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Chapter 293: Alice’s Letter of Recommendation

Chapter 293: Alice’s Letter of Recommendation

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[Pickpocket]: Uncommon skill, allows to the user to steal a specific equipment on the target with a 30% chance of success. 10% additional success rate if the target is below user's level. 10% reduction in success rate if the target is above user's level. 1.5 second of immobility in the case of failure. Job Requirement: None. (Skill is unuseable against non-human targets)

"I knew it's [Pickpocket]!" Wang Yu said excitedly after getting the skillbook.

Although Wang Yu looked down on Yoda for stealing with a skill, the skill did leave a strong impression on him. To be able to remove someone's equipments with a wave of hand, was the proof that the skill was overpowered.

Hence, Wang Yu was already thinking about whether Yoda would drop the skillbook for [Pickpocket] during the fight. He did not expect the system to be so kind and drop just what he had wanted.

The players in Team Storm all looked at Wang Yu with envy. In the skill tree for thieves in <<REBIRTH, there was no such skill as [Pickpocket]. Even the hidden branch jobs did not have such a skill.

Despite being called "Thief", all the job could do was picking locks. Even the branch job "Godhand", was merely better at lock picking. A skill like [Pickpocket] was something that they never dared to think about.

[Pickpocket] was a skill that allowed one to steal whatever items he wanted, at the mere risk of losing experience points in the case of failure. That was not much different from hacking someone's account directly. With such a skill, only a dumbass would fail to become an expert.

Hidden dungeon was worthy of its name indeed. Even a starting boss could drop something like [Pickpocket]. There was no telling what kind of godly items would the coming bosses drop.

Wang Yu took a few more glances at the skillbook, and continued looking for loots on Yoda's body.

Team Storm dared not complain about Wang Yu taking the skillbook. Had it not been Wang Yu, they would not have even completed the quest, not to mention getting their equipments back. They knew to be content about their situation.

The last item was a quest item called "Elf Queen's Letter of Recommendation". There was no description for its use, so Wang Yu kept it for himself.

After he was done, Wang Yu shot a fierce glance at Yoda's boss. As a boss, it had only dropped one valuable item, that was stingy of Yoda.

However, according to the system's settings, bosses in hidden dungeons would drop all the equipments they had on them. There was also a setting to prevent players like Wang Yu from forcefully stealing the bosses' equipments. In such scenarios, the equipments that were stolen from the bosses would have no properties, making them unusable.

Since there would always be black sheeps in any crowd, the system had to prevent players like Wang Yu from doing whatever they wanted to.

If Wang Yu had not forcefully taken the two weapons form Yoda, he would have gotten two more gold grade equipments from Yoda's body.

Ignorance was bliss. If Wang Yu knew about the system settings, he would be so regretful for his actions.

After Yoda was slain, Team Storm's quest was completed.

In appreciation of Wang Yu's help, they decided to help Wang Yu with his mission as well.

Wang Yu wanted to them that they would be a burden to him, but that would be uncourteous of him. Wang Yu had no choice but to accept their help unwillingly.

When the group entered the village in Wonderland Forest, they felt like they had entered another world.

The village was spacious and covered in sunshine. It was even more beautiful than the tree that the elves, who were known to be elegant, lived on.

The beautiful greeneries, the floating petals, and the lively insects, all made the village vibrant and energetic.

The residents of the village were all gnomes. However, it was puzzling that all the NPCs in the village appeared as common citizens. It meant that these residents were not monsters, and cannot be attacked.

After wandering around the village and not coming across any monsters, Wang Yu grabbed a gnome and asked, "Do you know where is the Stone Golem King?"

The gnome glanced at Wang Yu and replied monotonously, "You can ask the village chief, Karon. He is the most knowledgeable one here."

"Where is the village chief?"

"At the square in the center of the village."

"Are all of you gnomes common citizens?" Storm interrupted their conversation and asked. He was unsatisfied that the rare hidden dungeon was full of NPCs that he could not kill.

The gnome looked at Storm as if it was looking at an idiot and repeated, "You can ask the village chief…"

It seemed like they were common NPCs without any intelligence. The group had no choice, so they let the gnome go and went towards the village center.

The square in the village was just like the main street of Twilight City. It was a commercialised area full of gnome merchants trying to sell their goods.

"Take a look, you may want…."

'The great gnome tribe is the best in alchemy…"

Noises of merchants advertising their items went on and on. Wang Yu and the rest came straight towards an old gnome wearing a cloak and holding a cane.

"Are you the village chief, Karon?" Wang Yu asked.

"Hello foreigner, I seem to smell our own people on you…" Karon said slowly.

Well, Wang Yu had just slain a gnome boss, so it could not be helped.

"Have you seen Yoda?" Karon asked again.

"Erm, who's Yoda…" Wang Yu was acting dumb.

If he had admitted about seeing Yoda, it would make things awkward.

"Yoda was a gnome genius, and one of our eight elders…" Karon spoke slowly.

"No, I've never seen him!" Wang Yu shook his head violently. He was repenting in his mind and comforted himself, "They are gnomes, not humans, it would be fine to deceive them…"

'Sigh, it's pity that Yoda betrayed us. I heard that he has committed a crime in City of Elves, by stealing the recommendation letter that Elf Queen Alice wrote for me. He is apparently wandering around Wonderland Forest. If you see him, could you bring the letter back?" Karon continued nagging, "Yoda is actually a good person. I'm sure he only stole the letter because he wanted to redeem himself by helping us…"

"He's not that bad indeed, just a tad too perverted. It's a pity that he has passed away." Wang Yu mumbled.

'What did you say?" Karon had good hearing despite his age. He heard what Wang Yu had said and stared at him fiercely.

Wang Yu paused and said, "Erm..I mean, I have not seen Yoda, but I have the recommendation letter…"