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Chapter 294: Shops in the Hidden Dungeon.

Chapter 294: Shops in the Hidden Dungeon.

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Wang Yu then took out the letter that he found on Yoda's body.

"Is it this one?"

"Yes, that's the letter. Why do you have it?" Karon soon forgot Yoda when he saw the letter.

"I found it on the ground…." Wang Yu said with a straight face.


Storm could not hold back from laughing anymore when he saw Wang Yu lying to Karon in a straight face. He never knew that one could talk to an NPC like that.

"You found it?" Karon was obviously not convinced. However, he calmed down quickly, and added, "Since you have found this letter, it means that you are the warrior chosen by god. Dear warrior, could you solve my problem?"

<System Notification: You have triggered the hidden quest: Gnome Village Chief's Request. Do you accept?

"I am willing to help you...:" Wang Yu sweated nervously, and accepted the quest. He was confused by Karon's behaviour, for trusting a foreigner easily, but suspected his own people. Wang Yu was impressed that creatures like them survived for so long.

"In the North-east direction of our village, there is a stone golem tribe. They are evil creatures that have been cursed by the Evil Elf's soul. They are a threat to our village, and I hope you can take them out."

<System Notification: You have accepted the hidden quest: Gnome Village Chief's Request. Stone Golems slain: 0/30/ Stone Golem King slain: 0/1

"Eh? Why did our quest status changed?" Storm suddenly said.

"What's wrong?"

"Our quest status was 'Quest completed, return to City of Elves and look for Alice for further instructions.' Now it has turned to 'Quest failed, return to Alice.'"

"It seems like our quests have overlapped after all…" Wang Yu understood the situation after a brief moment of thought.

Wang Yu and Storm's quests had the same storyline, whoever could take the Letter of Recommendation and earn Karon's trust, would be able to proceed to the next step.

Storm quickly understood after Wang Yu showed him his quest. He cursed at the system for giving them a two-way quest.

However, Storm was relieved to have met Wang Yu as well. It was thanks to Wang Yu that the team has survived and even got their equipments back.

"It's not a loss for us if brother Bull could get the quest." Storm said sincerely.

"Hehe, that's not very nice…" Wang Yu was an earnest man. When he heard Storm, he felt guilty. Afterall, Team Storm had helped him before.

"It's nothing, we would just grab some loots after killing the stone golems later." Storm laughed.

Hidden dungeons were full of treasures. For Team Storm, even the leftover equipments from Wang Yu's battles were good enough for them. Not to mention, if Wang Yu was the type to abuse his strength, they would not get anything at all.

Wang Yu agreed without a second thought, "Ok!"

Although Wang Yu was a beginner, but his starting line was way ahead of everyone else. All the players he hanged out with were the best among the best. Even level 35 gold grade equipments were considered trash by the people from Quan Zhen Sect, not to mention silver equipments. However, getting something was better than getting nothing.

After discussing the distribution of loots, the group was about to leave. Karon suddenly spoke, "Foreigners, after such a long trip to get here, don't you need to resupply?"

Wang Yu scratched his head and asked the rest, "Do you need supplies?"

Pugilists consumed little supplies, and Wang Yu's equipments recovered HP and MP automatically. Hence, Wang Yu hardly used any potions. "Supply" was something that Wang Yu never needed.

However, that was not the case for the rest. They had used up lots of potions on their way in.

"I want to get some arrows, do you have it?" Thousand Shades of Violet asked.

"Blacksmith Cabal has everything!" Karon replied.

"Thanks!" Thousand Shades of Violet quickly ran off to the blacksmith.

The rest went towards the stores with items they needed respectively.

"Eh? Godly arrows with bonus attributes?" Thousand Shades of Violet screamed in and sent a screenshot to the rest.

<Arrows (Elves' Blessing)

Attack: 10-10

Wood's Blessing: Causes a binding effect to the target for 1.5 seconds, triggered once every 30 seconds.

'Holy f*ck, this arrow is godly!!" The three other bowmen replied in astonishment.

Any bowmen would know that the common arrows sold in shops had a fixed damage of 3-3. Sometimes, arrows would also drop from bowmen type monsters. Even then, arrows with a damage of 5-5 were considered top-tier.

Yet, the arrows sold at the blacksmith in Wonderland Forest had a damage of 10-10, with additional effects to add. That left the bowmen in awe.

Of course, the price was the biggest shock to them. Normal arrows costed 50 bronze for a quiver, but the arrows here costed 50 silver. That was 100 times the normal price.

A quiver contained 200 arrows. 50 silver was equivalent to 500 dollars. That meant that the arrows costed $2.50 each. It was a painful price to pay.

Most of the players were not wealthy at this point. Anyone with 100 gold was considered filthy rich. Team Storm was a decent team at best, so they had several dozens of gold at maximum. Such a luxurious item was too much for them to afford.

However, Wang Yu was loaded. He was just worrying about not being able to spend his gold before the game started running officially. Wang Yu took out 500 gold without hesitation and bought all 1000 quivers of arrows the shop had.

Wang Yu's generosity had the rest stunned. All of them were envious of Wang Yu's wealth.

Wang Yu smiled and gave 40 quivers of arrows to the four bowmen, "Just take it, I still have more.However, if you want more arrows, I would have to charge you."

"How, how can we accept this…" The four of them rejected verbally, but their bodies had betrayed them and accepted the arrows already.

"There are treasures everywhere in hidden dungeons. Let's look for them in the other shops!" Storm said.

"Ok!" The rest nodded their heads and started looking.

The gnomes were indeed the best in alchemy. Apart from godly magical equipments, Medium Grade Recovery Medicine only costed 10 silver each. That was much cheaper than the ones Wang Yu sold in his store.

It was even several dozens of times cheaper than in the cities where Daybreak Studio had a monopoly over the market.

Wang Yu purchased all of these items generously.

When they finally came to the convenience store, there was only one item for sale. However, that item costed 1000 gold.