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Chapter 296: Master Swordsman, Golden Goblin

Chapter 296: Master Swordsman, Golden Goblin

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After looting the javelins, the team asked Wang Yu excitedly, "Brother Bull, are you going to loot your monsters?"

"You guys can loot them…" Wang Yu waved his hand.

Wang Yu had no habit of looting minions, not to mention that the loots were average equipments that he was not interested in. Since Team Storm came to help, he decided to let them have it.

Wang Yu was not a stingy person. Furthermore, Wang Yu's bag did not have much space left after emptying the shops. If he looted these trash equipments now, he might not have enough space for the loots from the boss later.

With Wang Yu's permission, the bowmen quickly looted the monsters he slain, and received four axes and a bunch of javelins.

"Hidden dungeon has high drop rates indeed!" The team was amazed.

The drop rates of monsters in the common training grounds were horrendous. Apart from quest items, they hardly dropped anything else. Even in hell mode dungeons, the drop rate of equipments was decent at best. However, the drop rate in Wonderland Forest was an incredible 100%. That was unheard of in the whole game.

After they finished looting the equipments, the team continued on the path. After three more waves of minions, a golden figure holding a shield and a sword suddenly appeared from the bushes.

The monster was tiny, even smaller than the enchanted gnomes. Yet, his appearance made him look strong. He was built from pure gold from head to toe. The golden glow was too bright for the group to even look at him directly. Even his sword and shield were made of pure gold. His appearance was absolutely superior as compared to Yoda.

<Golden Goblin Laker (LV35) (Gold) (Elite)

HP: 300 000

MP: 20 000

Skills: [Three point Slash], [Cross Cut], [Shield Parry]

Status: Motivated (Speed increased by 400%)

Monster Description: Laker was once a goblin master swordsman. In pursuit of greater strength, he willingly became an underling of Seraph, the Seventh Apostle. His strength is unmeasurable.

When the group saw Laker's attributes, they all laughed, "Haha, we couldn't tell that this guy's a skillful master." They were used to the common goblins who were dirty and laughable. It was a refreshing sight for them to come across a goblin who appeared to be so strong. However, goblin was the synonym for weakling, even a goblin boss could not be that strong.

"I will enslave all of you despicable fellows. Your souls would become the Apostle's slaves!"

From the golden goblin's expression, they could tell that the monsters they had slain were itsis underlings. The golden goblin hid its sword behind its shield, and charged towards the team.

In just the blink of an eye, Laker was already beside Thousand Shades of Purple. Laker's sword sliced through the air, and she died.

"What the f*ck!! Its speed!!"

The group was shocked when they saw one person gone in their team interface, and received the message that Thousand Shades of Purple was slain.

As a priest, Thousand Shades of Purple always stood at the back of them team. However, the golden goblin was at least 10 meters in front of the team. Travelling 10 meters in the blink of an eye was almost as good as teleportation.

While everyone was still stunned, Laker charged towards them again. As its figure flashed thrice before their eyes, Thousand Shades of Violet and the assassin beside her were both killed.

Storm was beside Thousand Shades of Violet, and he was attacked too. Luckily, he was a tank, so he was not taken out with a single hit. He was however injured badly, over half of his HP was taken out with a single hit. Storm was scared sh*tless.

At the meanwhile, Laker swung its sword, and formed a ray of cross that instantly killed two other assassins.

Wang Yu hurriedly shouted, "Stay calm and stay close to me!!" Goblins were dexterity type monsters just like the gnomes. Laker was a bboss so its dexterity was high to begin with. With its status that gave itself extra 400% speed, there was no way a player could catch up with it.

If Team Storm was made up of other jobs, that would have been fine. For example, a group of tanks defending a single priest. They would be able to grind the boss down without even moving. Shamans would have an even easier time, they could lock the golden goblin down with just [Dark Barrier].

However, Team Storm was full of jobs with low HP and no crowd control. It was essentially free kills for the boss.

It was a tradition to listen to the command of the better player in a game. Wang Yu was without a doubt the backbone of the remaining people.

With his orders, the rest of Team Storm took cover beside Wang Yu as quickly as possible.

After guarding Storm and the rest behind his back, Wang Yu stared at the golden goblin and watched his every move.

The golden goblin laughed and charged towards them again.

In martial arts, there was a saying, "Speed is the best weapon". As a martial artist, Wang Yu had trained his reaction speed and eyesight since he was young.

When Wang Yu and his younger brother, Wang Fei, were training their eyesights, their father would hang a fly before them and asked them to count the number of times the fly flapped its wings. Wang Yu always got it wrong, but Wang Fei was always right. Wang Yu was puzzled and asked Wang Fei about it, only to find out that Wang Fei had researched about a fly's flapping frequency online.

Unlike Wang Fei, Wang Yu was a stubborn man. As he grew older, he could finally see how fast was the fly flapping its wings. It was only then that his father told him, that he only found out about it online as well. Wang Yu felt frustrated for a long time afterwards.

Although he was deceived for a long time, Wang Yu did manage to train his eyesight and reaction speed to an incredible level.

To Team Storm, the golden goblin looked like a golden flash. However, Wang Yu could see it clearly, and knew where it was going.

"It's here!!" Wang Yu suddenly shouted and struck with his pole.

While the rest were puzzled about Wang Yu's irregular behaviour, a "Thud" was heard. Wang Yu's pole had landed accurately onto the golden goblin's shield.

The golden goblin stabbed at Wang Yu with its sword almost at the same time.

Wang Yu quickly twisted his pole and diverted the goblin's sword away. Due to inertia, the golden goblin's body titled, and it stabbed Storm, who was watching the fight beside Wang Yu.

"F*ck..." Storm had yet to finish his sentence before he died.