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Chapter 297: The best countermeasure against a dexterity type boss is to stop its movements.

Chapter 297: The best countermeasure against a dexterity type boss is to stop its movements.

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There was a saying in the game, "If you are dying, don't stand at somewhere dangerous."

The pitiful Storm clearly did not hear about that before, and was struck by karma.

Although the priest was dead, Storm still had recovery medicines. Yet, he wanted to save that little amount of money, and ended up dead.

The remaining people in Team Storm immediately stood further behind Wang Yu. After witnessing the sword that was coming for Wang Yu ended up killing Storm, they were afraid that they would be the next to die.

After Storm died, the golden goblin struck towards Wang Yu again. Because it was short, every attack was targeted at Wang Yu's crotch. Wang Yu hurriedly transformed his weapon into the form of Universe Blade to parry the goblin's attacks.

In terms of pure swordsmanship, even 100 golden goblins would not be a match for Wang Yu. However, the golden goblin was extremely fast, and attacked Wang Yu in all kinds of position. Even Wang Yu could not do anything about it.

The golden goblin's sword was a western style saber that was used primarily for stabbing. It struck at Wang Yu's crotch continuously with lighting-like speed.

Wang Yu was slower than the golden goblin, so he could only focus on defence. The rest could hear the sound of their weapons clashing, but was unable to see their movements at all. Luckily, Wang Yu was well versed in swordsmanship, combined with his speedy arm movements, he was able to prevent his crotch from getting harmed.

"Hey, can't you guys help or something?"

Wang Yu could only defend himself, because there would be an opening if he retaliated. Given the golden goblin's speed, he would be hit if he had tried to retaliate.

However, Wang Yu's defence was impeccable, and it did not even require all his attention. Hence, Wang Yu was able to talk to the others.

'What the f*ck…" The four guys had nothing but respect for Wang Yu when they heard Wang Yu talking to them whilst soloing the boss by himself.

"It's too fast, we can't get an accurate shot…" Spiralling Winds and Clouds said after aiming with his bow for a long time.

Mere mortals like them did not dare to take part in the fight directly. Although the fight was not flashy, but it was visually terrifying. A slight mistake could make the difference between life and death. The assassins dared not help with the fight directly, so only the bowmen could provide help to Wang Yu.

However, they were only able to see the golden goblin's afterimage. If they shoot at it carelessly, Wang Yu might get hurt.

"The cooldown for its skill is ending soon. Wait for the moment it uses its skill to attack with the arrows with binding properties!" Wang Yu instructed the two bowmen.

The four were amazed again. Any normal player would fear the end of the boss' cooldown the most. Yet, Wang Yu was looking forward to the boss using its skill. Guess a master's train of thoughts was different from a normal player.

What they did not know was that, to a martial arts expert like Wang Yu, normal attacks from bosses were the hardest to deal with. This was regardless of the mode that the boss was in. It was especially true for a dexterity type boss like golden goblin. Although its attacks were the same over and over again, but the sheer speed of its attacks made it hard to deal with.

On the other hand, the cast animation when the it used its skills, and the short moment of immobility after it casted its skill, were the biggest openings it had.

Wang Yu was taught since young to go after an opening and defeat his opponent in one hit. The bosses in game had several hundreds of thousands of HP, so he could not kill them in one hit. However, he could still find an opening to deal damage, or even restrain the boss.

After another round of exchanging blows, the golden goblin suddenly jumped backwards, and charged towards Wang Yu like a golden shadow.

Wang Yu squinted his eyes and held his blade in reverse before him. With a "Thud", the golden goblin had fail to hit Wang Yu. It then shifted behind Wang Yu in an attempt to backstab him. However, Wang Yu was already guarding his back with his blade sheath.

After another "Thud", Wang Yu suddenly turned around and formed a cross with his blade and sheath.


Golden Goblin's sword was stuck between Wang Yu's blade and sheath. Its [Three point Slash] was forcefully stopped.

Using the opportunity, Wang Yu shifted behind golden goblin's back and slashed its throat. He dealt more than 10 000 damage with a single hit.

Wang Yu also shouted at the same time, "Shoot him!"

Before he finished his sentence, two arrows already shot golden goblin in the chest. A green light flashed up and it was binded.

Due to bosses' natural resistance against crowd control skills, the arrows that could bind a monster for 1.5 seconds only kept golden goblin still for 0.5 second. Despite so, it was more than enough time for Wang Yu.

Wang Yu's weapon turned back into the fist weapon form. He choked golden goblin's neck with all his force and used [Savage Maul] to bring it to the ground.

Pugilists had two crowd control skills, [Grappling] and [Rising Strike]. [Rising Strike] was the easier one to recover from. Since dexterity type bosses had a high chance of recovery, Wang Yu used [Grappling] to bring it to the ground.

A boss would have the toughest time recovering if it was knocked down. However, there was no such thing as an knock down effect in <<REBIRTH. To achieve that, it depended solely on the player's mechanics. Wang Yu was the only person who was capable of knocking down bosses in whatever ways he wanted to.

However, golden goblin had a 400% increase in speed. After it was knocked down, it tried recovering by using its sword as support.

Wang Yu immediately grabbed its legs and used [Thunder God's Stomp], then he twisted his arms and flipped it over. He then pressed down hard on it, and golden goblin went face down towards the ground.

"Stab him!" Wang Yu shouted again. The two assassins quickly came over and gave a sharp blow to the back of its head. They then started backstabbing it continuously.

The only reason that golden goblin was hard to deal with, was its speed. Now that it was under the restraint of Wang Yu, it could not escape again.

Golden goblin was not strong, so it could hardly struggle under Wang Yu's restraint. Their attacks continued landing on its back.

In <<REBIRTH, there was bonus damage for backstabbing. An assassin had even more bonus damage than the rest. To be able to backstab continuously was every assassin's dream. Today, that dream came true for the two assassins in Team Storm.

300 000 HP was not too much. Under Wang Yu's forceful restraint, the four others could deal damage freely. After a short while, golden goblin was finally dead.