone from Team Storm was lock-jawed.

"What the f*ck!! how many points did you add to dexterity, brother Bull?" The bowmen asked loudly.

In <<REBIRTH, bowmen was the job with the highest dexterity undoubtedly. However, even their speed was no match for Yoda. Yet, Wang Yu had easily stopped Yoda's attack as a pugilist.

Wang Yu laughed, "This has nothing to do with dexterity!"

Yoda was not a boss capable of fighting. Apart from its speed, its attacks had zero other advantages. In the eyes of a martial arts expert like Wang Yu, Yoda's attacks were full of openings.

Just from watching Yoda raising its arm, Wang Yu could tell where its attack was going to land. Wang Yu would place his hands at the right position in preparation, and made it seem like Yoda was getting parried on purpose.


Yoda stood up and looked at Wang Yu in anger, it lowered its body and charged towards Wang Yu again.

Wang Yu waited again, only moving to grab Yoda when it was near him. Yoda smirked and tapped at Wang Yu's fist with its left hand.

"Tch!" Wang Yu despised someone like Yoda, who steals equipments from other people with a system skill, the most.

As if he was anticipating Yoda's move, Wang Yu sneered and used his other hand to intercept Yoda's left hand. He twisted his arms, and Yoda's arms were restrained behind its back.

Wang Yu then stomped on Yoda's back and flipped Yoda with his arm. With a pitiful scream, Yoda's dagger dropped on the ground. Wang Yu then kicked the dagger towards Storm.

Storm was delighted and picked up the dagger.

<Venomous Dagger (Dagger) (Gold)


Storm was pissed when he saw the dagger's properties, and threw it to the side.

Yoda was a boss with [Pickpocket], and it had always been the one stealing equipments from people. However, it was the one that got its equipment stolen this time. Yoda was bright red with anger.


Yoda screamed loudly and activated his super armor to get out of Wang Yu's restraint. It rolled away and took out a well-made musket and aimed at Wang Yu.

"Bang!" Yoda pulled the trigger without hesitation.

At that moment, Wang Yu appeared right before Yoda again with a flash. Yoda panicked and pulled the trigger again, yet the gun did not fire no matter how much strength he used.

"Gah?" Yoda looked down to see Wang Yu's thumb was behind the trigger, preventing it from being pulled.

While Yoda was startled, Wang Yu instantaneously moved and took the gun off Yoda's hand.


Yoda was stupefied...A giant question mark appeared above its head.

At the same time, Wang Yu's other fist punched Yoda in the face.


"Gah! Gah!" Yoda had either broken down or gone mad, and it screamed pitifully. Its left hand continuously struck at Wang Yu.

Anyone who had played martial arts games before knew that apart from speed, there was another attribute called "Quickdraw', and it determined how fast the player could move his arms.

In <<REBIRTH, dexterity only affected the movement speed of a player, not how fast the player's arms could move. Hence, how fast a player could react in independent mode depended solely on the player's mechanics.

When Wang Yu was about eight years old, he could already accurately pinch a fly with chopsticks. The speed of his arms movement was fast and precise.

Even the mighty king of titans, Zeus, had lost to Wang Yu, not to mention a small gnome.

Yoda swung its arm aimlessly, while Wang Yu evaded with ease. After a dozen tries, Yoda had not contacted Wang Yu a single time.

On the other hand, Wang Yu saw an opening and took down Yoda, and started beating it rhythmically.

Wang Yu's attacks were fast and accurate, each of his attacks could stop Yoda from getting into a defensive position as well. Yoda was beaten to death just like that.

Team Storm was already frozen at the side from amazement, they were speechless after seeing how Wang Yu beat the hell out of Yoda.

They were awaken only after the system notification updated the completion of their quests.

"Hey, that was a level 35 silver grade boss right?" Someone asked as if he was doubtful of his whole life.

"Yeah…" The rest nodded their heads emotionlessly.

"Beaten to death just like that?" Storm rubbed his eyes and asked.

"Yeah…" The gang was still stupefied.

"F*ck!! Who's the real boss!!!" Storm's mind was in a mess.

"Brother Bull, what did Yoda drop by the way?" Thousand Shades of Purple asked.

"Let's see…." Wang Yu bent down and started grabbing around on Yoda's body.

Looking at Yoda's perverted and resentful expression, Wang Yu thought to himself, "You f*cking pervert, I bet you did not expect to be groped as well...F*ck, why did I disgust myself?"

"Thorny Shield...how did this drop?"

The first equipment that Wang Yu took out was a familiar looking shield, and that confused Wang Yu. Bosses in <<REBIRTH never dropped an equipment of another job. Yoda was obviously a thief, yet he had dropped a shield.

"That's mine…brother Bull, that shield is the one he has stolen from me…" Storm quickly exclaimed.

'Oh...that made sense." Wang Yu gave the shield to Storm, and continued grabbing around.

"Death Fang!"


"Piercing Gust!"



After five times, all the equipments that had appeared were from Team Storm, even Thousand Shades of Purple's robe came out. With two more tries to go, Wang Yu thought to himself, "This better be good!"

Wang Yu then grabbed again, and a book appeared on his hand.

"I have found gold!!!" Even someone like Wang Yu who was not interested in the skills in game was overjoyed.