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Chapter 299: Stone Golem King

Chapter 299: Stone Golem King

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Ancient and Legendary were similar. Any items that contained either of the two words were unique, regardless if it was a skill or an equipment.

To put it simply, the skill book they had looted was the only one in the whole game. One could tell the value of the skill book just from its rarity alone.

Even Wang Yu had only seen a skill like this on one guy before. That was Spring Halo's [Call of the Abyss]. Apparently, that was a legendary skill.

However, they were puzzled by the skill book. Godly skill books like his were all rewards of high level chain quests. Somehow, it had been dropped by a boss in a hidden dungeon. That was enough to proof that hidden dungeons had an insane amount of treasures.

"How much would this skill cost?" Wang Yu sent a screenshot to Frost Blade.

After some consideration, Wang Yu realised that the skill was pretty decent after all. The three attacks could be used to attack either three targets or a single target. More importantly, the attacks were charing attacks. Combined with the charge skill that was given to the warrior job, that would be a total of four movement abilities. Even Wang Yu needed to depend on his equipments and techniques to achieve that.

"500 gold!" Frost Blade replied without hesitation, and asked, "What are you doing? How did you get a skill like this? Are you hunting at the dragon's nest or something?"

The more he had seen Wang Yu's strength, the less he doubted about Wang Yu's limits. He would not be surprised if Wang Yu was really challenging the dragons…

"I came across a hidden dungeon."

"What the f*ck, does your family own this game…." Frost Blade was astounded. The chance of running into a hidden dungeon was not higher than the chance of getting an ancient skill..

"F*ck off!"

Wang Yu closed his chat window and said, "500 gold for this skill, is that good enough for you guys…"

"Yes, definitely…" The rest quickly nodded their heads.

Uncommon skills cost about 50 gold on the market. It was reasonable to price an ancient skill at 500 gold.

After looting the golden goblin, Spiralling Winds and Clouds wanted to dismember its body and bring it with them, since it was made of pure gold. Wang Yu stopped them. Goblins were similar to humans, so Wang Yu wanted to show respect to the deceased.

Normally, there would be three bosses in a dungeon. Seeing that they were almost done with the whole map, Wang Yu expected the last boss to be the Stone Golem King. Just as Wang Yu had expected, the few of them soon entered the stone golems' territory.

Each one of the stone golems was over three meters tall and covered in moss. The rumbling sound they made while walking made them even more daunting.

<Stone Golem (LV35) (Elite)

HP:50 000

MP: 0

Skills: [Heavy Strike], [Boulder Toss]

The stone golems' stats were simple yet violent, just like their appearances. The group felt more pressure than before although the golems only had two skills. It was due to the fact that the golems' bodies were extremely tough. Normal attacks could barely do any damage against them.

Wang Yu could still use magical attack. With his skills' multiplier, it would be easy to take the golems out. However, the others could not do that. Apart from its extreme defence, the golem could toss a boulder as far as the bowmen's arrows could reach. With its high attack stats, its [Boulder Toss] would instantly put the bowmen on their verge of death.

Luckily, the golems lived alone, or else if the 30 golems came at them together, they would be dead in no time. However, the golems moved slowly, so killing them was only a matter of time. After twenty minutes or so, the group finally slain all the 30 golems.

As the last wave of monsters, the golems were too stingy as compared to the monsters before. All they dropped was a bunch of boulders used to build guild headquarters. It could not be helped, since it was unreasonable to expect a monster made of nothing but rocks to drop equipments.

The Stone Golem King finally appeared after they were done collecting the materials. It was five meters tall, and looked no different from the other golems, apart from the crown on its head.

<Stone Golem King, Big Rock (LV35) (Obsidian) (Elite)

HP: 1 000 000

MP: 1000

Skills: [Wild Charge], [Corkscrew Punch], [Quake]

Monster description: Originally a hill in Wonderland Forest. It turned into the most feared existence in Wonderland Forest after getting possessed by the soul of an evil spirit.

<System Notification: You have received dungeon quest "Marauder', Grade A quest. Quest completion criteria: Kill the Stone Golem King. Quest failure criteria: All members slain by Stone Golem King. In the event of quest failure, all the items received in Wonderland Forest would be marauded by the Stone Golem King. Fame in City of Elves - 50. The grade of the dungeon would increase by one.

"F*ck this! I knew that the hidden dungeon can't be so good!" Wang Yu was extremely frustrated after seeing the quest. The system was a scam after all. First the dungeon gave the players so many great items, only to reveal to them in the end that the items would be all gone if they failed the quest.

"This quest is really a pain in the *ss…"

"It's alright...." The leftover members of Team Storm was not so worried, since they had almost nothing to lose. The worst that could happen if they failed the quest, was to give up on the axe and javelins they looted, and maybe the [Crosscut] skillbook as well.

However, Wang Yu would suffer the heaviest loss. All the gold he spent buying the items from the shops would never be given back to him. If the quest failed, Wang Yu would be the biggest loser.

"Foreigners, you've come to the wrong place!"

While Wang Yu was feeling frustrated, the Stone Golem King roared and walked towards him.

Its voice was thunderously, and the earth tremored with each step it took.

"Back off!"

Wang Yu and the rest quickly retreated. However, the Stone Golem King was fast thanks to its big strides. Although their speed was fast, the Stone Golem King was closing in on them.

Stone Golem King soon caught up with them, it suddenly tilted its body forward. Wang Yu saw its movement and immediately shouted, "Dodge now, it's going to charge into us!"